Sick c99 in flower

Hi! This is my first post and my first grow so be nice please! :sweat_smile:

I’m in week four of flower for my c99 and ran into my first issue. The sugar leaves around the top of most bud sites are curling upwards, brutally, and rusting in colour. I have added calmag in the hope it fixes it, three days ago, but as of yet nothing changed.

I am using omega spectra gline 100w at around 30cm atm at 100%. 12/12 cycle and feeding algra bloom, around 24ml per week (two litres per feed with 4ml per litre, so 8ml each time every other day). It looks like calcium def, can someone way more useless please help? Thanks!!



Welcome to OG, @Cinderella99 !
Be sure to stop over in Introduce Yourself @OG (Part 2) and have yourself a nice warm welcome! Maybe include a link to this topic!
Are you growing in soil? Coco?
Are you alternating water and feed at all?

A couple useful topics I’ve found on these things:

Sick Plant - Ask The Community

Nutrient Disorder Problem Solver by Jackerspackle

If you post in the first one, you may find more help at the ready. The second is a useful guide to keep handy.
Hope this bit helped point you to some folks with a better eye for these things!
Stay up!


Thanks @Coffin_Dodger! Yes it’s in plagron soil so all organic.

I had been alternating water and feed somewhat but not consistently enough and it’s possible I have over fed nutes and caused a calcium lockout but I don’t see much or any tip burn tbh. Bit stumped. I will post in the other link you mentioned and a welcome too! Thanks dude

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No problem! Wish I could help more. Might’ve been able if it was coco, as the only experience I’ve got with really getting it done is in RDWC hydroponics. There’s plenty of folks who go the organic route here, though! I hope someone finds ya’ the ticket to get her back on track.
Stay calm! You got this.
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ETA: Do you pH test at all? That’s where I’d look first. What about temperature and humidity/VPD?


Looks like they have been overwatered at some point


I don’t generally pH as its around 6.4 here but after adding nutes it goes to 5.8 which I’ve just noticed.

It has stabilised somewhat, which meant I pruned some of the dead leaves. This was OK for ten mins and then some other leaves did exactly the same and I’m back to where I began! Which leads me to believe it’s potentially stress based, I can’t think of any other reason why some healthy leaves would curl up and go brown just because I’d cut some off… They were all pretty damaged and wanted them to go. Kinda wish I’d left them but interesting to see.

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I think your lights might be too close, and it’s possibly causing the curl and discoloration. Is it only at the top? How far away? In fact I’m almost positive that’s what it looks like. Good luck


I agree, 30 cm and 100% may be too much.
These leds are powerful these days.


Hi best of luck with your project

I see lightning too low raise to at least 24 inches or 60 centimeters
Increase air flow add fan to circulate the air

Ph your water or feed every time you water
Should be between 6.1 to 6.4

Feed at 1/2 the rate the bottle suggests

Over watering is always a big issue with new growers

Do you water from the bottom ? If not try it

Get a ph pen , ppm meter , soil meter for wetness it takes the guess work out of things


Good point overwatering is still my biggest problem too lol. Been doing this since 2000 too. Once you get past the 3rd week it’s alot easier to water. The new leds really are powerful, the hand technique doesn’t work as good with leds like hps. I have to keep all mine at 50% until winter then I’ll bump to 75%.


Glad to see some more folks with different angles and more experience in the grow medium chiming in here. You’re in good hands, @Cinderella99 ! Take those changes you make one variable at a time and you’ll figure it out quick, learn somethings for next time and pull through a fine little harvest here!
Good luck and stay up, friend!
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Hi all thanks for your replies!!

I have two plants aNd this one’s shorter, the other one is totally fine though. This led me to assume it isn’t the light being too close? I can of course try turning the light down a tiny bit and see. It is actually now 40cm away and has been for a week, I moved the light up a touch since the original post. The discolouration (it’s rust spots outside the veins) is not only right at the top, it is at the top of each bud site that sits at the top of each branch, even the ones that are waaaay further down and never made it up high enough to get much light :frowning:

How much nutrients are you using? that really does look like you got too much nutirents, the dark green and crispy tips, you are supposed to be using high in PK right now for 4 weeks flowering.
What are you growing in? how often are you feeding? what are you feeding?

also as nick said, I was going to ask about the lighting, but it wouldnt let me edit my post. I thought that too about the lighting. What lighting are you using and how close?
To me that looks more like nute burn though with possible light being too close

Hey! Thanks for the msg.

I am (or was, I have backed off) feeding 16ml of alga bloom a week. I am doing around 12ml atm and around 3ml calmag.

Am growing in organic plagron soil. Feed is generally every other day :laughing:

What I found strange was I clipped off the dead leaves yest and everything that remained was nice and healthy and then suddenly Infront of my eyes each bud site began doing the same thing… Turning into crispy rust coloured leaves! Which led me to think of stress.

Lights are omega spectra 100w and around 35cm away atm. I have a second plant which is closer and is absolutely fine.

It might be worth pointing out this one began life as a twin and I killed the second one after about three weeks so it’s possible it’s just a weak plant?

Did you say you’re feeding every other day? How much of the bloom are you using with how much water? Same goes for the Cal Mag? You kind of confused me because you said that you’re feeding Bloom every week and then you said feed is generally every other day which one are you doing? No I don’t think it’s because it’s a weaker plant that plant is very clearly overfed too much nutrients… but before I can tell you can do I need to know how often you’re feeding them and how much nutrients are you using with how much water because the leaders that you’re giving me is the size of the bottle not the amount you’re giving them per feed I need to know how much you’re using every time you feed them with how much Bloom how much calmag with how much water.

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It is 2 litre of water every other day, I put 1ml of calmag and 4ml of bloom. That is 3 feeds per week (more or less) making 12ml of bloom and 3ml of calmag.

Oh yeah you can’t feed that much, once a week is good enough… you’re kind of in a little bit of a sticky predicament this is the point where you don’t really really cause them too much stress. Usually when you overfeed you flush them out but you’re right smack dead in the middle of flowering? The next time you water I would water with just plain water feed once a week and use a little more water than what you normally do to flush it out just a little bit so it won’t progress for the next week and a half I would not feed anything. That’s exactly what it is and that’s what I thought it was from the beginning the darkness of that plant that’s a little bit too dark green and the tops are crispy I thought it was light bleaching the first glance I took out of it but then started noticing some other things. So that’s exactly what it is you’re feeding too often. I always go by what the plant is telling me… that was one of the first things that I learned when I started growing because back then they just started making nutrients and stuff like that for marijuana plants and a lot of time you were stuck with using stuff from a hardware store. And you definitely couldn’t listen to the directions on the back are you fry those plants. But nowadays it’s different. Not uniform yet but it’s way different than back then. But yeah use twice the amount of water that you’re using for the next two times that you water because you’re not using that much water and using just a little more per times that you water will help flush out that excess without causing additional stress to the plant. Because overfeeding does cause stress you just don’t want to add extra stress cause them to possibly hermi on you.