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Those ladies are loving life. Good job!

Thanks man. I have 2 females but the other im waiting on to show sex


:slight_smile: some kinda mite. i waited a day to see if it was Thrippy & it’s not.

I’m about to search OG for the right H2O2 dilution & shower them tomorrow morning. About 6 weeks to go and I can’t lose this one. :persevere:


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I’v heard that your typical 3% Should be diluted 50% so 1.5% it’s always better to start low than to go overboard and fry the plant what do others think?


Thanks for that.

When my local shops open up I’m gonna see if they have Method1.

I’m also gonna check the grocery store for essential oils of rosemary & peppermint & see if I can DIY a little. :alembic: :crystal_ball: :biohazard:



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well they don’t. :unamused:

so i will be a test case for OG for this “Tough Love” stuff. it ran me about 40$ for 8oz which should finish my outdoor run. I don’t like giving into growshop advice but in this case i know the dude and it’s locally made fwiw.

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Got some plant update going on here. First of all i put in a cheap linoleum floor instead of the painted floor. Easier cleaning and over all more sanitary. Veggin plants are kicking ass but still no signs of gender. Still dealing with the thrips but they are not showing signs of spreading.


Grand Rapids Michigan has a city wide art competition every year around this time of year. Took a cruise down on my bike to check it out. Far more pieces on display than what i took pictures of.
Also transplanted my og kush autos yesterday.


What up og? Been a minute since my last update. Since the last one i have moved my hps light into the room. Running the ballast at 75% and still at 16 hours on. Going to be making the flip very shortly. I have been seeing some droopy lower leaves lately which leads me to believe i have been over watering/my soil not drying up very fast. I did make my own soil with a Clackamas coot mineral mix that is supposed to be a water only mix. Third aeration/compost/peat moss so im still getting used to that. Not nearly as airy as using the roots organic soil where youre watering every other day. The og kush autos are starting to bud pretty nicely. Im going to put those in a seperate tent with a 4 bulb 4 light t5. Just picked up 2 warm spectrum bulbs to help with the flowering. Thats tomorrows project. Going to do the sober October thing this month or as my dad likes to call it “Ocsoberfest”. This will be the first time since i was 16 (28 now) that i will not drink or smoke anything for a whole month. Looking forward to the challange. Pictures.


Prepare yourself for some wild, vivid dreams…that you REMEMBER. :wink:


Oh yeah! Its crazy how good i sleep when i dont have a couple beers throughout the day!

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Got some work done today. Transplanted 3 Cindy 99 x Thai flyer and 1 Purple Durban. Also moved my 2 Og kush auto 1:1 thc/cbd into the veg/bloom tent. First time flowering under my t5 light. Lets see how it goes.


so… (the auto’s are in fabric pots, right?)…

threw me for a second b/c i’m curious about the Cobra beans i’ve got. :wink:


Yes the autos are in the fabric and then the cobra crosses are in the plastic pots.


Whats up website that I visit very frequently? Got some plant update action. I topped the plants in veg the other day. 3 are for sure females and Im still waiting on the other(purple durban). Im not having the best of luck with my water only soil mix. I think one major problem was using sub par peat moss. The stuff i used was very old, dusty, and dried out. When it gets wet it turns very hard when it dries. Probably pull through this grow and try to improve my mix next time around. I also expressed how i was disappointed in my purchase of the pennywise strain from tga genetics and sub said hed replace them no problem. Thats some cool shit right there. I only had 1 germinate out of 5. Any who here are some pics of whats growin on in the basement.


That IS cool. Let’s see if his crew follows up & what you get. :wink:



Good evening fellow overgrowerz. Hows it growing?
Spent a little time in the rooms. Took out the pennywise because it was a male and also took out the purple durban. Also a male. The autos are a bit stunted and not putting too much weight on. This is a great learning lesson not to use crappy, dusty, and dried out peat moss for building a water only soil. Ill have better luck next time. Veggin plants are looking good and the flower room is also looking pretty good. Still waiting on one to show sex. Peace. Forgot to taks pics of the flower room. Ill grab some tomorrow.


Great looking plants. What size lights are you working with? In some of the flowering photos it looks like you could possible work to bush the plants out some. Try to create more of a canopy.

4ft 4 bulb for veg and a 600 watt hps in flower. My room is far too large for that light but im looking to upgrade

How would one go about creating more bush?

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