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Some questions could have used some better clarification, but oh well. Here’s my answers…

1	Tell us as much as possible about Darwin.

Father of evolution, wrote the book On The Origin Of Species, was a member of The Glutton Club and ate just about every animal he came across. Including a Galapagos turtle. And an armadillo.

2	What do you think how high or low the PH will be in the soil of the Under Himalaya on the spots were the plants have their natural habitat ? And what do you think or know how much of that soil is clay in %?

The northern slope of the Mahabharata Range at around 1800m elevation contains agricultural areas that have been shown to contain a sandy clay loam soil (27-40% clay and less than 20% sand) with higher amounts of SOC (soil organic carbon), and at higher elevations having higher nitrogen, carbon, and cation exchange capacity. The pH is more acidic than the neutral to slightly alkaline southern slope soil, averaging around 6.2.

3	What’s the benefit of a % clay in the soil If it’s coming to Himalaya plants?

The sandy clay loam soil provides good moisture retention and adequate drainage. The soil benefits in many ways from these properties:

Moisture retention prevents the soil from drying out too quickly and thoroughly. This is good for the rhizosphere, which is dependent on moisture content.

Proper drainage pulls oxygen and carbon dioxide to the roots through capillary action caused by the flowing water. Also good for rhizosphere.

4	Why does our beloved plant makes resin?

There is no ONE specific reason why trichomes are produced in abundance on cannabis plants. Trichomes protect buds from insect damage, aid in water retention/prevent loss of water, reduce leaf temperature, increase light reflectance…and just so happen to contain some pretty cool compounds that humans enjoy for medicinal and intoxicating properties.

5	Why you should keep your plants after you harvest them at least stay 5-6 days in the dark?

Light and heat can synthesize terpenes and cannabinoids into different compounds (think of the decarboxylization that makes THCA into the psychoactive THC). It’s well known that light degrades THC into CBN. Some growers do not want this to happen, so keeping a plant in the dark (or moreso away from direct light) slows the degradation process of UV light exposure.

6	What do you know about Hermaphrodites?

Hermaphrodites, by definition, have both male and female reproductive organs. Hermaphroditism in cannabis has been considered to be a response to stressful environmental factors, an evolutionary survival mechanism. Cannabis can also be chemically manipulated to force hermaphroditism, using colloidal silver or gibberellic acid to “reverse” the plant’s sex to male once female flowers have developed. Many commercial seed mongers do this as it results in feminized seeds, which are easily marketed to consumers as “all female plants”. In actuality feminized seeds result in increased frequency of hermaphroditism, not a true genetical XX. There is plenty of room for debate on the negative effects that feminized seeds have after being introduced into the cannabis gene pool.

7	What’s the function of Gibberellic Acid in our plant life?

Gibberellic Acid is a plant growth hormone used to induce hermaphroditism in cannabis. There have been studies conducted on the effects that gibberellic acid has on the pathways for the biosynthesis of isoprenoid precursors. Interestingly, gibberellic acid has been shown to cause a decrease in DXS activity (a key enzyme) which was accompanied by a decrease in carotenoids, chlorophylls, and THC content. Hmmmm…

8	How you germinate canna seeds and why you do so?

Put the seeds in some dirt, make sure everything is warm and moist, and then LITFA. Of course you’ll want to make sure all conditions are optimal so your seedlings are happy and you get the highest germination rate and lowest percentage of males.

9	What’s the most common problem, out of spint and/or trips, with clones?

Spint? I don’t know what that means. Is trips dutch for thrips?

Spider mites and wilt disease. And human error/lack of good practice.

10	Why does canna plants create sometimes indoor new buds spread over the old buds?

Are you talking about foxtailing? It can be genetic or stress induced. If it is genetic there is nothing to worry about, it’s just the way the plant is. If it is due to environmental stress (for example localized to the top of the bud closest to the light) then it can be for the quality of the buds.


ok… here goes

  1. charles darwin is the father of evolutionary theory, stating that plants and animals will adapt over time to their environment by breeding out unwanted genetics and favoring the genes suited to the environment they are in. for example the same species of bird on the Galapagos islands have different subspecies with differing bill width and size to feather coloration.

2.from what I’ve read, the Himalayan mountain range has many different soil types but all are either overly acidic or mildly acidic which says and any. there have adapted themselves to be able to survive in soil where otherwise no plants or foliage would be able to thrive… not sure on pH but I would venture it would be between 4.5 and 5.5 respectivly…soil makeup is probably alot of organic compounds and humic…

3.the clay in the soil would naturally clean the nutes up and base out the pH to be able to grow anything on the mountain range itself. personal thoughts on resins and the stickiness of our beloved mj and why they are produced is to attract bugs, specifically bees and other pollen carriers for pollination of the plants that aren’t near males to be pollinated by the wind.

5.weed must be kept in the dark to reduce chlorophyll and the harsh taste and increases (hear say, i believe) potency.

6.hermaphrodites can either be genetic mutations or can be stressed to show those traits in plants. most often in indoor grows, light leaks are a factor in hermaphroditism. otherwise, in nature, a plant without a viable pollen source to reproduce, will, at a certain time, herm itself to keep its genetic line continuing…

7.gibberellic acid is a chemical used to regulate certain aspects of growth in plants, too little or too much often has drastic effects but most commonly used to create feminized seeds… it’s also supposed to do something like shorted inter-nodal spacing or cause growth spurts, but carcinogenic and not for use on plants to be smoked or ingested in any way

8.when i germinate seeds I do so thusly, first they get a quick h2o2 wash to get impurities from the outside off, then they soak, typically overnight or 24hrs in reverse osmosis water to hydrate… some old seeds need a longer soak to help the inside rehydrate and the shell to soften to aid in opening and releasing the plant itself from inside. then they go into a most paper towel until the tap root shows and is at least 1/4" long, then they go into the soil and begin their life.

9.the most common problem i face with clones is rooting times. I try to use hormones when available and keep them in a warmer and more humid environment then the plants they came from.

10.plants start to create new buds on old buds (foxtails) when under heat or light stress, some also say too much nitrogen in flower will cause it. however there are some strains that are genetically predisposed to foxtail, like many sativas… there are good and bad foxtails but usually all smoke the same. they are aesthetically displeasing because it throws off the overall come or rounded shape of the bud and makes it look less pretty.

there it is… my answers, only took me forever to type on my phone but my entry is in!!


1.Darwin was an aristocrat who became an expert in limpets (shellfish) so the academic/scientific world would take him seriously.
His most famous work, his book “On the origin of species” lays out the groundwork for the theory of natural selection as is taught in schools today.
It is incredibly long and boring.
The theory of natural selection posits the “survival of the fittest” (“fittest” meaning most adaptable to change) and is the most widely accepted theory of our existance via evolution ie we wernt created by a god merely an accident after many millions of years of evolving adaptations and changes

2.I think the PH may be around 8 (this is a sheer guess, I suppose it varies)

3.Clay in soils are very high (wholly consists of) tiny particles of minerals. these are required for plant health, plants do however have a hard time using them as the clay “locks them up” in the soil ie makes them unavailable.The clay also get very hard and difficult for the roots to penetrate. it does however hold large amounts of water and if thoroughly worked can become quite good growing medium.

4.Its not certain why cannabis produces resin but it is theorised that it may be to reflect the bright sunlight from scorching cell walls
My own experience is the resin contains the terpenes that the plant produces to survive in the wild. to attract helpful insect predators and discourage predation.
Why does mint produce menthol?

5.To dry them??
I m not convinced you should keep plants in the dark 5-6 days, I have read that some people believe that it increases THC or other cannabinoids/terpenes but have never seen any scientific proof of this.

6.When I went to Thailand there were people who were classed as “Ladyboys”
They have a penis and tits. Im not sure why that is relevent to overgrow?
When the pretty girl said you suck me off I thought I was going to get a blow job, I couldn’t have been more wrong.
Seriously though, the term is monocious literally meaning “both sexes” on one plant. Where pollen producing staminate male flowers and receptive female stigmate flowers exist together on the same plant.

7.Dont tell me I know this one…something to do with enhancing cell growth, hastening cell division, it can be used to help seeds develop quickly and healthily.

8.I like to sprinkle seed on the soil and water thats it. A real strong seed will grow this way (especially those grown with natural selection).
Most shit weak seeds that “breeders” sell will not sprout like this. they are inferior in my opinion.

9.Spider mites or thrips are a pain but outdoors predators will take care of them. mother nature knows how.
I think damping off pythium rot/wilt is probably the worst thing for clones or seedlings

10.Buds growing on other buds sometimes called “foxtails” or “foxtailing” are a symptom of stress. A plant will sometimes do this if unfertilised as a last ditch effort to procreate. Some steroid type growth stimulant/hormones can do this and some varieties are prone to it Ive read. personally I think its the hormones in the bloom stimulants.



Tell us as much as possible about Darwin.
Darwin is a chimpanzee on the show “The Wild Thornberries” named after Charles Darwin, a pioneer in botany, and biology. Everyone knows the Galapagos discoveries regarding finches and tortoises, but Darwin also made significant advancements in plant hormone theory.

What do you think how high or low the PH will be in the soil of the Under Himalaya on the spots were the plants have their natural habitat ? And what do you think or know how much of that soil is clay in %?
Okay, without google searching, I would expect the soil to be acidic from volcanic activity, and the clay % to be low… Now I need to go search to see if I’m right. Lmao

What’s the benefit of a % clay in the soil If it’s coming to Himalaya plants?
I’m not sure that there is a specific benefit to “Himalayan plants” but in general clay increases CEC so I’m assuming the question refers to the specific amount of clay in Himalayan soil.

Why does our beloved plant makes resin?
For the same reasons as all the other trichome bearing plants – to reduce predation and increase likelihood of pollination.

Why you should keep your plants after you harvest them at least stay 5-6 days in the dark?
The light will have a deleterious effect on the products we’ve spent 3+ months producing.

What do you know about Hermaphrodites?
Hermies are a natural defense against extinction due to lack of available partners. Females will turn hermaphrodite if ethylene is blocked through chemical, hormonal, or stress manipulation.

What’s the function of Gibberellic Acid in our plant life?
Ga3 is the hormone that tells a plant to burn stored sugars and expand cells, in hopes of reaching sunlight. It can be artificially introduced to force a female to produce pollen, or to speed up a re-veg.

How you germinate canna seeds and why you do so?
Straight into dry soil, with about 10% water added based on the weight of the soil. This is left in direct sunlight and on day 3 or 4 water is added again, usually exposing the seedling. (I grew tired of damaging seedlings while moving from paper towels to soil. Its a pathetic reason to lose a plant)

What’s the most common problem, out of spint and/or trips, with clones?
To be completely honest I don’t know what this question is asking. To give my best guess, the most common problem with clones is low humidity. A close second place is probably infection.

Why does canna plants create sometimes indoor new buds spread over the old buds?
The old buds must have lost their ability to reproduce and the female still has energy left to support seed production, even if its minimal compared to the first flower formations.


You ask for no “copy & paste” but also “as much as possible” but these are in conflict. Darwin is the capital city of the Northern Territory of Australia. Darwin Airline SA was a Swiss regional airline. Charles Robert Darwin was born in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, on 12 February 1809, at his family’s home, “The Mount”. Darwin glass is a natural glass found south of Queenstown in West Coast, Tasmania. Darwin is a name. It spells Niwrad in reverse which sounds somewhat like Nimrod. He is described as the son of Cush, grandson of Ham, and great-grandson of Noah; and as “a mighty one in the earth” and “a mighty hunter before the Lord”.

This is two questions but I’ll manage. The “Under Himalaya”, the sub-Himalaya (Churia Hills or Siwaliks), Quaternary alluvium deposited by the rivers coming from the Himalaya (Ganges, Indus, Brahmaputra and others), which demonstrates that the Himalaya is still a very active orogen. As in, unhomogenous. The crustal thickness under the Tethyan Himalayan is about
73 km. pH? plthhH? There is no “natural habitat” or place of origin for the species and it’s evolution pre-dates recorded history by thousands of years. The question may be asked, “What pH soil to XXX plants typically thrive in?”

The same mineral & hydroscopic benefit that clay offers to any other plants or locations. It also has undesireable qualities as well. Concrete. Adobe. etc. = Not grow-media.

Have you asked it? I’d love to hear what it said. Plants secrete resins and rosins for their protective benefits in response to injury. The resin protects the plant from insects and pathogens. Resins confound a wide range of herbivores, insects, and pathogens, while the volatile phenolic compounds may attract benefactors such as parasitoids or predators of the herbivores that attack the plant. That’s what Wikipedia said.

Because. Because chlorophyll. Because your roommate. Because Wikipedia said so.

They’re disgusting, naturally occurring and the genetic pool needs a clean sweep. Always check “her”, no matter how drunk you are, or you will be on instagram & probably suicidal.

It’s a growth hormone that is most often purchased & mis-used in ignorance.

Assuming they are clean, I soak in filtered water until germination is visible then transfer to either a wet paper towel or the soil container, depending on the mood, and because everybody else is doing it so why shouldn’t I?

I’ve never heard of a ‘spint’ so I will assume it’s Dutch and weird. Trips? :mushroom: If a clone could trip would a clone trip clone? Would they all have the same trip? :sparkles:

I’m not into Cannae so I don’t know, but we do have a thread for non-Cannabis plants. Double blossoms are always interesting. :sunflower:

What :wheel_of_dharma: goes around, comes around, and came.



I’ve writed it a little on the fly to give an additionnal entry, but it was funny lol


-------------------------Tell us as much as possible about Darwin.
To stay basic, he's commonly known as the father of the "evolution of species" theory. But i'm always pleased to say than the source is Lamarck with a hint of bad faith. Chauvinism of my people, you know. Even if this pussy 
cryed in front of Napoleon. Dick head.

Darwin was a douch too socially, without his uncle he was unable to convince his (rich) father to launch the travel than will change our sight on the nature for good. Sometimes, the humanity can be blocked by stupid things.
And pussies.

-------------------------What do you think how high or low the PH will be in the soil of the Under Himalaya on the spots were the plants have their natural habitat ? 
The aspergillius species concerned, active agent of the solubilization of phosphates, are highly tolerant on a wide range of PH and temps. 
On another hand Bradyrhizobium, Nitrobacter and Afipia are the main core of aerosol microbial and are nitrification agents. 

This whole "ecosystem" permit microbial activity than are very tolerant on wide PH range, low temps (proximity to permafrost back in the days), freeze-thraw cycles, dessication (constant winds), agressive UV (altitude) and 
oxydation (plants and microbial don't give a fck about the pressure, they don't have blood ^^).

So i think than the secret of himalayan's weed is not directly linked in the poor soil but in its interaction with specific athmospheric microbial activity.

------------------------And what do you think or know how much of that soil is clay in %?

Given from ~7% to ~21% but in the video you're shown taking samples of soil, i bet on higher illuvial sediments and high rate of vermiculite. 
So let's bet on the higher rate + bonus, a 25%. Like in my garden ^^

------------------------What’s the benefit of a % clay in the soil If it’s coming to Himalaya plants?
It permit to bufferize the acidifying of the soil.
------------------------Why does our beloved plant makes resin?
If i have to do an antrophomorphism, the resin we all love is the sebum and the melanin of the cannabis. 

------------------------Why you should keep your plants after you harvest them at least stay 5-6 days in the dark?
The plant still alive after the harvest during a good week (it's how we clone motherplants), so it's a good idea to stop its work in the chlorophyl with the stock remaining in vegetal mass.
Sun beam also reduce THC rate of the weed during the drying process, even if most of morroco farms don't give a fck about that lol

------------------------What do you know about Hermaphrodites?
They made rich the worst breeders of earth in early 2000's, and only by the decrease of the education of cannapeople. 
That's the "Mac Donalization" inherent of any democratization of a product, with barcods and massive investment in marketing over long R&D cycles.
Just to be salty a bit lol

------------------------What’s the function of Gibberellic Acid in our plant life?
First, i consider than the use of GA in left hand without abscissic acid in the right hand, is just about rolling the dices and faith. But that's personnal and i assume this radical opinion to the bone. 
Impossible to describe the leverages of the gibberellic acid without writing an essay, but basically it's a growth hormone like somatotropine in humans (to do an anthropomorphism again).

------------------------How you germinate canna seeds and why you do so?
My mother always called me "my little bird", so i gulp them like pills, go in the garden and .... lmao

I use a basic seed prouter of 15$ than everyone can find on amazon. I place it in a warm place and change often the tap water (chlorine is my friend for lazzy seeds).
Because it permit to sprout a good number in one time and because it's easy to check regulary. And because you can juxtapose a fews too.

------------------------What’s the most common problem, out of spint and/or trips, with clones?
It will depend mostly on the context of the grower. I known some than never encounter a thrips problem, others than don't known what is a spint (we call it "damping-off" here) ... it's variables.
I think than it's highly relative on the hygiena of the grower, its direct environment and if he/she trade clones with others or not.

I will say arbitrary than the most common bad habit i've saw is the direct use of the packaging of products (powder, gels), than always finish contaminated in a way or another.
And the lose of a good old habit to cut clones underwater.

------------------------Why does canna plants create sometimes indoor new buds spread over the old buds?
I call it the swansong, i don't think than the question is about the inner phillotaxy of the buds ^^
It can be a genetic trait that don't care about the conditions (current with sativa's blood poor in ethylens), a mistake with N and fulvic or etc ...  but is often encountered in setup with high density of lights.
Actually i don't known exactly what trigger this message on apical meristems. 


best vibes ^^

  1. Charles Darwin, scientist, investigator and presenter of the theory of evolution in which it is claimed that we evolved from animals over the course of hundreds of thousands of years. Never found the missing link, not even today. Very respected theorist and science man. Personally i do not believe in evolution, i believe we were made by manipulating DNA in to what it is a leap in “evolution” of several thousands of years. Do not know much about the old man, never was interested in evolution, which personally i think it is wrong, not because it isn’t true but because it’s a half told story.

  2. If one were to measure pH in the Himalayas i believe it would be about 7, but different regions have different measurements, the soil 10 feet away from the one i am measuring might not be the same. I wouldn’t dare to guess how much clay is that soil.

  3. My experience with clay is not a good one, it doesn’t let the water drain so in my opinion, unless it’s done by mother nature, we do not need to use clay in the medium for our plants.

  4. The plant makes resin in order to protect itself form the UV rays of the sun.

  5. I do three days not six, and it is said it increments the trichomes count.

  6. I know i got one on my last grow and i killed it immediately.

  7. GA3 is responsible for plant elongation.

  8. Soak them in water with peroxide for 12~24 hours and then onto paper towels in a tupperware in the dark.

  9. Never had problems with clones at all.

  10. I have never seen this happen, could it be a form of foxtailing?

Here goes nothing, i didn’t look anything up on Google or the internet for that matter, it all came from the top of my head.


Sci :robot:


I’m on a phone so bear with me.
1.Charles Darwin was the father of the theory of evolution, all started by watching birds in the Galapagos and how their beaks changed to adapt to different food sources. Showing that evolution is a biological adaptation to a plant or animals surroundings
2. I don’t believe there is an factual answer to this question, as with the ph of any uncontrolled area. . . So I read up about the Himalayas and it said mostly acidic and plants have adapted themselves(evolved) to survive so I’m thinking like 4.8 ph anywhere between 4.6 and 5 but that’s just a wild guess and seeing soil has a way of correcting the ph it’s self and I live in the mountains so I know the clay % has to be high like over 50% and that’s a big time ph neutralized so I want to say 6.5 ish and that’s my final answer
3. My answer to question 2 answers that imo clay is a natural ph neutralizer
4. I believe resin is created by the plant as a natural defense from insects and animals. Thc, Cbd and terpeniods are all a natural plant defense
5. It reduces chorophyll and because thc is degraded by sunlight other than that I don’t believe you have to
6. Hermies or “intersex” are plants that show both male and female reproductive organs and should be classified as a phenotype, a genotype(plant charateristic) that is effected due to environmental change i.e light stress and intersexing is genetic, proof being in the lengths people go breeding out a hermie trait. . . If you follow the teaching of Darwin this should actually be looked at as an evolutionary advantage but with the high potency created by inpollinated females and a few other reasons, hermies are considered “taboo”
7. It’s a chemical used by some for feminising seeds and to help promote growth from old seeds, it’s a growth regulator if I’m not mistaken
8.In my opinion seeds should be put into the ground and any seeds that have to be soaked papertowelled and the planted are actually stopping genetic evolution by controlling the environment. But I have soaked for 12-24 hour and then placed into the soil, and I’ve also tried many of the other ways of germinating, but I don’t like it. . .
9. I don’t clone so the biggest problem I have with it is that yes it is a natural occurance it is yet again a man made controlled environment and NOT cross pollination and re-seeding is actually stopping the genetic evolution of the plant to keep certain genotypes and blah blah blah when evolution is not about controlling aspects
10. I am an outdoor grower. . .and that your are hinting on is called fox tailing, which outdoors it’s pretty hard to do, because of the fact that indoors you are yet again controlling ever aspect of the plants growth and environment, and with artifical light it trys to simulate real sun light and when that is not done properly it causes the plant to improperly bud
Boom there are your answers. . If I win I will be redistributing the 75 seeds to 7 people getting 10 seeds and I will keep the rest as a trophy :wink::v::wave:
My edit for question 9 is besides “bugs” that lack of proper humidity would be the biggest problem


Tell us as much as possible about Darwin.
1.) Charles Darwin was a great biologist of the 19’th century. As is relevant to this forums, he was the first to introduce evolution, especially in terms of natural selection, and artificial selection. He put forth the statement that variations of species favorable to survival would be prserved in future lines, and that unfavorable ones would be destroyed, at least in natural selection. He also experimented with artificial selection to maintain select variations throughout lines that were not necessarily favorable to survival. Most of Cannabis’ selective breeding, crossbreeding, back-crossing, etc… can be traced back to his theories and experiments. His work is the reason we’re not stuck with low psychoactive landraces.

What do you think how high or low the PH will be in the soil of the Under Himalaya on the spots were the plants have their natural habitat ? And what do you think or know how much of that soil is clay in %?
2.) Since Cannabis naturally prefers a PH balance of 5.5-6.5, the reasonable conclusion is that it originated in an area with a ph levl of around 6.0, although a lot of the soil in Himalayan areas are 7.4-8.2. About 15% clay would look to be correct based off soil tables of the Himalayas.

What’s the benefit of a % clay in the soil If it’s coming to Himalaya plants?
3) Clay retains moisture, attracts particles like calcium, potassium, and magnesium, and is usually more nutrient-rich.

Why does our beloved plant makes resin?
4.) There are numerous theories why cannabis makes resin: Attract pollinators (since all wind-pollinated plants evolved from insect-pollinated plants), UV protection, thermal insulation, protection from dessication/predators/infections.

Why you should keep your plants after you harvest them at least stay 5-6 days in the dark?
5.) Shuts down chlorophyll activation, so you eliminate any chlorophyll left in the plant.

What do you know about Hermaphrodites?
6.) When faced with stress, some plants will develop hermaphrodite tendencies, for example, a female plant producing a male pistil on a node. It’s a secondary way of ensuring survival for it’s young (seeds)

What’s the function of Gibberellic Acid in our plant life?
7.) Multiple uses, has been used to germinate old seeds, used in small ppm amounts to increase bloom, and used to force a node to herm.

How you germinate canna seeds and why you do so?
8.) Most common method is to soak them overnight in a cup of water, then put them between slightly damp paper towels to allow the seed to start it’s biological functions and start protruding a tap root so it can be planted and take root. The seed biological engine starts with the introduction of water, in an area with shade or lower light.

What’s the most common problem, out of mites and/or thrips, with clones?
9.) Spider mites are the most common problem for cannabis plants period.

Why does canna plants create sometimes indoor new buds spread over the old buds?
10.) Usually caused by light and/or heat stress, it looks at the old bud as damaged, and so creates a new bud to try and propagate.

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@SpeesCees is there another step in the process? A list of the correct answers and supporting documents?
A debate over the location of the first human to propagate cannabis for psychoactive purposes?

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That… was the idea behind it !
But the way I feel about the way it’s going… isn’t make me fanatic to do this right !
I’m going to send the seeds after Joe did send me the names and answers in a way that I can print them out to sit down and to read them all.
I did ask Joe… still waiting for an answer.
After sending the seeds… I’m done.
Too much popi jopi’s here instead of serious growers and / or breeders.



Yeah, I really liked the idea of forcing people to put in some effort to receive the seeds. It weeds out a lot of people.

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I’m working on crossing an 18 week East African with an 8 week Pakistani right now, and hoping to do a similar style giveaway early next year.

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Well… if I see how people here are germinating their seeds… I almost could cry.


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Why? Because none of us are properly sterilizing?

Mother Nature doesn’t sterilise… so why should we ?
Just washing your hands before making action will do if you’re using the right medium.
I’m also surprised that non of the posts show me little pots of 7x7x18 cm.
In those pots the penroot does have a chance to become long enough without turning and turning around at the bottem.
You can see them on my website.


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Ahh, I see what you mean. I started these sativa seeds in 7 gallon / 26.5 liter buckets. If I have enough room they’ll finish in 20 gallons / 75 liters each.
The 8 week plants will start and finish in the 7 gallons.

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With the current wave of legalization in the USA, a lot of growers here will be new and fearful of breeding at first. But it’s a great forum to learn what to do, and more importantly what not to do. As for germination, paper towel method will always be common because that’s what everyone is told to do. Can’t really fault people for doing what they’re told when they don’t know any other way. There are some trolls here and there, but for the most part I’ve noticed OG has a significant number of people who go out of their way to help new growers and breeders, and having myself begun the process of growing, with a lot of research and a lot of reading, and a lot of watching videos… it is extremely helpful having people who have experience be there to help lend an ear or offer advice. Just my 2 cents…


Here here my man​:+1::+1: finally you start to open up. . . We may be more the same than we think!