Unomas vs. the 2x4 Perpetual of Doom

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My name is Uno, you might of seen me in threads such as the Bodhi thread and…the other Bodhi thread.

I’m working on getting my perpetual back on track (harvest one plant a month…the max I can fit in my dry tent at once).

Feel free to provide feedback! I’ve only been doing this for 3 years and learning something new everyday.

Flower tent is a 2x4 and I usually only rock two plants at a time in 7.5gallon DIY SIPs. There’s about gallons of 6 soil with a 1.5gal reservoir.

My style of grow is organic SIPs. Simple and yields much more in the same amount of soil as opposed to something else like fabric pots. Gotta make the most out of my limited space! I typically run re-amended soil unless I don’t have any ready on hand.

I usually top dress three times:

Transplant: Bu’s compost, Buildasoil Craft Blend, Bokashi

Day 1 and day 21 of flower: BAS Buildaflower, Craft Blend, Bokashi

I’m experimenting right now with using GreenGro’s Pridelands as part my of my flower top dress too. I’ll be adding 3 tablespoons every week up to the end of week 4…this is half of the recommended amount.

For weeks 4-6, I’ll water in BAS Buildabloom. Once a week.

That’s the gist of it. Top water some microbes/coconut or aloe in once a week and the reservoir is filled with Photosynthesis+ water once a week.

Current status:

Chem 91, day 37

This is a finicky lady. It’s my third time running her…hoping for the best. She was looking pretty trash when I put her into flower: discolored, lower leaves eating away. She’s definitely turned around once the day 21 top dress kicked in. I’ve plucked two nanners in the last few days. Both were in tops. My guess is that since they were only in the tops, it was due to light intensity distress? I turned down my light from 90% to 80% and raised it up a couple inches to see if that’ll help. This is the first time the cut’s threw out nanners on me.

So far, my experience with Chem 91 is that she’s a heavy feeder. It might not drink much, but I’ll have to keep track of this in the future to see if this is true or not.

Stems are pretty weak. As you can see, I had to string a branch up already. More to come I’m sure.

No rhyme or reason on how she was trained. Main stem was super cropped at least 3-4 times during veg because of height/space. This made her bush out, uneven canopy but at least I got multiple tops! Next time, I’ll try topping instead.

cue Destiny’s Child - Survivor

Black Triangle (TK x 88g13hp), day ???…more than 40 days for sure.

Nothing to see here, folks. I ran out of veg space and instead of killing her off, I threw her in the flower tent! I threw some pollen on one branch…hopefully that takes and she makes it to harvest. This is my keeper BT (so far). I’ll reveal the father if we’re successful at making seeds :crossed_fingers:

Secret Chief #2 (SFV OG x 88g13hp),day 2!

Height at day 2: 14.5”
I’m trying to better at logging information like height…

This one stayed squat til it got transplanted into the SIP. She then started stretching and bushed out!

My veg tent is a hot mess…I tend to pop more seeds than I can handle 🥲 Plants get overvegged, clones get taken, and then “mom” gets culled. The cycle continues until the plant can get flowered out eventually…hopefully. Next update will include the veg tent of doom.


@LegsMahoney here’s my log. Ready for that Chem 91 and Secret Chief action? :joy:


Nice bro! Down for the show for sure.


Pulling up a chair, good to see ya journal.

How tall is your space? Lighting?


@GCBudz Yessir! Took a while, but I’m feeling confident enough to journal now.

My flower tent is an AC Infinity 2x4x6 and the light is a HLG 350R Diablo. I got both towards the end of summer and still trying to get the setup dialed in. I got the light on a crazy sale…and then HLG released their bar lights like a couple weeks later :joy: should have known there was a catch since the 350R was almost 50% off. No complaints so far, light intensity is tricky though, I’m looking for the perfect balance between intensity and distance from plant.

The SSDD F2 I harvested prior to the log, that thing was getting banged by the light on 100%. No herms, no issues! Guess the 91 is more sensitive.


Glad to see you started a thread, will be following for sure!


The 350R is one I almost bought in the past. Should serve you well once ya fill it in.

I’m newish to LED and trying to learn the same intensity and distance settings as you are. I bought a lux meter which should help…

Look forward to following along g.


Let’s fucking go bud! :v:t2::v:t2:

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Quick update:

Chem 91, day 42.

Leaf necrosis started today…don’t think there’s any way to prevent this. I also gave her last Pridelands top dress and Buildabloom watering. There’s this one top that I picked another couple of nanners from since the last update. Definitely something I need to look for next run.

Black Triangle (TK x 88g13hp), day 42+???

Secret Chief #2 (SFV OG x 88g13hp), day 7

Height at day 7: 16”

Hashplant leaner? Squat, giant leaves. It’s missing that spice/anise stem rub scent that I’ve smelled on other 88g13hp crosses though…

Super quick veg update:

Need to decide what to transplant and flower next:

Confirmed females:
SSDD F2 (2 different phenos)
Secret Chief #1 - lankier, branchier than #2

The wildcards (haven’t shown sex yet):
Cobra Lips F2


Overdue update!

Chem 91 day 57

She’s chugging along. I had to pull one nanner since the last update, which was in a top again. Check out this other top that’s foxtailing. It’s 24” away from my light which is on 80% intensity. IMO, she’s light sensitive. She started swelling up substantially on day 56 :muscle:

Black Triangle day 57 + ???

Impromptu stress test going good! Not quite ready to chop…waiting for seeds to ripen :crossed_fingers:

Secret Chief #2 day 21

Height at day 21: 18”
She stretched a total of 3.5”…20%. Genetics and cold temps I’m thinking.

Final top dressing and defoliation today. I’m hoping for nothing but bud from top to bottom since it’s so stout and tight.

Meanwhile in the veg tent…

Top: Cobra Lips F2 @Budderton
Middle: Chem 91, SSDD F2 #4 @syzygy
Bottom: SSDD F2 #2, SSDD F2 #5, Secret Chief #1
Solo cup w/ humidity dome: Kali Mist x Everything

Everything is confirmed female except for the Cobra Lips and #5.

I have to decide what gets transplanted/flowers next. It’s either SSDD F2 #4 or Secret Chief #1.

All the SSDD’s are pretty similar. Except #5, this one just doesn’t seem to be happy. I’ve grown out #2 and it’s excellent smoke! Happy, no anxiety or paranoia. I get that “warm blanket” feeling that people say about the strain. After curing, she smells slightly berry and skunk. BUT it tastes like sour butter, which the Mrs. hates :man_facepalming::joy: everything is perfect for her except for taste. Hoping the taste is better on #4. She self topped herself too and seems more sturdy than #2….here’s a #2 nug:

The Cobra Lips is catching my eye…trichs developing on leaves and stems already?!


I’m still not sure I’ve found the sour butter people talk about but apparently some people like it. People mentioned encountering it in the SSDD x Gojis too (same mom). I’m guessing it’s pretty common at this point. Will have to pop some sometime in the future…

That chem 91 nanner talk makes me nervous because I’m making seeds in the same room that a chem 91 is flowering in.

Really interested to see what that KM x E looks like!


Well, if it makes you feel better, I’ve only found 4 nanners in 56 days. They stick out like sore thumbs too (lime green) and I’ve only seen them in tops. I wouldn’t worry too much! :wink:

I’ll take a pic of the KM x E sometime. It broke soil today and is looking pretty thick. Hope that’s a good sign :pray:


Chem 91 day 62

Leaves are getting extra crispy. Nothing new to report, just waiting for her to finish. Still throwing new white pistils which is normal. Chem doing Chem things. I’m shooting for day 77.

Black Triangle #2 day 62+???

Should be chopping pretty soon. Haven’t checked trichomes yet. Waiting to see some ripe seeds pop out first!

Secret Chief #2 day 30

Stem rub has a fresh smell to it. Not like a dryer sheet, but like a natural version of that.

I had a dry spell with seed popping…wasted like 3 seeds which is a lot for me LOL. Popped more to compensate and I think I figured out what works for me:

Using a seedling heat mat:

  1. Soak for 24hrs in shot glass of tap water and splash of H2O2.
  2. Put seeds in moist paper towel/closed ziploc full of my hot ass breath.
  3. Change towel every 24 hours.

Boom! Seems very textbook but it’s working so far. Here’s two new seedlings since doing the new method.

Kali Mist x Everything (Bodhi freebie)

Purple Triangle (Black Triangle x Purple Unicorn F3)


Chem 91 day 71

Almost at the finish line. Pulled two more nanners from one top. Hopefully that’s it til harvest. It’s not too bad, but annoying.

Secret Chief day 35

Chilling. Still has a fresh smell to it, I can’t narrow it down any more than that for now. It’s very pleasant.

Black Triangle

Chopped and drying for 4 days now. Looks like there’s ripe seeds in there…so the mystery male is…cue drumroll

Chem 91 x MB232
MB232 = Master Kush x Blueberry F4

He has a premature ejaculation problem (flowers in veg), I used that pollen to knock up the BT and C91. I haven’t flowered out the male and probably won’t be able since all that is left of the plant is one snip that hasn’t grown roots yet…been waiting since late December. Should still be fun to see what comes out of these seeds!


Chem 91 day 73

Chopped her down today because I saw a giant nanner and that some of the calyxes were starting to turn brown/eat away like how majority of the fan leaves are. I’ve been thinking that the nanners are due to light intensity but I also found a small light leak few days ago. We’ll see next time if that’s the case…

She smelled like earthy tennis balls when it got chopped.

Lessons learned this round:

  1. Either add more amendments to soil or top dress one more time at day 41 to try and prevent calyx degradation.
  2. She’s a light drinker but heavy feeder.
  3. Light sensitive…intensity and light leaks?
  4. Do a better job at supporting branches.


Yeah it seems the 91 is both sensitive to intensity and light leaks.

What strength are you feeding? I find she’s very thirsty and more so in stretch obviously.

Definitely needs support.

But flower looks good!


@GCBudz Thank you sir! I grow organic so most of the feed is dry amendments mixed into the soil and top dressing. Not too sure how hot/heavy my soil is. All I do know is that the soil mix with top dressing has been getting other strains to harvest with no issues. C91 is just a hungry girl!

How heavy do you feed C91 compared to other strains you’ve grown lately? You’re in coco, right?


Happy Friday!

Secret Chief #2
Day 41

She is now has a fruity, but citrusy scent to it. Wife says the smell is more like blueberry and not a strawberry…her nose palette is a lot more sensitive than mine. So she can pick up things like that. This probably isn’t going to be a keeper due to it being so short AND hella leafy. As the great prophet Chief Keef once said, “that’s the shit I don’t like.”

SSDD F2 #4
Day 1
Height: 17”

This one is a lot beefier than my last SSDD. Hoping for no spaghetti noodle strength branches :pray: the top fan leaves have been crazy wavy/crinkly for a while now. Let’s see if this goes away or if this is a trait of this particular plant. I know crinkly leaves are normal for the strain but this drastic though? :thinking:


The “I can’t sleep tonight, I toss and turn” update. 3AM and wide awake.

Secret Chief #2
Day 50

Getting frosty and starting to fade. Still smelling berry-like/citrusy to me.

SSDD F2 #4
Day 10
Height: forgot to measure…will edit in.

Most of the crazy wavy leaves went away after an epsom salt foliar spray :muscle:

Veggie Tales

Here’s Secret Chief #1, just transplanted into the SIP. Brand new BAS 3.0 since I didn’t have reamended soil ready. Planning to veg this for 3 weeks instead of the usual 2 since her sister is sooo squat. Hopefully this one is a SFV leaner…only speculating since the the node spacing so far is further than #2 and the fan leaves are much more narrower. This is from a clone…never got to flower out the seed plant.

Purple Triangle #1
Going into a 1 gallon very soon.

Purple Triangle #2
This one has been a runt from the get go. It took forever to break soil, I had to uncover it because it was struggling to get up (that’s what she said). Ever since, it’s just been very squat but it seems like growth is picking up.

Kali Mist x Everything
Going into a 1 gallon very soon/getting topped just incase it ends up outta control sativa tall…which I’m kinda hoping for :joy:

Finished Goods
Ended up with 5 zips of Chem 91 and a very small amount of seeds…my first ever BX!

The solo cup Black Triangle yielded 8 grams and ~20 seeds. I’ll be popping at least two for the solo cup challenge next week.


Cool to see both the Purple Triangle & the KM x Everything grown out!

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