Barefoot And Blazed's Benevolent Buds

Background: I’m a newbie, but kinda not. I was briefly involved with an indoor grow 25 years ago and have helped friends with plant-sitting and trimming, but this is my first real grow on my own. I am a Medical Marijuana Patient and have a permit from the state to legally cultivate cannabis. Missouri allows 6 clones/seedlings (under 14”), 6 in veg, and 6 in flower. I could double or triple those numbers if I sign up to be a caregiver for 1 or 2 more patients. The extra numbers would allow me to keep some moms around and be truly perpetual. Note that Missouri went ‘medical’ last year but does not have any dispensaries open at this time. Permits for large farms were awarded but they can’t operate without first being inspecting and that process was set back significantly by Covid-19. Only a few farms have been approved and only recently began cultivating. I think we’re a long way from have a steady supply of medicine for sale, which was part of my motivation to grow.

I purchased seeds and supplies with a plan to begin early this spring, but then had the opportunity to upgrade my living arrangements. My grow was placed on hold so I could sell one house and move into the other. I moved on 4/20(!) and, after the dust settled, on May 1st, I planted a crop of auto seeds figuring that would be a good way to quickly fill my empty stash and work out any kinks in the garden.

Space/Lights: I’ve got a 4x8’ tent for seedlings/clones, mothers, veg and Autos, plus a 5x5’ for 12/12 flower in an unfinished portion of the basement. Thanks to the generosity of friends I’ve got a swanky Fluence SpydrX Plus to brighten the big tent, and just purchased two Spider Farmer SF-2000s for the 5x5.

Soil: My recipe:
5 gallons coco coir
5 gallons ProMix All Purpose w/Mycoactive
4 gallons perlite (two 8 quart bags)
Lime (1 TBSP per gallon)
Earthworm castings (1 cup per gallon = about half of a 5 gallon bucket)

I mix in a clean 32 gallon trash can. This amount fills it up halfway leaving plenty of room to mix, and will provide enough to fill two 6 gallon Octopots with enough leftover for some Solo cups. I crunched the numbers and it worked out to under $20 per container for the mixture. I hope to re-use a significant amount to keep costs down. I could definitely make it cheaper if I composted and had my own worms for EWC. I still need to investigate using Rice Hulls instead of Perlite for drainage. The hulls served me well when I was an All Grain beer brewer…

Nutrients: For nutes I took a cue from @Jetdro and @iFish and am using Urban Farm All Purpose Vegetable Fertilizer for veg, Jack’s 10-30-20 for flower, and Jack’s 5-12-26 to finish.

Genetics: My first six plants are autoflowers: Afghani, Northern Lights, Blueberry x NL, Trainwreck, Bruce Banner, and Strawberry Cheesecake (Cheese x Chronic x White Widow). I went a little nuts buying seeds during 4/20 sales and won a couple of server auctions here too. I now have a nice collection of regular seeds from AK Bean Brains, Bodhi, Greenpoint, hopefully JOTI (still haven’t received the order 2+ months later – it has been re-shipped), and many others. I scored a ton of autos from Mephisto as well – I ordered 28 and received 55!!! I’ve got PLENTY to keep me busy for a long time!

The plan: Due to plant count limits, I’ll start 6 seeds of a strain and see how many survive to become adult females. I have the option to plant an auto or throw in a clone for each one that doesn’t make it.

So far: I started seeds in Solo cups under a T5 then transplanted them into Octopots two weeks later. I’ll elaborate on the Octopots later… I had half of the SpydrX strips illuminated at first (there’s no dimmer, but you can choose how many of the 8 LED strips you want to plug in). The plants looked a little rough for a week or two after transplant. With the Octopots, you only water from the top the very first time, then all water and nutrients are provided via the reservoir. The goal is to encourage the roots to grow down through the soil, and watering the surface of the soil goes counter to that. As a newb I panicked and ended up watering one more time from the top because they looked so sad, but boy did they explode once the roots hit the nutrient solution!

The plants are two months old today (May 1 - July 1) and three of them are flowering like crazy. I should harvest the Strawberry Cheesecake and Bruce Banner in the next week or two, with the Trainwreck shortly thereafter. The other three are slowly bulking up their buds.

Next: Remember how I had planned to start growing this past spring but couldn’t because I moved? I have a buddy who was just starting out and didn’t have any good genetics. I gave him seeds to grow and in return he has recently provided female clones which will be flowered once I have room. The strain is Joe Fixit (Lemon Catpiss x Bruce Banner) and, since the plant count allows, I just dropped two Mephisto autos: 3 Bears OG x Strawberry Nuggets, and Sour Crack.

Thanks: I need to give a big shout out to all you crazy guys and gals here on OG. I read the site every day and have learned so much. Thank you for sharing your successes and failures, past experiences and future projects. It really has been an invaluable education.

And now for some pictures since that’s what you’re really here for! :smile:

Two weeks old, freshly transplanted:


Four weeks old:

Six weeks old:

Eight weeks old (L to R: Trainwreck, Strawberry Cheesecake, Bruce Banner)

Bruce Banner close ups:

Can’t wait to see where things go from here!


You need anything along the way brother I’m in jeffco same if you want some clones or whatever :sunglasses:
Really trying to build up a missouri coalition of dank genetics


Pulling up a chair and along for the ride!! Hopefully I am up and running in the next month so we can all overgrow MO!!


Lookin good so far dude. I’ll be watching. Did the same thing with autos when i started indoors. I never grew them before so i had to try them out first.


Barefoot And Blazed’s Benevolently Blasting Beautiful Big Blissful Bodacious Buds Baby!


Looking great do you recall when the roots hit the res ? I’ve got a auto that’s a couple three weeks into the pot but no roots . Mind you rained and no sun for week 3 so far can’t blame her for slow growth.


Mine were watered at week 2 when transplanted. I gave more water from the top when I probably didn’t need to a week and a half later. You can see the huge change from week 4 to week 6 in the pics which is due to the roots finally drinking from the res. I’d say it took around 2-2.5 weeks. I’m sure it differs by the strain. Soil composition and density have got to factor in as well.


Nice job on those plants @BarefootAndBlazed… they look terrific! I’m a little green with envy!

Genetics play a part, but so does knowing how to grow the plant and give it what it needs, when it needs it, so it can fully express those genetics.

Listening to @ifish and @JetDro about their fertilizing technique from their forward growing method is a good idea… and if you need any fert info, I’m sure @ifish would lend a hand if asked.

There are lots of nice nugs on the Trainwreck and the Strawberry Cheesecake plants! But your Bruce Banner is an absolute beast!


Soooooo, I’ve got spider mites. I’m not sure where they came from. They appeared on the Joe Fixit plants I had just flipped to 12/12 in my 5x5 tent. Those plants were started by a buddy, then came to me but I have had them a month before seeing anything. I believe I caught them early, and haven’t seen any signs in the other tent where my initial run of autos are approaching harvest.

I had to do a bunch of reading about techniques to combat the mites. I’m totally prepared to trash the plants, sanitize the tent and start over if need be, but I’m going to put up a fight first. I ordered a spinosad product and some Neem oil which will arrive any day. I’m starting with what I have on hand: hippie soap :wink:. I made a solution of 1TBSP Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap with Peppermint Oil per 16oz of water, and washed the plants. I did it by hand the first time which took forever to get every surface. Three days later (last night) I did it again, though this time I had found a brush with bristles that were soft enough to not damage the leaves yet sturdy enough to scrape every surface. That went much faster.

I haven’t bothered to break out the microscope again since I know the battle is long, but it was interesting to see them moving around.


I’m unable to post pics of the affected plants because I’m out of town, but it was little dots of damage on the leaves that caught my eye. I’ll post some soon along with the two Mephisto autos I started.

I must say that I’m quite pleased with the Octopots. The aforementioned buddy saw my garden in person for the first time during a socially distant visit this week. He said it made him feel he needs to step up his game. We’ve been growing the same seeds, but he says my plants are double the size of his, which are older. He attributes it to the size of pot - 6 gallons for the Octo, where he uses 3 gallons. It’s also nice knowing their reservoirs will keep the plants drinking happily for days while I visit my girlfriend’s house. The main floor of my new place is a full fledged construction zone and I’m without a kitchen for probably a month during the renovations. I remain huddled in the basement with the garden and my office during the week while I’m working.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for more updates from the frontlines!

The Trainwreck and Blueberry x NL are coming along nicely. Still no amber on the Strawberry Cheesecake or the Bruce Banner, though I think I might take them down this week to make space for the Mephistos which are due to be transplanted from Solo cups to Octopots.
Strawberry Cheesecake

Bruce Banner


The plants with mites have been washed twice with Peppermint Castile Soap. Last night they were sprayed with Neem oil. I just now pulled leaves from two of those to investigate under the microscope and I didn’t see a single mite! I’m encouraged but will remain vigilant.

I really need to up-pot two plants into Octopots from Solo cups, but lack the space in the tent. I really need these autos to hurry along. Do I finally see some amber on the Bruce Banner?

Oh, and the Trainwreck is turning purple:


Hi @BarefootAndBlazed wow the plants look great
In reference to the seedling after you water from the top keep a spray bottle with water around ,a spray once in a wile will help them get through till they hit the Rez I also add liquid kelp to the spray bottle the seedling and clones love it
you also can make a dome out of a clear plastic bag just tape it around the bag and poke a few holes at the top

You will be amazed at the growth ,your on the right track and the feeding schedule works
Low and slow and steady feed will result is a higher yield
Love me some train wreck damn that look tasty
This grow I went :100: % jacks for veg as well as bloom ( I dropped the ufvf this round ) I see a big difference already in by babies they are getting big quickly
Thanks for sharing


Awesome grow that sucks about the mites but it sounds like you got a handle on them fast. Another Missouri grow way to represent. Bruce banner is worth the wait thats what im smoking on today very nice


I’ve been busy in the garden the past few days.

I harvested my first plants by cutting down the Bruce Banner and Strawberry Cheesecake. I gave them a rough trim then hung them to dry in a dark closet with an indirect fan and cracked door. They really stink up the joint!

Bud porn!

Here are the four remaining autoflowers I planted May 1st:

Afghani and NL in back, Trainwreck and Blueberry x NL up front. I’m blown away by the Trainwreck. She’s bulking up nicely, has buds everywhere, smells amazing, and I’m loving the color change.

I cleaned out the Octopots which the harvested plants had inhabited, mixed soil, re-filled the Octos, then transplanted the two Mephisto autos from their Solo cups.

Since I have mites in one of the tents I’ve cancelled a planned clone trade with a local friend. That means I’ve got a few extra Joe Fixits sitting around. Not wanting them to go to waste, I up-potted them into 3 gallon fabric pots and am going to throw them into the 12/12 tent and see what happens. I cut a few new clones first. I have quite a few plants of this strain, yet I have no idea how it smokes. I found the description from the breeder and this Joe Fixit is [(Lemon Cat Piss x Bruce Banner) Bx Bruce Banner]. Stem rubs produce a huge lemon aroma that pleases my nose! They were freebies and I’ve never been able to find a good review. We’ll find out in a couple months I suppose.

I ran out of time to rearrange the flower tent and spray Spinosad tonight - it’s dark now- so I’ll tackle that in the morning. Everything will get a heavy watering since we’re expecting scorching temps this weekend.


Just when i thought I had a easy regiment you guys mix it up with more Jack’s :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


When I was part of a grow 30 years ago, we used Peter’s Professional 20-20-20. I think that product evolved into Jack’s. It worked well back then. I’ll give it a try when I run out of the Urban Farms Veg Fert.


I’ve been very happy with the urban farms so far other than finding it in stock


Hi BFAB I’m running with the jacks 20/20/20 extremely happy with the outcome so far


Hey buddy thanks for the USA seed link info greatly appreciated! Can’t believe I missed this thread looking great in there ! Congrats !some day I may try those octopots !

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That’s a mouthful the rolls off the tongue smoothly! Lol


So how far up the six gallon pot can one expected or see the moisture level on those Octopots?

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