Skunk smells and an unpopular opinion

I hear and see and lo of talk about road kill skunk and other nasty smells that people reminisce about.
I’m no expert but I do a lot of thinking and observing
A strain I grew last winter and harvested at the peak with everything going right…smelled just like a coffee shop with fresh ground beans when it was drying and tasted vaguely like chestnuts
This year I took a clone and grew it out but I tried. New nutrient and bungled the early stages of this plant. Next we had a thrips infestation and the clone suffered greatly. She never really recovered.
When I harvested her the smell was not the same…it was garlic and body odor not coffee beans
Most early strains were grown outside and under lease than ideal conditions
Another strain I bought recently was golden goat and it was an outdoor grow
It was easily the most fragrant flower in the dispensary
What if what we are remembering is stressed, gorilla grown pot with a hybrid of sativa and afghan strains and the smell was the plants defense against bugs and a product of soil grown weed and natural fertilizer?


I can say when I was in BC as a teenager I could get some of the best BC skunk weed I have ever found and consistently for a couple years. This was grown by pros and was incredible but smelled so strong it was near impossible to carry. This stuff was well cared for and can no longer be found it seems. Breeders tried to get rid of that trait and they seem to have succeeded which is a real shame.


I can remember weed like that.

the kind where you have one joint inside your pack of smokes, walk past the pool table in the bar and the players stop, look at each other and ask…"you smell skunk too?:


That’s the stuff. Where grams were twisted into the corner of baggies and burned at the end to seal them into their own little packages. The stuff you peeled of the baggie it and sometimes had to cut with scissors into strips and mix with tobacco because it was too gooey to burn. Oh my god I miss that. Imagine what you could do with that stuff in a good vape.


I have seen plenty of the green skunk in midwest usa from around !988 to 1998.
Not so much RKS. Seen some outdoors growers with these plants
But the black/purple skunk from about 1984 to1987 was so strong that triple bagged
would not work. Made you really scared to carry ounces too far. Thats what
I remember. But hell Im old. Lol


See, I quit about that time. Kid was in school and the Dare program was telling first graders to turn in their parents and shit.
Nancy said jus say no


This is how it was. Lol



I have a strain that smells strongly of body odour and incense and not like weed at all.

I like it:

I have strains (a few actually) that reek of skunk and make me think my carbon filter isn’t working until I remember it’s an open jar and not my tent.

I like them too.


My purple pebbles I grew last round had a fairly fruity nose to it, but halfway through smokin a bowl this dank skunk flavor and smell comes out. I smoke a bowl in my bathroom and the whole house has a skunky funk to it. I think I have 2 seeds left, I might have to grow them soon.


I guess my question is what nutrients add to that smells nd terpene production and how much comes from growing conditions?


You forget the most important factor: genetics.


When I started using Technaflora Sugar Daddy it didn’t change any of my profiles, but they definitely got stronger pre and post chop. I think a few extra notes came out here and there, but I think thats just letting more of the genetics shine rather than changing it. I think drying and curing conditions will also have a big effect on whats left when it comes time to smoking. Very open to being wrong about any of the above!

IME you seem to get stronger skunk flavors with general organics, soul synthetics and roots organics. I find fox farms gives a distinct floral note.


Last summer my furry beast found a family of skunks had taken up residence under our shed.

He dug them out and removed them one evening, getting sprayed by at least 3 different skunks multiple times.

it was so bad he didn’t smell like skunk at all, more like an electrical fire with burning plastic.

had to bathe him 3 times using DAWN dish soap, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda before he even smelled like skunk at all…


I gotta wonder if it was a one off kind of genetic combination that’l never occur again

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I’m not sure that’s the case.

I’ve got 2 strains in jars that have a really heavy skunk to them. They are both different but very skunky in their own way.

I think they’ve both got afghani in them so maybe it’s the skunkiness of the afghanis we are talking about.

I’ve never had a pure afghani but I bet you it’s skunky as hell.

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My PUG was sprayed by the same skunk so many times it stopped spraying and began just turning towards him and growling.


I know exactly what you mean. We had the same stuff in Seattle, WA. I thought it was Skunk #1. The only think is I think the new Skunk #1 seeds aren’t quite the same, but I can’t tell you for sure. I have some here, but haven’t tried them yet. I’ve just heard the strain isn’t quite the same.

My Green Crack can be skunky if I don’t starve it. The first time I grew it, it stunk up the whole house and everyone’s clothes, including my wife’s leather purse. Not cool working at a hospital and coworkers wondering where the weed smell is coming from. Everywhere I went I could tell I reeked like weed just based off people’s strange reactions, lol.

My Green Crack isn’t quite the same smell though. The old Skunk was a beast for sure. I’d like to find it again too.


I like the sound of BO/Incense - which varietal is that you are growing?