Worst hyped strains you have grown

Brother that would be something! Definitely worth a look! Anyone here have any experience with Mr Nice’s Shit ? Not crazy about the name,I’m hoping is 'cause it’s the ‘shit’ ! Hehe


There is someone here that has done her, I don’t remember who.
Hopefully they’ll see this and chime in


Could be @Jamescoldflame even.

He’s got some Shit crosses running


Yes…it is i…lol…I only have one cross to her right now.


Sweet,any pics or a thread for us to check out ? Feedback would be phenomenal brother !


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Has anyone had any of the cookies fam strains? I was wondering because I recently heard about a new strain/flavor of theirs called “RUNTZ” and was wondering why people are spending so much on their strains… are their genetics/terpenes really so different from what’s already out there?.. I personally haven’t tried any of their stuff and wanted to know who in the community has… thanks


Karma has been working a5 I believe for his new drops. I’d fuck with karma gear if searching for a5. As far as anything coming out of Dave twat’s son’s mouth, the only person he has been ‘honest’ with are the feds… everything else is bullshit. Just like the reason rks is gone is YOUR fault for not keeping a cut 30+ years, NOT his fault for breeding out the trait

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And OG kush originally came from DPG LBC and is actually O.G. Kush this is fact

I chock it up to California hype then again you can buy the empty bags on eBay so maybe I got a knock off

Cookies is pretty good in all honesty. You may have got a knock off or some old product. I see people posting alot of what looks like year or two old nugs coming out of high priced pretty packages.


I somewhat have a special place in my heart for some of these shitty strains and breeders. Their gear was super cheap and at a time when I was still trying to figure out how to grow and didnt know better with genetics, they had their place. First up has to be Nirvana. The nugs were OK, some structure, but almost flavorless. I grew out their raspberry couch, and blue dream. Next is HSO, I tried their Black d.o.g because so many people liked it and I found it to be straight trash. A runt of a plant at best and the flavor was shit. Also ran quite a bit of seedsman gear; and we’re not going to get started on the money I wasted on them. I learned a lot through these guys and their genetics, but honestly looking back I got sucked into the money grab.


How would it match up compared to some of the stuff we have floating around here? Terpenes/ trichomes/ etc…

I’m not to familiar with herb in you neck of the woods , your in texas correct ? I’m in the central California foothills. I havent tried to many of there strains but the original cookies and the gelato are both dank. The sherbert tastes amazing but is not to potent but my tolerance is high. I have a runtz plant going atm but havent tried it yet I was just gifted it and asked to hold on to it. I’m trying to focus my attention on less common older lines honestly but the cookies and runtz clone somehow found there way to me lol


I meant the strains that are floating around here on OG. Lol… ex: seed runs strains and what others are growing… nice I didn’t think they even had clones available outside of the cookies farms… Seems like they keep their shit locked away to help with the hype train.

There are definetly alot of equal to or greater then genetics floating around here, I see alot of fire looking nugs around these parts. The cookies strains are defiently kept held tighter then others but they make there way threw certain circles. I know the sunset sherbert is available , sherbinksi even lists what clubs he makes clone drops at. I dont think there concerned with smaller growers getting there strains at this point. Im guessing If a huge operation started pumping out tons of there gear that would be a different story.


Anybody holding a Forum Cut(ting)? I realize it wouldn’t be the same but that’s a candidate for pheno hunt and preservation if ever there was one.


as you asked I’m offering this