Testing: Big League Grape ; Calyx Bros

Howdy everyone

This will serve as my journal of Big League Grape from Calyx Bros Seed Co. Thanks again for the opportunity @Kakalak

Very excited to see what these girls bring to the table!

Let’s start the show:

Planted directly from pack into soilless mix on 11/9

Today, 11/18

See ya again soon!


Looking good bro.pulled up my chair to tag along


Watch your step, I’m nestled up in the corner. Anyone got an Air Pump for my ole Bean Bag? Good luck on the Grow, you’re headed in the right direction. Take care, stay EXTRA safe and, yes…be well…mister :honeybee: Viva @Kakalak!!!


Good to grow. Best wish’s bud!


Nice, I just planted two of them myself to join my current run, planting the remaining as soon as the first two go into bloom in 4 weeks.
Wait, there’s more than one sticker, for labels?!?


Any of you notice the dm messages and emails on soakin beans site are not there ? Went to check tracking # and those messages are gone

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I had a collection of stickers from other packs from Kak. Just happened to have enough :slightly_smiling_face:

@ShiskaberrySavior they changed the messaging system over there… might have to send @kakalak a DM


This is gonna be good.
Hopefully you find a killer keeper , I bet there are some very nice plants in that Alice pack :trophy::trophy:
Where do you get the Alice in wonderland at anyways?

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