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I love this :world_map: game:

:computer: :telephone_receiver: Who TF is isolated? :thinking:


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I considered this question and I think it should be re-phrased to exclude those purchasing from others rather than growing their own.


I’m going to respect the fundraiser thread and not pollute it, but I so can’t stand hypocrisy. So I’m just gonna leave this here. Topic is gibberellic acid to create “female” seeds. 1g of gibberellic acid is maybe 5€. That’s probably the least OG thing I have ever read here.

From a person that called others “money devil”. lol


For 3,80 euros per gram I can buy the Chinese G.A.3, but don’t want it for free.
They claim it’s a pure form but it’s not. In fact NOT AT ALL.
And to create the spray you need to be able to weight 3 numbers behind the comma.
I did make a life job out of cultivating Cannabis and I did never respect for the governments meaning.
Like 50 years walking in the frontline to become Cannabis legal.
Now I’m 65 years and start to think on my older days !? Someday we are coming all to that point.
Mel Frank couldn’t make it ! A lot of people did try it ! It did not work out for all of them.
And I did it… even by the fact that it took 14 years before I could scream YESSSS>>> !
That we are using this opportunity to run an auction with 1x the spray and 4x Santa Maria F3 seed, came forwards by the knowhow of me for what it takes to run a forum.
And hé… I’m a canna freak in the first place. Nobody can take that away from me cause I don’t know anything else ! :slight_smile:

fix up yourself !


So let’s say theoretically, someone had a stock solution right now, mixed up from Ga3 that an American company produced. What PPM would you suggest they dilute it to, before spraying on a female plant to produce male flowers?
My notes say 200ppm, but it’s been a while. I need to double check that I’m not mistaken.
Marijuana Botany by RC Clarke says 100ppm for 5 days in a row.


Sorry, but you missed that besides organically grown, fair trade GA3 grown by a white guy in Europe (lol, American company, you wish) you need the magical three digits behind the comma scale, a certain moon phase, some other chemicals you won’t be told about and Mel Frank has to had whispered to you “death to commercial fuckers all weed should be free to grow for everyone, but hey you are an old fart, you should make a million off some growers before you retire” on his death bed.

Maybe we should move this directly to the tank because “fuck you” is a thing that comes to mind a lot lately. :smile:

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@allotment I mean, to each their own but to be constructive here.

I really do have enough Ga3 on the way to feminize something like a quarter million plants. The STS arrived yesterday, and there’s likewise enough to reverse something like 50,000 females.
I’ll be doing the side-by-sides soon to check the optimal usage rates. If anyone else wanted to do the same, say the word, I got you.


You’re not being constructive, you want the magical recipe for something that somebody else wants to charge 5K per litre for. I appreciate your approach to get the recipe out there for everyone to just mix chemicals worth $2 but that is not going to happen, and that is the whole reason why I am enraged by this whole thing.


No dude, we’re on the same side here. Please trust me when I say that attacking each other is not being constructive.

I’m asking out of sincere interest in how he answers. His product doesn’t lose any value by listing the ingredients, and if he’s honest with people, everyone on that whole side of the pond will still order from him if it’s the right decision.

I’m not gunna hate on him for trying to make money. If you put your time and effort into rebuilding an old car, you might think it’s worth a quarter mil, and when someone asks what you want for it, you might even tell them you want a quarter mil. Doesn’t mean anyone should buy it at that price.

(I will do my best to undermine that price gouging tho. Like I said, anyone wants to make feminized seeds, whether you want to use silver or if you agree with SpeesCees and prefer Ga3, shoot me a pm, I got you.)


Yes. It does. That is the whole point. The ingredients for 100ml probably cost like $2. That is the reason why he is not going to give the recipe away. 250x markup for the convenience of somebody shaking a bottle for you?

I’m sure someone could simply post up a recipe and the technique on OG. If it hasn’t been done already. With photos showing the ease vs the difficulty. Lot’s of smart and lab coat wearing folk here.

I’d imagine the “difficult” part is dissolving GA3 in water, a bit of alcohol or maybe a surfactant along with the sourcing a quality GA3. I don’t really know if the Asian sources are pure or not (cheap) but one could certainly get the lab quality stuff stateside (which is quite a bit more expensive of course).

I’ve read more than a couple of the research papers floating around regarding the concentrations…


@Northern_Loki What I’ve used before and what I have on the way now is a water soluble. One gram in one gallon of water is just over 250ppm.


This stuff?

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Yup, that’s the one. There used to be a site, planthormones dot biz, maybe? Would send you like 10g sample size for like six bucks. Was a sad day when that site when down. Lol


I have GA3 on hand as well at a cheap price via the internet demons. Of course, this comes from overseas and when it arrives it’s in a baggy or something. You have to question the purity but who knows. Could be perfectly fine vs marketing FUD and snake oil claims.

And, looking at the prices on the quick dissolve, it’s not too bad anyhow.


Hell, even honey has shitty distributors cutting the product with corn syrup fillers. Grated Parmesan Cheese mixed with cellulose fillers. Bricks of gold getting hollowed out, filled with tungsten and capped back off with a plug of gold.


I think I’m gonna can my farts and if flushing that on your plant does not give you “female” seeds I’m gonna say you did it wrong or you bought it somewhere else. Like others do with the seeds they gave away in a contest long ago. :innocent:


I don’t get the reference. What contest was that?

Easy with that old fart shit boy! Lol


Maybe the story of the Santa Maria? icon_e_confused|nullxnull (Looks like an OG Quiz frech|nullxnull )