Chemical, or Organic. What's really the best?

Hey peeps. This question is for the more experienced growers inside or out. What really is the best? Chemicals or Organics using any good methode.
I myself belive that outdoor Organics produces a better end result of quality Marijuana from taste to potency to easier comedowns. Lots of people are wondering…


I don’t think this question has a definitive answer as it is completely subjective. The organics guys will say organics, the salt guys will say salts.
We all know organics produces the best end product though! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


I was reading today on CBC marketplace that the nutritional differences between regular and organic eggs is negligible. At the very least it doesn’t justify them being 3x more expensive.

That’s how I feel about our favourite plant.

Full disclosure: I believe my ferts are semi organic.


95% organic. I like to use the LBS and PeaK from soul synthetics… everything else is organic that I use.


  • Soul Peak contains distinctive botanical extracts, as well as ample phosphorus and potassium to encourage only the strongest flowers.
  • Years of research and extensive testing have resulted in a truly unique PK formulation that enhances the vigor of plants during their blooming phase.
  • Soul Peak supports the development of intense features and show-quality blooms in your favorite flowers.
  • DERIVED FROM: Alfalfa Extract, Phosphoric Acid, and Potassium Hydroxide
  • 0 - 10 - 7 NPK


  • Soul LBS. flower booster delivers targeted soluble nutrition to supercharge your blooms.
  • A proprietary blend of key micronutrients combined with easy dissolving phosphorus and potassium to increase flowering and yield.
  • A powerful ally for your root zone, Soul LBS. embodies our unique approach: supplementing biology with versatile organisms and supporting their growth with a sucrose sugar booster. In soil or soilless applications, Soul LBS. should be used with a balanced primary fertilizer program such as our Soul nutrients.
  • DERIVED FROM: Potassium Nitrate, Monopotassium Phosphate, Potassium Sulfate, Copper Sulfate, and Zinc Sulfate. Also includes beneficial bacteria Bacillus subtilis and a Sucrose microbe nutrient.
  • 0.5 - 40 - 30 NPK

I have never grown in soil but am interested in the responses. Great question @corey . Does a plant care where it get’s it’s P and K from? Is calcium not calcium no matter the source? Looking forward to seeing what you all have to say :slight_smile:


I would say the organics vs chemical comes down to what you want. For example I go chemical DWC indoors and organic outdoors. As long as my chemical weed is free from poisons and heavy metals, it’s good. Same goes for the outdoor organics. In addition, outdoors you can use farming tech where you add more organic materials into the ground than your crop extracts, leading to better soils that support more life. Chemicals outdoors can’t make that claim.


It doesn’t matter. The plant just needs a certain amount of 13-ish elements.

However it gets it, it’s fine with. That being said, salt based nutrition is much, much more efficient at providing those elements.

All matter is chemicals. Organic material is chemicals. Many of the products sold as “organic” are salts, and not organic. The terms are effectively meaningless. Dudes wanna come at me talmbout they’re salt free while adding gypsum and epsom. The dichotomy is a false one based on misunderstanding.

Attributing almost mystical properties to “organic” products is wishful thinking coupled with Vitalism. The belief in an intrinsic “lifeforce” that passes from decaying organic material into the plant somehow drives it.


When I grow tomatoes in a pot with a salt based nutrient vs a tomato in my organic soil garden, the tomato in the garden tastes much much better in my experience.


classic organics claim right there. Same thing my parents used to say until I slapped two tomatoes on the table. One from DWC the other organic. I’m researching how people grow flavorless weed and vegetables. You got any ideas? I’m thinking perhaps nutrient deficiencies now, as the extreme EC test failed at EC 4.0 to produce flavorless weed.


Yeah, I am interested how every once in a while the weed smells and tastes like hay! Maybe just a bad strain but I’ve wondered if it was inputs, or drying process.


yah I tried a 14 day trial hanging the buds in my bloom room and that failed to ruin it according to the tester person. I know harvesting early ruins it!


We tried it on the farm with the same variety and that was the results we came up with. Maybe there were other factors that could have caused it like being in a pot. But it wasn’t a claim the tomato from the ground tasted much sweeter.


I’m hoping to find a good middle ground.
Salts with easy to measure EC, some humics, bennie tea, algae extract, In my imagination that could be even better.
Yet to test a side by side but its a comforting belief.


Take a look at Aurora innovations soul synthetics line. It’s as close to organic as they can keep it.

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Problem with a side by side is there is no way to standardize “organic”.

No matter what you do for the “organic” plant, someone else does it differently and has opinions on the “proper inputs”. I remember when organic just meant blood and bone meal and chicken manure in regular peat potting soil.

Now, it’s a Rube Goldberg machine, more art than science. Dash of this, bit of that, ferment this, cover crops tilled in, no till, KNF, OHN, FPJ, FAA, AACT, reused soil from 10 cycles ago, etc.


organic is classically defined as a symbiosis between plants and other organisms. Some plants rely on this symbiosis to live, absorbing no light from the sun. Especially if you use a rube goldberg machine and symbiosis, then it’s hardcore organic.


Organic is just a carbon atom.

Organic as it is defined for “organic growing” is a whole separate thing loosely based on things that were once alive or derived from “natural” sources, whatever that means. Potassium nitrate? Bad. Bat guano containing mostly potassium nitrate? Acceptable.

Magnesium sulfate? Fine. Potassium sulfate? No good.

Spinosad? Bacterial derived and “organic”. Abamectin? Bacterial derived and “not organic”.


I`m a salts man but organics def hold a romantic spot in my brain.
Brought back memories of a mix friend of mine used to brew. The best smelling dirt, bone, blood, dolomite, peat, trichoderma, dash of worm cast, let it process for a month or 2.
If I was a plant Id put it all in my mouth, perfectly soft and moist
Never did try the soil but damn, his stuff was da bomb. He did spend a few years dialing it in.

Still doesn’t beat being able measure, maybe with time you’d get the feel for it.


were you trying to ruin it? just asking, and if so, to what are your end goals with such an endaevour, just asking again I suppose?


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I had a plant that dried out completely overnight… a month or so ago. I uploaded some images, I was told it was from irregular watering. maybe, plants are like people, each has its own personality, at least I have found. I can have a group of clones, treat all of them exactly the same, and yet, just like a child in a set of triplets or quads or what the hell ever those mass produced pods of little hethrin come out of… where was I, oh yeah, it could be fine or turn they could turn to pot, literally and figuratively. but what do I know, I didn’t even sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night!


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