Zamaldelica Express Run

Hello everyone!

I’ve been meaning to start one of these for a while. I thought this would be a fun way to document the journey, share some of my techniques, and hopefully learn some new things along the way.

I’ll be running three regular autoflower seeds from Night Owl: Zamaldelica Express.

The goals of this run are to:

  1. Harvest a healthy amount of ZE pollen
  2. Selectively pollenate a few branches of a ZE female for seeds
  3. Not pollenate the whole tent through the use of my “male jail”

I run a sort of perpetual setup and will check in on various plants throughout this journey.

I use Spider Farmer LEDs, organic super soil, Gorilla 5x9 and 4x4 tents, and autopots. AC Infinity fans, filters, and electronics. I grow all autoflowers.

Please follow along for this journey! Feel free to throw me questions, critiques, or suggestions. I may even give out some freebies along the way.

Let’s get started! Day 1 (3/7/23) ------------------------------------------------------------------

I haven’t ever used the free plant tags. Seems like a good time:

I found this awesome setup for seed storage. There’s this box:

Which holds two of these trays plus extras:

Each tray holds 75 vials (plus a cheat sheet):

A vial will hold around 25-30 seeds without rice:

All done, putting the whole thing back into the fridge for storage:

I germinate using a paper towel, but I soak the seeds for 24 hours first:

Cover them up so they are in the dark:

I’ll check back in 24 hours, if they are cracked, I’ll swap them into napkins.


Best vibes, brother! Hope you grow monsters! peace


Best of luck to you. Love your avatar pic.


Good stuff man. Pulling up a seat and watching. I got some zamadalica beans recently and I’m excited to pop them but I have other projects ATM. So love to see these genetics in auto. Happy growing.


I’ll be watchin your grow.

Good luck and happy growing :+1:


Night Owl has very good genetics. In auto pots this should be a fun one to watch. Best of luck with the grow.


I’m just getting the hang of auto pots, but I’m pretty impressed with them so far. My plants are about 25% bigger since swapping from manual watering. I thought I was watering well, but I guess you just can’t beat the continuous supply of water.

Plus, I love automating as much as possible. Organics plus autopots mean I do almost no work!


There is a few others that run autos. @AzSeaindooin420 @drgonzo13 @nefrella @LoveDaAutos


Woo! All the best with this growmie!!



Nice, I’ve grown these before, and will again!

Gonna set this thread to watching.

If you ever get any extra pollen from these guys, I have an actual real plan to use it haha, so keep me in mind. :+1:

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I have two packs of these beans so following along! Sick seed storage also!

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Critique time, pass the Blue Moon

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Day 2 (3/19/23)

Tough to tell from this photo, but they were all 3 cracked after 12 hours in the cup:

So I put them into a damp napkin:

Fold the napkin up into quarters:

Then I stick the wet napkin on the inside of a plastic cup! I’ve seen people use a zip lock bag that they hang up. This has the same effect. The tails will grow straight down using gravity:

Back onto the heating pad. The heating pad was a game changer for me.

Cover it back up for now:

Time to build the pots. I like to have them ready at least a week before I need them.

This is a batch of reamended soil that I made on January 7.

Beautiful soil. It was a little dry but not bad. Not nearly as dry as the picture looks:

Clean and empty autopot:

Add the copper filter. Its used so it doesn’t look copper anymore:

Added the base and air dome. The base makes it so you don’t have to add clay pebbles to the bottom. The air dome pumps air under the roots of the plant. I haven’t turned on the air domes yet.

Full of dirt

I use double solo cups as starters. I really like this design with the split bottomless cup inside. It makes it super easy to transplant later on. I also like the inside cup to be clear so I know what the roots are looking like

We used a lot of dirt

Starters ready to go

6 hours later:

Little baby tails! I could probably leave them in napkins longer, but I decided to go ahead and put them into the solo cup starters now. Thinking I might not have time tomorrow to get to them in time. The heat pad is quick!

I use the plant tags to dig a little triangle into the soil and gently press the seeds into the hole, tail down. Its about 1/4" deep.

All three planted and watered.

Back onto the heat pad. I use the little domes to help trap humidity. I’ll remove them when the leaves have opened.


Off to a good start so far!

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good luck with this !!!

I ran some zamaldelica express crosses last year - came out nice and frosty - very quick finishers outside !!!


Nothing today. Just cups of dirt.

This one is nearing the finish line. And I kind of need his pot. This is 4 Assed Monkey from Mephisto Genetics:


We have sprouts. All three hit the surface at the same time.


Really looking forward to following along and learning some tricks before I try something similar! Thanks for sharing :slightly_smiling_face:

I heard about the Zam Auto on the Dark Horse podcast, Daz sure seemed excited about it. Been watching for seeds, of course they were all already gone :rofl:

Happy to see green above ground there :grin:

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Update for the week: just sprouts doing sprout things. I’m realizing that I really need to upgrade my germination game. My light is pretty weak, my sprouts always stretch a little, and I compensate by transplanting to the main tent quicker and burying most of their stems.



3/18/23, watered lightly around the edges of the cups.

4 Assed Monkey is nearing the finish line, with leaves starting to die and ambers beginning to appear on the tops. I thought I had a picture but realize I don’t. I’ll try to wait another week before chopping.


No harm in burying your little guys to make to for early stretch. Like the pre cut clear solo for seemless transplant.

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*** Giveaway #1 ***

I have a 10 pack of REGULAR Autoflower seeds: Super Orange Haze (Mephisto) x G-Chem-O F3 (Night Owl).

The G-Chem-O male was super stinky! In my short time doing this, I haven’t had a male so potent. I’m really looking forward to his offspring. The Super Orange Haze was thick, dense, and dripping with resin. A little light on the “orange”, imo, but very potent flower none the less.

The winner will be the first to correctly answer this question:

Where did my coffee cup come from in the first photo?

I have no idea how easy or hard this may be. If there is no correct answer after 48 hours, the closest guess will get the seeds. Please only guess once!