My latest harvest from December - Nirvana seeds Aurora Indica

Hi guys, first post. Apologies that this is more of a complete log rather than an ongoing diary. Feel free to ask questions!

This was probably my best grow to date. Nirvana seeds Aurora Indica bought from Seedsman. Planted 5 seeds and harvested 5 beautiful plants. The resulting buds are S T R O N G. Amazing dank smell you can smell from a mile off as soon as the jar is opened. Yielded around 700g.

Grown under 10x Cree cxb3590 pulling around 500w from the wall. Grown in a 2m x 1m x 1.5m tent in my hand built “shed” I build to replace the crappy shed I used to grow in that was here when I bought my house


  • Rhizotonic (total: 327.25ml)
  • Canna A&B (total: 1526.5ml)
  • Canna Calmag (total: 883.5ml)
  • Cannazym (total: 1365ml)
  • Canna pk 13/14 (total: 205ml)
  • Overdrive (total: 300ml)
  • Seasol (total: 1105ml)

Planted: 2019-08-13 20:06
Harvested: 2019-12-21 13:40
Average input pH: 5.62
Average input EC: 2.16mS/cm
Medium: Coco Coir + 50% perlite in fabric smart pots (16ltr)
Vegged for: 40.4 days
Flowered for: 68.99 days
Average time between watering: 1.93 days

Full grow log with calendar schedule and pictures


Usin github is a revelation! Real nice job on yer documentation n grow. :thumbsup:


Thanks! I was hesitant about using github because of the nature of the images, but I already have an app with images of cannabis on it anyway so I thought why not.

I actually started writing a grow journal app that would publish to github using Jekyll back in 2017 but I hit a major functionality roadblock so had to abandon it :frowning2:


Pretty stellar first post :muscle:… dont know much about Github.

Great grow and glad it ended up so wonderful for you. Amazing tenacity to keep track of everything… mind blowing for the kind of person I seem to be hah

Thanks for sharing


@7lpdwcaw thanks for sharing this this one has been on the list for years I guess it’s time to Give it a run


Absolutely great genetics. Has convinced me to focus on a single strain with reputable genetics for sure. My current grow is focusing on using up all my odd seeds so I can buy a fresh set of beans :laughing:


heard good things about the aurora from a friend in canada …its on my list of i would like to try it …nice grow thanks for the share :slight_smile: