BOG LSD & Peakseedsbc Northern Berry Microgrow

Here we go again after a faceplant last round.

Just popped some BOG LSD & Peakseedsbc Northern Berry. Both varieties took over a week to germ, but they all came up eventually.

They’re under T5s in Promix with a bit of Gaia Green and Wallace myco for now. They will move under LEDs and into yogurt containers or 1 gallons in a few weeks. I’ll feed Jack’s, or maybe Maxigro/bloom now that it’s back in Canada.

Trying to keep it stupid simple this time around to avoid further faceplants.

Thanks for stopping by !


Hippie wishes of Moonbeam love on your garden :wink::+1:


I’ll be here to catch you, just incase :wink: lol.

Some healthy seedlings, off to a good start. Glad to be here from the beginning.

Wishing you the best with this grow, some great genetics right there.


Wishing you a healthy project! Love BOG’s LSD!!!


Just an absolutely stunning plant! Well done @Sasquatch, killed it. :+1: what was your medium?


Nice! Ive got some northern berry to try at some point. Seems to be a nice one so Ill be watchin along.


Grew northern berry auto last grow and northern snow,outstanding smoke from both plants but now huge yields

Would like to try it in a photo plant next time,think northern snow is auto only plant

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I used to get lbs of some flower called LSD years ago and to this day it’s some of my favourite smoke. It smelled very similar to a pack of lifesavers candy. I know there is a barney’s farm LSD but the description for that never reminded me of what I used to smoke for years and I’ve always been confused.

I think I’m starting to realize what I might have been getting all those years ago could have been bog’s lsd.

@smokenhike @Sasquatch What did your lsd smell like? I wish I had pics of mine from ages ago (I do but cant really dig through 30k+ pics in a timely manner haha) I remember it being super lime green and having that crazy smell. In a joint it tasted exactly how it smelled (similar to a pack of lifesavers)


@neogitus ,

Yup, that’s the one! Lifesaver smell & taste, soaring sativa high!!!


Well yall I am drunk and on drugs, so here’s the weekly update !

@Qtip moonbeams received, thanks !


@Oldtimerunderground me irl


@Sasquatch so frosty and lovely colors, I hope mine turn out that nice ! Thanks for the insider info.

@ramblinrose thanks for stopping by I’ll let you know how it goes !

@Irishrocker nice to hear on the northern berry, isn’t it surprising how well some autos can yield ? I love autos… and photos… weed in general I guess!

@neogitus bet you it was BOG’s LSD, you’re making my mouth water. I’ll keep you posted on any aromas that develop.

Now for the boring stuff. Just bottom feeding PHed tap water under 100w or some shit like that of T5s. T5s are underrated IMO.

Aren’t they cute ? NB on left, LSD on right.

If there’s a nice looking LSD male I may just seed the whole crop. Debating Jack’s 321 vs Megacrop 2 part now. Have a nice size sample of Megacrop that came with my Jack’s from I grew a lot of decent-but-lazy bud on 1 part Megacrop, hmm :thinking: Seems like they’ll hold out on the Gaia Green for a while at least.

Really getting my $10/mo Patreon dollars out of this one, those GIFs are big.


I am looking forward to see the results of this. I’ve wanted to try the Northern Berry for awhile.


Day 17. Forgot to water one day and almost killed them, but they bounced back with a few crispy leaves. Hard to tell these strains apart at this point.

They’re on Megacrop 2 part, 1.5g A and 2.5g B, ~500ppm with tap.


Look good so far. Hope you get females!


hope they’re in 1Gs soon…yogs a bit small/half step

lights @ 24/0? pretty beefy stems for 17 days! I know Peak stuff is very vigorous, but dang.

great genetics, keep on truckin’


My bog LSD stems look like tree trunks lol


Yep 24/0 and a bit of Silica.

Agree on the pots, but trying to keep them real small and not worried about yield. I had something like this in mind Recycled Container Grow Off : 2021. But 1gal would be smarter in Promix.

@Derpterps looking great in there, wish I had space for that real estate is crazy here. How do they smell ?


No noticable smell from the veg tent but the flower tent is keeping it nice and musky in there


These are pretty stinky for their size and age at 20 days.

Bumped the lights up to 30w/sqft. Got them transplanted into 1 gallons with promix hp and about a tbs per gallon each of gaia green all purpose and bloom


7F today, just cruising along. Removed NB male and added some late solo cup contest entries.

Decided to just stick with Gaia Green on this one if I can. I’m going to try top dressing 1/2tbs/gal weekly instead the usual 2tbs every 3 weeks. 50/50 All Purpose to Bloom until week 6+ then 25/75. I think it will work better in the small pots.

Still can barely tell them apart, but you can probably guess who’s the LSD male ?

Northern Berry left, LSD right.

Thanks for looking.


Ummmm :thinking: could it be the one that’s double the size of the other ones? :joy:

Beautiful update man. They look great.