Strainaholics Anonymous meeting

Hi. I’m allotment, and I’m a strainaholic.

It started when I made an account on OG. I came here to learn more about growing and was confronted with so many strains, crazy community seed runs and people offering seeds to random people out of niceness. Now I want them all. This can’t be right. Please help.


Feel free to talk about your problem. We don’t judge.


I’ve got it bad. 64 strains and crosses in my fridge. I keep saying I need to give some away. I really need to get on that.


Haha! … Its a good problem in all reality… Better than waking up with a hang over every morning. Could be worse. Carry on! :laughing:


that’s a mild case ha ha ha


its all fun and games until you start seriously considering acquiring another refrigerator for the sole purpose of housing your seed collection


I found a seed in my Auto Euforia bud while preparing a vape.



Hahahaha… Laughing hard! Should of been a comedian!! :smile:


Same here I’ve got gear from freebies I know I’ll never get around to growing


Hello, my name is HaRdRoC and I AM A STRAINAHOLIC… I just can’t seem to stop buying them, even though I have more than I could EVER grow, I still buy or trade for a few packs a week.


Lmao plus 20 character


You remember me my niece when she barely couldn’t stand up. I gave her a :cookie: and took it with one hand, gave her another and took it with the othet hand. Offered her a third one and started to cry because she couldn’t catch it.

I have the next year covered with the seeds I’ve already got but still looking for more strains, planning to do a refrigerated bunker in the garden :grin:. It’s just like , cannot choose one because that means rejecting all the others …


I start to salivate & panic looking at my list…feeling guilty about the oldest ones…still want freebies & prizes…still have a few breeding projects in mind…don’t even have an indoor garden…bathub is callllling me for it.

I read seedfinder for fun.

:neutral_face: :wave:



You too eh? Lol I’m constantly checking out strains and breeders on there


Guilty as charged… :joy:

Or when you already did that, and you decided a mini fridge was a reasonable size… until it wasn’t.


The struggle is real…


At least 50 lifetimes worth at 10 strains a year and I only have 20 years left in me, if I’m lucky


Have around 250 kinds and still counting. Have only really been collecting for 5 or so years. Don’t even wanna think about what I’m gonna become in the future :cold_sweat:. I am not sure whether to keep the stuff in the fridge or freeze it all. Already have more than a lifetime of seeds for the kind of small spaces I’ll be running. I’ve heard from a few people I respect that you can freeze seeds indefinitely with little to no loss in germination rates but even after freezing some freebies for a year and successfully germinating them, it still gives me a mini heart attack thinking about something going wrong. I still probably will though because some of them I won’t get to for well over 5 years. If ever lol. Would rather lose some germ rates than lose it all together.

For all the seed addicts here: what is the longest you’ve successfully germinated seeds from the fridge? I’m worried about some of my older ones losing their success rate over time.


I have maybe 25, and real happy at that!


I cracked a bunch of seeds from 2000-2004 in like 2015-16…i got pretty good rates, 60-80% germinated… it all depends on how they were stored… germination rates declines with time; cold storage will slow down the decline…
if u worry, crack them now and make f2 seeds to replace them.
next spring we’re going to do that with several batches of older seed…

I currently have like 37 unique cultivars in plant form; that figure goes up and down but its usually around 40 unique kinds at any given time. Its not much considering big-box seed makers often have over 100 unique cultivars .

Mine consist of males, some are heirloom or vintage gear thats in permanent veg, others are for running and the rest are new things or test runs of new stuff… a couple are the same thing but different phenos… ie NLD and WLD-type phenos of NL…

but we’ve got so many seeds in our vaults lol… i cant tell you u how many pill bottles, film cannisters, cellophanes and stamp baggies that Dr. Dank and I have between us…

We both have our own seeds, we collect seeds and we make seeds together, lol. and I still buy seeds, like often… i keep saying “one day i’ll have space to crack them all”…
hopefully by January 2021 we will have permits to grow thousands and thousands… i dream of circa 2001 Swiss plantations… lol, one day

since 99, ive operated by Nevil’s methodology… 30-50 plants per gen… but ive always wanted to plant 1000 and be like, i’m gonna kill 998 of these. just to say i did… I dont actually need that many to properly select, its just something ive wanted to do since i was a kid…

its not just aqcuired genes that we have. for every strain we carry, there’s a dozen or more, that for one reason or another didnt make the cut. ive got so many that didnt get past f1 or f3…

im just like everybody else; i cross a male with several diff females… differance is, that i typically choose only one cross to carry… there will be times when i have two strains that have the father…but you’ll never see me drop 10 strains made with the same male lol .
but i still have the seeds from the others which adds up quickly… i also make seeds with differnt phenos of something… i literally cross things everywhich way possible and choose the one i like the most, to add to the catalogue… there always leftover seeds and they add up. but hopefully one day we’ll have the ability to plant them all :slight_smile: