BOG SourGrape/SourBluTooth Top Secret: UFO landing site

Welcome to the alien abduction grow. This is the second time I have grown BOG seeds, the first time hurricanes destroyed a grow of BOG bubble test seeds 16 years ago. It was the last time I planted a seed for 13 years, at my lowest moment, I found OG had risen from the ashes all these years later. Just as then, BOG seeds are the very best choice for me, a medical marijuana gardener trying to become self sustaining. Those who need medical marijuana the most can not afford it, veterans go without, home bound and the elderly all needlessly suffer because inhuman laws still say “none shall cultivate the cannabis seed”. This grow diary is dedicated to the instinct of survival in the gardens of freedom and the struggles shared that we all help each other with everyday.

Lights, one 45, one 25 watt led full spectrum for seedlings, 1000 watt led Viparspectra veg and flower with independent dial controls for each, Bloom Plus 1000 watt led: sunlight
Cabinet 2.5x5 foot floor, 7 feet high, 87.5 cubic feet
1-100 cfm fan intake with variable control at floor
1-100 cfm fan outflow at ceiling
5000 btu Air Conditioner
5 rolls 48x120 inch silver reflective double bubble insulation
1 medium size fan
1-1200 cubic foot dehumidifier
4 used paint cans and 1 milk crate
1 dial timer with dual plug-in

In 2004 I received seeds from a fellow OG gardener in Asia, I have been growing his G13xRomulan to naturally breed more seeds and continue the lineage. The next generation is already in veg and will be included in this grow.

^the original Wookiee is back, time for polluters to leave^


Hope you don’t mind I’ll hang for the show


I’ll be there too.

I had good experiences with a Bog Bubble seedline shared at old OG


Following tracking and pulling up a chair


@Papalag I don’t mind at all, Thank you for being the first gardener to lend support at the UFO landing site.
@green_raver Thank you for your support, I’m going to bring back some grow pics from past, do you happen to have any retro pictures posted here already?
@Swe-can Thank you for you support, you can always tell a gardener from the non-leafers… they bring their own chair. :rofl:

Classified grow observation: Top Secret; Trichrome Farmer eye’s only.

Subject: extraterrestrial contact results

24 hours after the landing, instructions from the alien followed

Subject: SourGrape is vigorous, proof of life… positive

Subject: SourBluTooth also energetic, proof of new life… positive

Report from grow area 69, I was just sitting in the garden when from outta nowhere this 3000 watt grow light appeared in the sky. This totally interrupted my moon beam sesh butt… once the alien explained to me that if I cultivate these seeds, a vision of blue moon rocks will fill your mind. A hand extended, exposed the Kelly green glow of powerful genetics held within, taking the seeds, the alien stepped back into the grow light and said… “three rules, 1-Security, 2-Security, 3-See rule 1”.
Waiting for tails…


Great rules to live by

No tell
No sell
No smell

I’ve grown sour bubble with great results

I actually need more bog in the collection



Following this. Alien sightings confirmed.
I have some BOG beans I’ll be starting soon also.


@Heliosphear I’m not sure I still have some but will check the archives. I remember I had 2 special phenos: one smelling orange and the other smelling chemical / grape. Both with plenty of resin. Warm strong high, old school like the end of the 90’s


I really want to see how this goes, one thing i’m wondering about though- Are you using a used paint can for the pot? that seems like a source of contamination via old paint?


@Papalag Nice, I like that 3 rules. I am most likely Going get more BOG seeds, I am currently saving for DNA genetics cantaloupe haze and kush.

@Bullitt Thank you for the support, I will patiently wait to pull up a garden chair down in the front row of your landing site grow area. :smile:

@green_raver Wow really great description, I’m really looking forward to the harvest now.

@Danonly Thank you for your support, the paint cans and the milk crate is A gardener joke I share with @beacher we both use old paint cans to adjust height of plants. A milk crate in the background of grows is also a commonality. :joy:

I just got in from a sesh with the remaining G13xRomulan shadow plants.

I had way more than I needed…

After recovery from overwatering, I selected 3 for the outdoor and checked to make sure the roots had all made a good return to growth.

I save this plant because I had to pinch it out early, was mutated, next nodes came out perfect.

I selected this plant for it’s strength and timing during the sprouting, IT came out 72 hours behind the first and I grow with the idea that the first fastest growing natural seeds turn out to be male.

I saved this one to bonsai.

Like my cab super hero and mini specialist @ReikoX


LOL I missed that. I like that paint cans and milk crates now make the official requirements list for a a grow. You should be sponsored by Benjamin Moore or something!

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@beacher :joy: paint cans, milk crates and now I found out thru @Tinytuttle that paver stones can be used as a universal size reference for outdoor trichrome farmers. Thank you for your support, it is always good to see you. :sunglasses:

Under hypnoses and heavily medicated in a SkyWalker state of mind, a sketch of memory, first contact…


The bandana is a nice touch :+1:


@beacher Thank you

Classified: Top secret, grow area 69, 45 hours since first contact
Subject: Sour Grape 45 hours, 4 proof of life, 1 to go for perfect launch

Subject: Sour BluTooth 45 hours, five alive, perfect launch.

Sterile birth chamber and hydro powered grow pods being prepared for Activation, the dental markers are for the BluTooth. :upside_down_face:


45 hours and that’s all you got for tails?
Did you have them in a warm spot like on top of fridge or stereo equipment to help with germ, at all?

45 hours most are jumping out of their shells at that point


@OleReynard you mean… like this, I have to take the pictures before the posts. :alien: Thank you for your support. :sunglasses:

Top Secret! 72 hours since the forming of the crop circles at the landing site.
Subject: Sour Grape, 5 seeds, 100% proof of life, perfect launch

Subject: Sour BluTooth, 5 seed, 100% proof of life, perfect launch

Tap rooted all moved to humidity controlled environment, constant 77*F, 25 watt led full spectrum waiting for the ground breaking. The pics in this post were taken at 63 hours from germination. I can’t post in real time, life is complicated.

Just got off the CB on a wake and bake with another gardener about what had transpired in a encounter at another landing site.


Secret meeting with the G13xRomulan shadow plants, waiting on seedlings is boring.


Construction of my cabinet:


Completing construction