Experiment in seed making

I was gifted some BOG Lifesaver x Mephesto Double Grape and the cross sounds amazing. I want to make some seeds to stabilize the autoflower trait so here goes!


I’m along for this ride :100:

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These are the initial F1 auto x photo cross, right? So you’re at least 2 generations out from an all-auto seed crop?


That’s my understanding. The grand-plants will give me the parents of the seeds Im hunting for.


Cool! Are you planning on trying to select or are you going open pollination for first two rounds?

I’m leaning to open pollination 1st round, then being more selective of the parents. I may split the F2 into a couple different rounds for F3. Then I start sending seeds out to y’all to pheno hunt :rofl:


Ill take this trip with you, I grew double grape last year. Nice for my first auto.:peace_symbol:


This will be an amazing accomplishment bud.
I’m along for the ride also! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I am on board and want to know how to make auto flower seeds!:+1::sunglasses::peace_symbol:

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I was hoping you would make your way by!

All someone has to say is autos and I am ALL IN! :peace_symbol:

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So let me help with some guidance on the project…

The seeds in hand are f1 of a photoperiod which is dominant AA and an auto which is recessive aa

Crossing those two parents and your f1 seeds are all gonna be Aa which is a fast finishing photo

Now cross any of the offspring and you have

Which is gonna be 25% photo 50%fast finish and %25 auto

Cross your found autos and u have

This generation is your stabilized auto flowers

Good look with the project and hope this helps u understand the process


Lots of tails today! 13/14 popped something, 2 or so were about to lose their seed coat in the water. (I use regular non-fancy well and a drop of h202)
One seed didn’t pop so I popped him. I use my forceps and squeezed till I heard a pop. Ive never cracked a seed before, but Ive seen some thiccc coats so it can’t hurt. Either it grows or doesn’t.

All seeds are in root riots on the heat pad waiting for sprouts.

I know this project will take years, but I’m still very excited to grow all these plants and try something new!


I’m excited to see what turns up for you!


:popcorn: watching this
I’m also doing some pollen chucking with autos
Good luck !

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Sounds like some awesome times ahead; count me in.

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If you have a thread or journal I’d love a link!

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Starting to see some green popping up!

They are off to the races! (2 on the left are Sour Diesel autos)
Had to help a couple along, and it’s so chilly and rainy I turned up their heat mat


Watching this journey!

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