The Bank of Stank

I got a cut of the orange gogi from jetdro and damn do i wish i kept it. Luckily, he gave me some f2s to hunt through. Your garden looks great. Loving those chocolate rains. Is that an eskobar strain?


Wow, nice looking line up! Unlike you, I’m almost ocd about making cuttings and clones. Before I stopped growing years ago, I hated working with seeds/seedlings lol.


I did a trade with 50State and he went over board. I got a bunch of the Orange Goji F1, Orange sunshine F2, and a new cross he just made called GluTang which is GG#4 x Orange Sunshine. I plan to run them all. This current one is taste tester to hold me over for later.

Yeah the Chocolate Rain is eskobar from like 10 years ago. I’m really stoked for them. I like their structure.


I have a few grower friends that almost seem scared to start from seed lol. I guess it’s just what you know and are used to. Personally, I stink at cloning. I got this aero cloner to help my odds. But I’ll be popping seeds for a few decades to get through my stash. I’m making a resolution of no new seeds in 2021, at least no purchased seed in 2021!


That’s a happy looking group of mixed ladies you have there schmarmpit. More times than not I monocrop but I sure do love having multiple flavors to choose from. Makes it worth the effort of trying to please them all.

Hope this isn’t off topic…I’m curious how your pollination went?

I ask because at one time I did some digging into just what happens when a grain of pollen comes into contact with the pistil.

Turns out that it’s similar to humans in a way. When the pollen attaches to the pistil it hydrates and almost immediately grows what I think (stoner memory here) is called a pollen tube down the length of the pistil. The cool part is when there are multiple grains of pollen on the same pistil. They race to the ovule. Just like sperm…not all pollen tubes are equal…the fastest growing tube gets to pass on its genes!

Will try to find the source of that info for you.

Hope I’m not derailing anything. Carry on!


That’s great info! And I did hear something similar, that’s it’s almost instant. I know the pollen was fresh collected from the only male but I don’t know if it was a viable male. I pollinated early at like two weeks flowering. If there are seeds (and I do hope there are) then they are buried deep and I can’t see them yet. Fingers crossed! I’ll be happy to spread them around if so.


I cant do it. Lol. Im always scared not to grab stuff on new drops from breeders i like to grow. Im always worried im gonna see someone growing out some fire from a drop i passed on. I have been buying seeds twice monthly here lately. Can not help myself.


Love what you got going here man :clap:


All of my Yeti OG x Tropicanna Cookies that I have vegging have pretty fat leaves as well. I am really stoked to see what comes from that hybrid.

It has been too long since I have read the name E$kobar. My friend, NDNGuy used to send me tons of his cultivars. I really miss growing his work. Positive vibes…



Thank you kindly. I’m already planning the next round and it will definitely include some of your Trogger BX. I’m wanting to get to know that Flo, and I hear she’s got some stank.


You and me both. These got started late enough that I’ll likely leave them untopped and just see what they do on their own. They already have a bit of stank to them on the stem rub.

That’s pretty cool that you can call NDNGuy a friend. You clearly have been at this for a bit! And I forgot the $ in E$kobar! I’ve never been cool enough to use non-alphabet characters in my name. $chmarm£it has a nice ring to it though. I’ve never been familiar or grown much of his gear, but then @PlantShepherd recently gifted me some F2s he made of esko’s Blue Chem (Chem D x Pure Blueberry) and that just sounds too good not to try.


I’m at 50 days in the flower tent. These Chocolate Rains are looking deeeelicious. I’m hoping they’re ready in just a week or two. My snipping hand is getting twitchy again.

The Death Stomper plants will definitely take longer, with the Orange Goji probably needing at least 10 weeks. I found 1 of 4 Death Stompers that smells almost EXACTLY like I remember Death Star (pictured below). It definitely has a more OG structure and maybe smaller buds than Death Star but shit, I’m really happy with the stank.

Most others have a sweeter grape candy scent to them. And then this one has the weirdest stringy bud structure and candy smell, but also the frostiest by far. Just as excited to try this one as the others.

If the Death Star smelling pheno holds through cure then I’ll probably pop the remaining pack and do some digging for similar, or possibly reveg if it’s that true to smell.


It was a flopfest in the flower tent. Yoyo hangers to the rescue! I’ve got two young male Purple Unicorn in there now as well, getting ready to make some pollen.


@stanknugzz77 the YOGxTC appear to be very uniform and vigorous growers. They’re all starting to show preflowers now and looks like I should have 1 girl. The males will be culled. Thanks for the opportunity to run your gear. I was trying to show their structure a little better in this shot. But those saw-tooth monster fans are all in the way. They seem to have the ‘candelabra’ thing going where the lowers all grow up pretty quick to the main shoot.


Much appreciated brother! They are absolutely gorgeous, but I might also be a little bit biased haha. It’s truly my pleasure to create seeds and share them with people that will actually run them. I should have some new hybrids ready in 6-8 weeks. Anyone who has previously run my cultivars that I have sent out, will always have first dibs on my new work. Always feel free to reach out, if you see me speak on anything that you are interested in.

I just took cuttings from all of my Yeti OG x Tropicanna Cookies a few days ago, but they were fairly small cuttings (just trying to fill up my aerocloners). Hopefully they will show roots in a few days and I can start filtering the seed plants into my testing flower room sooner than later. Thank you again for the update! I truly hope that you find something that you enjoy! Positive vibes…



I should have learned my lesson. About 5 weeks ago in my flower tent the plastic piece of my filter strap broke and the filter came crashing down. The strap itself was about 2 years old. I was lucky and it only broke a couple branches from one plant.

This morning I found again, in the veg tent this time, the same failure of a different strap’s plastic piece. About the same exact age as the other strap. This time it was a direct hit and totally destroyed my Purple Unicorn plant. This plant never really liked my soil from the start but it was a girl and I had finally got it growing good again. Oh well, lesson learned. No more cheap ass filter straps. I took clones from it but that’s basically a death sentence coming from me.


The flower tent is looking and smelling pretty ripe. The two yellow Chocolate Rains will be coming down next week at around 9 weeks. The Death Stompers will probably go to 10 weeks but there’s a couple that are ready sooner. My favorite time! I’ll take closeups before i harvest.


Bummer on the PU plant.


Totally. Thankfully I still have that big beautiful PU girl in the top right corner. She was always the star of the two anyway.


What are you going to replace the straps with? I’m terrified of mine dropping on my lights!!