Chocolate Thai Three way genetics Co-Op run it

@Tejas has offered up some 15 year old Chocolate Thai seeds to attempt a preservation run. I’m sure some of you Landrace guys would be interested in tracking back some of those old Thai genetics. Strain is said to go 74+.

Ok seeds are on the way. I will let @tejas and @Craigson15 set up rules and list as they are supplying the stock for this co-op project. I have added sign up space and tried to clean up. Don’t know if I missed and old heads that have enjoyed the “Original”

Here’s the run down:

10 - OG f2 Chocolate Thai from @Tejas
10 - Hazeman Chocolate Thai
10 - @Barefrog Chocolate Thai both via @Craigson15.

I will run as separate control run
6 - Purple Thai Chocolate (highland) Thai x AK (purple pheno)
6 - Purple Pineapple Thai (above x with 70+ day Pineapple Thai pollen from @Trowertripper (Heirloom)
And my one lone Royal Purple Thai from Snowhigh

This will also give us a good representation as to how the Dutching of the first and second crosses from landrace have effected growth, potency and yield.

So this is going to be a true group effort Of OG’ers and is my first full seed run I will need to pick all your brains for feedback and direction so I don’t get de-rallied on some wild tangent…:metal::sunglasses:

GAME ON!!! Seeds should all be here this week, 14-20 weeks and counting…:rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:…What the hell did I get myself into…I’ll try to do them proud, always been TOP 3 on my all time list so I am honored guys.

:loud_sound::warning:How this works is :loud_sound: :warning:

You sign yourself up by clicking on edit.

An edit window should appear at the bottom of your screen that you can use to edit this post. Add your username beside a number under the appropriate trust level (Regular (3) or Member (2). You can make your name bold by adding two asterisks before and after. No spaces. As this is open to Everyone you may need assistance if you can not yet edit a Wiki.

Donor sends seeds to breeder OR breeder has the seeds already for the project
Breeder grows the plants and documents it in the assigned thread
Those interested puts their name on the list for the breeder and distributor to go off of (How many packs needed)
Receiver ensures their safe address is on file through pm
Breeder harvests the seeds, dries them out and sends them to each distributor
Distributor reaches out to everyone in their area to arrange postage and delivery
Distributor sends out the seeds and gives receiver an estimated delivery date if they can
Distributor moves the members name from wait list to shipped list
Receivers inform seeds received

***Thanks to MOTR or whoever cleaned this up…1st time for a run…:metal::sunglasses::beer:

Regular Member (Trust Level 3) Sign Up’s

1 Sincy
2 pawsfodocaws
3 Foreigner
4 monkeyman
5 Zion
6 misterbee
7 BarefootAndBlazed
8 katanaking00
9 Shanti-ri
10 DiggySoze
11 khaoohs
12 PlantShepherd
13 allotment
14 George1961
15 Gpaw ::seedling: :canada:
16 Swe-can
17 BubbaRay
18 yobigdaddy
19 Dank-D
20 Ak49:seedling:
21 Oldron:seedling:
22 Trowertripper:seedling:
23 HolyAngel
24 riahgorf_1
25 Hugh_Glass
26 herb4ever
27 Indoornesian:seedling:
28 Mr Toast
29 Sunvalley
31 SamwellBB
32 Neogitus
33 GreenCaciqueHawaii
34 howard.crane
35 zephyr
36 Mongobongo
37 Upstate
38 Badger
39 Purple-N-Hairy
40 YoungDad420
41 grease_monkey
42 Kingmambo
43 Meesh
44 ChronicMcBudz
45 MBVapester
46 grease_monkey
47 J-Icky
48 cannacrab
49 smokenhike
50 TheHighCheef
51 Northern_Loki
52 rootfarmer
53 Herbie
54 Hashishin
55 jhentz
56 smkncanuck
57 DanzaKuduro
58 corey
59 Sasquatch:seedling:
60 Eudaemon
61 SerialSquishy
62 cdnbuddy
63 Gman
64. Old-Ron
65 Bullskinner
66 goodgrace87
67 Mormo
68 Shadey
69 Cartwright
70 Gaz
71 Chronickyle
72 DougDawson
73 BigMike55
74 Greasy
75 cdnBuddy
76 eagles009

Member (Trust Level 2) Sign ups

1 Tejas
2 Funciona1971
3 trytogoodbud
3 Felzarn
4 Mr Toast
5 Upstate
6 jdemo75
7 randrobertson522
8. Chiefer88
9 lefthandseeds
10 Guitarzan
11 BDGrows
12 goatrock
13 schmarmpit
14 GreenBhoy
15 wyiwndr
16 Joker
17 Trytogoodbud
18 Kasper
19 Herbie
20 MomOnTheRun
21 invisible
22 6u3m
23 joboo
24 cinDakush
25 Fredrick Flinstoner
26 pookie123
27 PROfessor
28 shiskaberrysavior
29 JBow918
30 RedOctober
31 ftlob
32 Needsomebeans
33 zavorotnuck
34 WVMountainGhost
35 MBSeeds
37 DannyTerpintine
38 Felzarn
39 Hashishin
40 lazylightning
41 bigbluedog360
42 CBZ
43 MotaMan
44 Iggypuffs
47 repins12
48 Redjimp
49 stanknugzz77
50 GrumpyOldBastards
51 -WeTokeChronic-
52 Orloff
53 Hitman40
54 BuckeyeBeanz
55 Yawningtears(old username) GnomeyByNature
56 MantisTobogganMD
57 Cronickyle
58 MrMayhem1134
59 rob0781
60 danonly
61 OGBohab
62 Moka
63 pcc5rivers
64 Enlightened420
65 Lucky
66 OtisCampbell
67 darkillusion
68 Vertebrata
69 BDgrows
70 RoryBorealis
71 BillyBobb
72 **BIGJ
73 urbs
74 @Donnie
75 @Chirpxchirp
76 Berserker7205
77 @Rhino_buddy
78 g1900
79 Vertebrata
80 HappyTrees23s (If any extras please :pray:)
81 Kushking902
82. Dirtron
83. Ramblinrose :us:


Go for it…BIG bag of popcorn on tap!!!


Most definitely


I have Hazeman chocolate thai and chocolate thai from @barefrog beans if you want to run a bunch together. All good either way, just gotta offer



::pulls up chair, lights doobie::


oooh chocolatey goodness! I think you’re gonna have ALL the interest here :wink:


Cool I’d like to see strain differences if you want to contribute. My Purple Thai is Chocolate (highland )Thai and purple afghani. Definitely collect pollen from three strains too…I’ll make the room for Thai…:metal::sunglasses::beer:


Dutch Flowers is most landrace at 100+ days Snowhigh is 74+ as are the old seed.


Theyre yours to run if you have room for em all.
DM me your address


I’m sure there would be tremendous interest in these, sighn me up :grin:. I have hazemans choc Thai ,along with some wild Thai seeds that are supposed to contain both lemon and choc phenos. Would love to see some comparison grows .


This sounds like it’ll be a diverse run. Lots of opportunity to find some gems.


Oh yes please!! Chocolate Thai is one of my all time favorites! :popcorn:


Nom nom nom this one ought to be tasty!


Sounds like a positive response, guess it’s sounds like we have 5 separate versions, are we trying to repopulate or you take the best of all and do open pollination for a diverse line to be worked?


When would we be looking at dropping them? I Have my Purple Thai and just hit it with some Pineapple Thai Pollen from @Trowertripper and is see some nice pods so it will be PPT (purple pineapple Thai)


I woukd think that if u get some exceptionally chocolatey females we woukd want those ones to be bred??
Or maybe not if the most chocolate ones are the weakest and worst buds??
Im up for whatever,


Chocolate Thai and Orange Goji… Hummmm…
:thinking: :+1: :sunglasses:



I’ll have to just watch from the sidelines I have some skunk breeding projects going on followed by some Kona and Sinai.


Maybe a chunky chocolate Thai with all the available beans.


OK looks like it’s a go I have contacted donors. All seeds will be on the way next week. Any suggestion on protocol and goals besides F3 seeds For all to test on @Tejas batch. I am merely a humble servant and plant waterer.