Syrian X black/blue Lebanese F1

So I have need for 3-4 outdoor harvest a year! Without light dep and as little work as possible :slight_smile: so I got to looking around and and I tried some autos and doing some research on them and most of them are just ripped off of some of somebody else smh so I kept looking and I kept reading about this semi-auto trait and it’s super interesting and practical for my needs and if I cross it with an auto … Do you see where this is going? :slight_smile: So I did some more looking around and I came across my good friend @lefthandseeds and let me tell you what he’s got some killer work going on! I’m extremely greatful for all the work he has put into these F1s but he didn’t stop there he actually went back in time for me ! Like I said super swell guy :slight_smile: but he’s worked it till f3 or 4 I believe and at this exact moment he is crossing it to an Ethiopian highland that is going to be killer! So on with the show

Here’s one of his threads :slight_smile:


Here’s a little history on the genetics used in this cross :slight_smile: and I’m not sure but I think @lefthandseeds went to Lebanon and got some of the seeds used to build the black/blue Leb I think:) he will probably swing by and clear it up for me :slight_smile:


Yeah buddy! I’m excited to follow along and see what you get. The Syrians and BH Lebanese can produce some crazy stuff! I’ve been trying to refine the cross but there’s a whole world of expressions in there for the adventurous.

One thing they all seem to have in common is fast flowering and early initiation. Should be right up your alley!


I wish I had collected them myself! But the black and blue is a cross between black lebanon from geneseeds and Lebanese from the breeder “blue hemp Switzerland”.

These two:


Right on! Thanks bro :slight_smile: and let me tell ya, these things grow fast! I’m super excited about all the possible phenos this is going to be really fun :slight_smile: thanks again @lefthandseeds for letting me join you on this journey :slight_smile:


You should get some nice colors at the end. That’s always fun. I had one almost all black.


One of these has a weird little mutation it’s got this tiny little cup shaped leaf on its own straight out the top but it’s split like a double header with the little leaf coming from the center I’ll get a picture later today :slight_smile:


@lefthandseeds check this little dude out! :slight_smile:

Sorry it took me so long my phone has been messing up I was supposed to get a new phone like a couple weeks ago smh lol but with in a week now for sure :slight_smile: my grandpas phone has a shit ton of pot pictures on it now :slight_smile: lmao :rofl:


Whoa crazy! It topped itself genetically. :joy:


Update time :slight_smile: I got a short stocky branchy one :slight_smile: I see why you went that route @lefthandseeds and you was not lying about it Tons of diversity! I’m not sure if I got 2 plants that are the same :slight_smile: super cool!


Those are some beauties! I don’t get nearly that much diversity in the F3s anymore, but those F1s are a lot of fun to pick through.

Very happy plants. Great job :clap:


I’m outta likes but thank you! :slight_smile: We have been in a draught I’m really impressed by them, it’s been probably 5 weeks no rain temps the past week has been in the 90s with the past 3 days being 100+ and it’s not even august yet smh lol I see a shit ton of buckets in my future lol :slight_smile:


Wow! Well it’s the right strain for those conditions at least. They are good for drought and like the dry conditions. That’s pretty hot though :hot_face: we had that kind of summer last year but I didn’t grow outdoor last season.


Bro these things are animals! Heat, drought bugs, neglect they don’t care I topped the females last week I’m pretty sure there’s time for them to recover and I think they will have a week or 2 for flower I think:) @lefthandseeds did you say 2nd week of July for outdoor flower? I found another mutation well a couple really but this one is another one I haven’t seen before, you were right hella diverse! I don’t think I got 2that are the same :slight_smile: lol super fun!

It like didn’t know if it wanted to grow 2leafs or 1 interesting :slight_smile:

Another shot of the genetic self topper

Oh and here’s my short stocky one it’s nice structure


Great to hear! I can say for sure. I haven’t grown them outdoors, but I have seen them flowering indoors at 14 hours. It is my belief that they will be early into flower.

They grow big roots, and come from a very dry place in the world. They love dryness. No problems there!


Ok then I will just keep a eye on them and let you know I’m just south of the 38th parallel by about 20 miles isn’t that what dictates outdoor flower schedule? I’m guessing really they should go to flower at least before august I think:) ps if I’m not mistaken I think they have started to stretch but it’s kinda early to know for sure thanks @lefthandseeds


Woowhoo it’s raining y’all! Lol I’m so happy I told everybody:)


I have to tell you, I ground some weed last week for my wife and I from an old bottle of our previous favorite strain. Tonight my wife said she wanted me to grind “the good weed” (SyrianLeb). 🥹

There’s some really great phenos in there! I’m excited to see what you get.


Super cool plants! I want some of those seeds now!


It’s July 10 and the males are starting to gather and show flowers at the tops so that’s a good sign because outdoor right now is like 14.5 -15 hours of light right now :slight_smile: I’ll post some photos later but all that being said this is going to be some fantastically fun and amazing to work with and I’m picking up a lot of onions/ BO some are gassy some are completely different some stem rubs are oily while others are kinda tacky/sticky @lefthandseeds thanks again for allowing me to join you on this journey and if you ever want any pollen or seeds from anything I’m working or got going just say the word bro and it’s yours! I appreciate you bro! Thanks :slight_smile: PS well exact hours for July 10th was 14 hours and 37 minutes :slight_smile: