Timm0828's beginner garden

Hello my name is Timm. I’m very new to growing I literally just started a week ago. My goal is to learn how to get the most out of the plant. I germinated 12 seeds from what I found in weed I bought this year and I have 5 that germinated and only 4 sprouted.


Hi Timm and welcome to Overgrow!!! Looks like your off to a good start. What are you using for lighting? Lots of great info here for everybody :grinning:


Hi Tim, welcome to OG.

I can’t tell, but in the future, consider using starter plugs for the seedlings. Transfer them to a larger pot once roots start coming out the bottom.

It’s difficult to tell the size of your peat pots but if they are too large it’ll maybe difficult to keep the soil moisture under control for this early growth state. You want to avoid over-watering and have the soil too moist. Otherwise you could encounter damping off and other problems. The soil shouldn’t feel wet … but also not completely dry.

Looks like you have these under plastic keeping the humidity fairly high, which will help protect the seedlings until they take off.

Let us know how things progress.


@timm0828 aboard keep posting up pics and ask if you need help there’s some great people here
Enjoy your grow


I’m using dairy Doo as soil. I have em in the biodegradable pots to try and minimize stress when I put them in my large pots. I’m looking for lighting this week for when I move them into a grow tent. Right now I’m just using a florescent workbench light and have the mini greenhouse infrom of a south facing window that gets the most light.


First rookie mistake is big pots and overwatering. Those plants won’t need water for a couple weeks. I generally go by weight of the pot and condition of leaves.

Second is following directions on fertilizers don’t do it, I like to use 1/2 to 3/4 of the recommended amounts.

Bag seeds could easily produce stress flowers just keep an eye on them. Have fun and good luck


Yep I understand the reasoning. It’s a good thought but the key is to keep away from “damping off” early on. Later on, when the plant takes off, it’ll suck the moisture out of the soil. But right now, it doesn’t need so much and they’ll stay too wet.

And, it’s a weed though. It’ll grow between the cracks in concrete :laughing: Once you get through your first grow, check out the smaller plug. There really isn’t a whole lot of stress when transplanting them in this way at an early stage.

Don’t worry 'bout it too much this go around. As @50State says, let the soil dry out some if you can.


You must be from the mitten…dairy doo😀

I like to start out seeds in these or something similar. Letting things dry out as others mentioned makes the seedling’s roots go and lil bit goes long ways when it is time to water.


You’re doing fine. :smirk:



Agreed when you think they need water…wait 2 more days! I do that…good job and welcome. Smoking is fun…growing is highly addictive! Make lots of mistakes thats how you learn…glad your here!


I watered them once when I put the seed with the sprout thing pointed down in the pot. 50State what do you mean by big pots? Is there stages I should do?


Pinconning area actually.


I start with small seeds starters or jiffys and move them to cups once they have a good amount of roots. I water till runoff to set the roots in the soil and wait for them to dry out.

I repot from cups to 5.5 inch squares or one gallon pots and will repot those to a 3,5,or 7 gallon cloth pots or bag for bloom.


That makes sense. I think I’ll find some seed starters or jiffy pots for my next round. Thanks for the info.



Big statue of a mouse holding a block of cheese. Right?

Hey Timm your doing good bud best way to learn is to just do it. I’m from north of Grand Rapids 40 mins or so and always did my growing in secret. My skill set suffered and has increased greatly with these guys and gals helping…there’s a hundred lifetimes of experience here on OG. For sure don’t take any criticism as personal attack it’s just trying help ya get better. If ya ever want to try something diff seed wise let me know I’d be happy send ya some.


Lookin good.

My cups of choice…
Clear. Allows viewing of rooting status. Melt rather than cut drain holes to prevent cracking.

You mentioned a tent? Size?
Lighting? Veg and flower?
Lots of great folks here.


IDK what everyone else is talking about. I use 50/50 coco perlite and keep it wet.

Add enough perlite (40%+) and you’ll never worry about overwatering. Saturation is still loose enough. Perlite is your friend. I have grown in pure perlite with excellent results.

The big thing with seedlings is keep it warm and bright. They like light, don’t be afraid of it. I have lost seedlings to damping off but that wasn’t a moisture problem, it was a cool temperature problem.

Check out hempy bucket thread on ICmag. It is the intersection where cheap, easy, and effective meet. Been using it for years. I get good harvests of dank weed in old pickle buckets.

I’m in Michigan too. Pinconning is a ways away but if you want good clones I’m around (KZOO area).


when ever i run into problems with trying new things I fall back to 3gal Hempy buckets 100% perlite ph nutes to 6.0 almost fool proof :+1:dont get discouraged

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Ha! I spent a summer working in Augusta!