Used Equipment for sale or trade

A few people have asked about used equipment so i thought a thread might be nice. If you need something or have something you don’t need you can post here. Make sure your equipment is in good working order and be kind. It probably doesn’t need to be said but all deals are between buyer and seller not OverGrow.

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This is a great idea, Overgrow Trade and Sell… Good initiative!

I would highly recommend the use of paypal for such transactions, it’s got 180 days buyer’s guarantee.


Great idea. I dont like paypal much. Buyers can also screw the seller by telling paypal they didnt get ItXD


Only if you’re cheap with the postage, need to send it with tracking and signed for, that way you can prove you sent the item. Plus a picture of the item in the box and another with the box with and tracking number, that will back you up.

But don’t do business with someone you don’t trust!


I need a inline fan if anyone got one I might also have a good deal on light setup apparently a dude got a storage unit with several lights he don’t use I’ll letnyall know with pics if he comes thru


Used equipment can be awesome, I know almost all of my stuff is used or has been used. Some of us have multiples of an item . I love to trade up, down or sideways if I get a offer that is beneficial to me ( oh say some magic beans) I have let go all kinds of stuff. Co2 tanks, handmade reflectors, and the ever popular core and coil kits.


That is nice of you. I am sure someone here can use it.

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That would be nice of you. @Uncle_Al maybe can help you with an inline fan.

TThe dude going broke with not growing an being married an yet some of us are lucky to have a lady that helps in the garden naked I might add for some of us lucky ones so he selling it all really cheap idk iiiits legit but if it is I wouldn’t make no money off it I’d just charge what he wants prolly just ask him to get my light free cause they so cheap told me gas money to come to town a pretty good sack an just some pocket cash so altogether around 100 for ballast an hood an bulb he letting it go cheap cheap cheap but also why I’m apprehensive but I know being broke with a storage unit full of equipment you ain’t using an having kids can be a big motivater for good deals so I’ll definitely let y’all know


Ok so tomorrow I should have some pics of the lights an other equipment it’s suppose to be new or hardly used so if anyone needs anything let me know so I can get a pic of it for you

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1000watt mh ballast1000w hps BaLlast two 1500w digital ballast these are best offer within reason

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also a couple bulbs if anyone needin a good deal like i was

Cool idea @ryasco, wish I had stuff/cash to trade/buy cause I need so much…

If anyone has DIY led components I’d for sure be interested. Was supossed to buy 10 Sol Strips for Christmas but things change and my little munchkins come before my medicine.


Im looking for a 600 wt HPS ballast.

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Anyone have any Tropf Blumat gear?

I’ve got a 400w :laughing:

I just looked on line and a new one is only about $75. maybe thats the best choice.


Yeah, You’ll probably get free shipping too. New gear, warranty, and free shipping. Kinda makes it hard to justify buying used ballasts.


Prezactly my thoughts brother.


Hello guys.

Would anybody here be interested in a 225W Citizen CLU048-1212 COB rig?

I am trying to let it go for $250 plus shipping which would be like an extra $50. ($300 Total.)

It comes with a 10 feet surge protected power cord, and heavy duty ratchet hangers. Potentiometer too.

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It has had about 8 months of use, with a surge protected battery unit on top of the surge protected power cord attached to the driver. It was running in a tent with a duct fan and temp probe that keeps the tent cool 100% of the time.

That means it 's never been overheated. Also, its capacity is 225W but i never used it over 200W. I like taking care of my things. I will take paypal with a buyer’s 6 month guarantee. Get the lamp or your money back. Certified tracking with signature required.

Truly yours, the craziest guy you’ll ever meet!