Vietnam Black, Snowhigh/Kiona

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This journal will be documenting the Vietnam Black (xy) line from Snowhigh Seeds, and the Vietnam Black (xx) line from Kiona/Magic Spirit Seed Co. Both packs came with one extra seed so there’s 11 regs and 5 femmes. The goal as I see it, is to make another generation with each of the Snowhigh females, and reintroduce the male chromosome to the Kiona line.

My thoughts are; any males worth keeping, mix their pollen 1:1:1:1 before pollinating the females.

What are your all’s opinion on male selection?


6 Snowhigh and 2 Kiona have been direct sown in quart containers of organic soil this morning. The plan is to put the males into flower on Thanksgiving, the females, Christmas. Pollinate over and over until Valentines Day, and then harvest before 4/20.
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I am learning so my opinion is to let you decide :grin:


Nice, I’m gonna watch and learn. :popcorn:


I am already wondering about mixing the pollen, does each female then get pollinated by more then one male?


Yes each female would get pollinated by all the males that are chosen. @Worcestershire_Farms, I have pulled excellent potent genetics from stock that was pollinated with a substandard male. Even if the mail you use is not potent, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t contain genetics that are. These are uncovered in following generations. For that reason, and for a healthy gene pool, I would request that you use all males. Maybe do a separate pollination with the males you think are the most promising, and keep these separate.
All males on some branches, the best males on some branches. Separately labeled of course. What do you think? There will probably only be two or three males to choose from…
Thanks for doing this Diggy! I can’t believe it’s happened so quickly. Two weeks ago this was a pipe dream! I’ll be ironing out any kinks in my indoor room this fall before the Mexican run, and by that time, I’ll be ready for some serious sativa preservation.


As the words of an O-L-D Country song…“I’m leaving it ALL up to you…you decide whatcha gonna do”!!! The Master you are…we can and, should live with your decision. Much success, stay safe and, yes, be well.


I am good with either way. I have no problem pulling the best male/males, or just allowing all to have a good time. If it is all having a good time, then it should be all branches and not some with all and some with best males. Unless you were separating the seeds to send out by the branch for everyone, then there would be no need to mark them. Just make seeds, mix them together and divide it up. That is just my opinion to save a lot of extra work and possible problems.

In the end I will go along with those with better minds then mine about this. I am just thankful to be with such a great group.


Will gladly be sitting here and watching as this should be awesome!! I have read the VB can produce quite a high number of Hermies on the male side, just something to watch out for. You could also maybe try a higher red spectrum and higher N to see if you can get a higher number of males to show from those seeds, madmac said he got good results doing this while looking for males for some of his projects. Even if you can’t find any stable males you can still make fems if all else fails


And then what. hmm???.. :wink:

If it’s perpetuation then the blended gangbang is most equitable & avoids that one dude who loses it prematurely :rofl: messing things up. Cull any shitty plant either way.

If it’s just a one-off though I would use only one lucky male & best female.

Just me.



Here’s an interesting thread from solar Lagos on IC, he’s also doing some work with VB. He was talking about germination of older seeds and has been getting good results, not sure what the germination rate is going to be on the snowhigh seeds, maybe a bit of extra precautions can give you a better pool to work with.


Same traits you look for in female. I was told. Structure spacing of nodes overall health how he stacks pollen sacs and smell. Males stink too. But thats just my opinion you been doing this a bit longer than me im sure.
So you want to take the fem seed plant(s) and open the genepool or multiphenos back up with a multi-male pollenation or were you trying to lock in certain traits?
Is the main goal a more open variable offspring or more selective ? A multi male will bring more variable offspring. A single selected male will bring just its traits to you female(s) seeds.
So far my male has been more dominant in the seeds ive made then the females. For personal batch i would use a select male. For something mass and to work further id do the multi to get a full view of what you got then do selections out of them. But just my opinion. Theres a whole lot i dont know.


First Vietnam Black above ground, and it’s one of Doc Ds, Kiona 161 S1s.


Should be 100%


100 hours in, and two Kiona are above ground.


First Snowhigh woke up this mornin.


awesome! thanks for posting!


Three Snowhigh, and Two Kiona (with the edges of the cup clipped)


WOO-HOO!! We have liftoff!! :grinning: I’m really looking forward to seeing this go down. Kick-ass job so far. :+1::+1::+1:

Thanks again for taking on a task with such a high pucker factor. :grinning:


They should have an emoji for that