What is the best way to harvest 2 lights every month?

So keeping in mind my operational constrains, I can harvest 2 lights of 650W each.

I plan to have one veg light for 16 mother plants, and then take clones to root and fill 2 lights every month.

Will a 2 ton AC suffice for 4 lights of 650W and 1 480W?

Any other tips for this grow?

Plan to push as many clones as I can to minimize veg time to fill up the flowering space


Welcome! Happy to have ya here :seedling:

More information would be cool :sunglasses: are you running two tents or will your two lights be in one room? You said 2, 650w then you mention 4. Break it down for us and you’ll be sure to find more help than you need


Just off what your saying as long as you plant 2 lights a month you’ll be able to harvest 2 a month. This will be possible running clones as they will all finish at the same time. You will have to find an 8 week clone also.
I’m assuming 650w is hid because of the ac that you mentioned.
More info is needed for more clarity


@DirtySlowToes & @Emeraldgreen

I am sorry, english isnt my first language.

I will have 4 lights of 650w LED’s. out of these I will harvest 2 in one cycle.

I pplan to have everything in one single insulated room.

For the veg & clone, it will be inside a cabinet.


Okay so let’s say 12 plants per light. 24 for the 2. So every 4 weeks you will need 24 plants to replace what you harvest. Do you have the veg space for the replacement plants to be the proper size and development?


I am planning to have 49/64 small plants/light.
Running sog

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are you hand watering or using some form of hydroponics ? what strain and are you sure its an 8 week finisher? i would do one 49 and one 64 to see what you like better and go from their. that amount of ac will be enough since led is not to hot.

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I am looking at GG4 by GG Genetics,
Any other strain recommendations are most welcome.

I dont know if it finishes in 8 weeks, but will have rotation after harvest.

Watering will be with drip caps in, hydroponics grow style in coco+perlite and Jacks 321


gg4 will take you 11 weeks to finish i uso right their you are 3 weeks longer than you wish. i used to do sea of green with same strain if you are going from clone a 2 week veg is enough with your numbers they will end around 3-4 feet tall.

edit thats also alot of drip lines any reason you dont choose flood and drain ?

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Havent used flood and drain so dont really know.

Which strain would you recommend and at what planting density?

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Go with @Tonygreen GG4 genetics either his RIL or Gorilla Bubble, there’s good results with that from @tamimes who crushes a closet with SOG:

Seeds of GB BX5 S1 are still available at Neptune or you could DM Tony and ask him if he’s got any left direct sales:

GLG out of stock but a good description:


@SHSC-1 knows a lot about SOG too, tagging him

Good luck buddy you got this!


I ran 300plant SOG gardens back in the late 90’s early 2000’s.
The idea was to find plants that didn’t want to branch too much or if they did, the branches didn;t stretch much and were all flower.
So for example, we chose 3 females out of several packs of the original shishkaberry
Healthy rooted clones were transplanted to 1 gallon pots of sunshine mix and given 10 days veg under 2 x 1000w halides on short movers over the 300 plant rectangle of pots.
Day 11 they were flipped to 12/12 and 3 x 1000wHPS lights were turned on along with the 2 halides. Lots of light hehe.
So 10 day veg
Those shishkaberry females we chose were ripe for the picking at 49 days of 12/12
So not including rooting time that is a 59 day cycle.
Each clone we chose to run this way had to yield an ounce a plant to be considered worth running in this fashion. So careful plant selection by testing a vigorous freshly rooted clone on the 10 day veg and flip program in a 1 gallon pot or however you want to grow it… if that clone yields a solid ounce fully cured, it’s a winner.

all that ramble said… I don’t think GG4 is much of a SOG plant but excells when grown in SCROG methods due to it’s branchy nature. In this case canopy management and under the net pruning become a full time job whereas with SOG and small plants, you don’t manage anything but nutrients, environment, pest management and light cycle. No leaf pruning or canopy management required. Hope that info helps a bit.



What is the shiskaberry breeder? @SHSC-1

that was years ago man. 1998 spice of life Shishkaberry by breeder steve

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Thank u.

I will look for more