Slick1's kick in the ass grow

Kick in the ass grow! I started germinating to force myself to set everything up! 5 beans out of 3 popped in the paper towels and I’m doing 3 strains. Thankfully the 3 that popped were one of each! Still don’t have the tent setup :laughing: but I got it out of storage along with my filter/fan/smartpots/etc.

Got my hands on something recently I’m very excited about in the form of Drawoh’s Chocolate Thai f4. :heart_eyes: It’s my holy grail strain and I’m impatient to run it. Unfortunately it’s do or die with 1 bean but fingers crossed. I definitely want a female and to maybe clone but if it’s a male I won’t be completely heartbroken to have some CT pollen.

I definitely wanted to run something I received on the site for my first journal here. Figured first ones I got made the most sense so I’ll be running Orange Grove and Orange Grove x Northern Lights from @JustSumTomatoes. Couldn’t decide between them plus I’m excited to see the difference the Northern Lights makes so I’m running 3 strains this time.

Just stuck them in some Happy Frog with some ghetto improvised pots. What a great time to randomly not have solo cups! I gotta wrap the pots with something to shield the roots from light but they’re good for now chilling under the free LED :sunglasses:

Marvel at the filthy tray! Recoil at the lack of tent! Wonder to yourself why I bothered posting pictures without a single visible plant! Drool over the Chocolate Thai (that will eventually be visible)! :laughing:

If anyone has run the Drawoh’s CT any info you have would be appreciated. I train pretty hard (main or quadlining) so I’m planning to do it with her unless someone tells me she’s delicate.

Let’s GROW!


Should be exciting!


Hell yeah brother! Thanks for running my gear. I also use Happy Frog with great results.


Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to run them!

Happy Frog for now and then into a mixture of HF and Ocean Forest on transplant into the smart pots. Gotta get an extra 3 gal pot cause I usually only run 2 strains. I got one of each still germinating (they’ve cracked but the tail is being shy) that’ll go into 1 gal pots. Can’t wait to try them!


And we have growth! Hopefully we’re looking at 3 ladies because the other 2 seeds I had germinating both met an unfortunate end. Still have to get the tent set up but I’m closer.

To celebrate my first grow journal achieving actual growth and my birthday yesterday I’m going to be giving away a few seeds in this thread in the near future (most likely today, if not tomorrow). Going to be offering up three 5 packs of Secret Dragon. Stay tuned!


Secret Dragon is Secret Chief (San Fernando Valley Kush x 88G13 Hashplant) x Dragon’s Blood Hashplant V2. Also I have another 5 pack of Blood Lotus (Lemon G x Snow Lotus) x Dragon’s Blood Hasplant V2.

First 4 dibs. If you want the Blood Lotus claim it with your dibs!

I didn’t do these crosses but they’re all Bodhi genetics.


I’ll be the first to call DIBS!!! :grin::grin::grin:

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You got it! PM your safe addy.


For real??! No way, this is awesome!! Will be the first seeds I am to receive on this site and on top of that it’s with bodhi genetics!! I’ve been dying to try Bodhi stuff for a long time.

Sending PM now :pray::pray:


Glad to see one go to you then!


Ok Blood Lotus has been claimed. 3 Secret Dragon packs left!

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Here for the show. Got a few baby Orange Grove x Northern Lights sprouted myself this past week.


Hell yeah! Welcome to the show, prepare for plant bondage lol

No dibs?


Straight up!! I was just strolling through, then all of a sudden was hit with the Chocolate Thai, and the Orange Grove plus the Northern Lights x Orange Grove!! Not to mention the good laugh I had on the first post. The plant bondage is just icing on the chocolate and orange cake!! I bend and break my trees like a Muay Thai fighter getting ready for the Kumite, so I can relate lol.

Please people, don’t make me call dibs again!!:laughing::laughing:

Sending positive vibes for a beautiful Chocolate Thai Female for @Slick1


I’d be very interested in the Secret Dragon! Happy birthday btw! :birthday::balloon::tada:


I would be interested in the Secret Dragon as well.


Many more healthy and joyful years to you sir! I marveled at the filthy tray, feeling right at home!

Screen Shot 2021-04-19 at 21.20.03


Well, since you twisted my arm, I would love a pack :slight_smile:

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Well happy birthday! Mines tomorrow :laughing:.
I too started my venture into growing (again) with starting seeds first, no equipment or anything set up ahead of time :sweat_smile:. I just use lights that I had form fish tanks that I font have running anymore. Then I ordered the tent, built a light, all while the plants grew way too big and had to be chopped back twice before I finally got it all put together and flipped them to bloom 🥲


You got it and thanks! Need your addy again.

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