Growing the weed from seed

13 seeds dropped, 12 sprouted They have been sexed and we have 6 females. The males are down to only 2. Both have heavy pollen heads. The taller one had branches even before it topped and was chosen because of it’s vigorous branch growth and the heavy head of pollen.

2 of the girls have already been topped, but the clones have not rooted. Probably seed the lowers on all of the girls and keep going with the best ones.

These are all just over 6 weeks old.

Male pics

some early female pics

Some of the girls need an up pot yesterweek but all still going. Here is a group shot

And the uninteresting title and lack of a strain name are deliberate. :slight_smile: We are looking for a cereal cut if that makes it better for ya.


notification: for some who might have an interest @ReikoX @nefrella @V4vendetta and hoping V4V is doing better


I plan on doing some crosses with my Vietnam Thunder Fuck male also…3 VTF seeds sprouted and so far 1 is male hopefully the other 2 are females…


I’m doing much better. Still a little weak from loosing weight. Thanks @Herbie

Looking good! How are these fruity devils starting to smell?


As soon as the lights are on I’ll try to get a bead on that. The lingering mature girl is kind of dominating the scent scene. (@Allotment would be proud of that alliteration, eh?)

Glad you are getting better.

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Long thin leaves on that male.

That’s because I used a frosty Vietnam Black male and crossed it to a real deal clone only Matanuska Thunder Fuck…if you look real close you can actually see the trichs on the male VTF.


Saw that! I did a double take as at first glance I thought it was spider mites. lol Very cool!

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Males (2)


@V4vendetta They had a nice fruity scent early now I can’t seem to pick it up, Stem rubs are mostly like a fruity celery but slightly sweet. About half the girls seem to have a nice node structure up top.


Looking good! What strain/cross is this?

supposed to be some Tahoe Alien, Green Ribbon and GDP in it at f3. First I have done anything from the fella. We will see. Looks like an open pollination of an f2 was done with all the variation I had. Pretty much the complete spectrum of structures in 12 seeds to 6 weeks. Most lacking was any bushiness.

The one male shows good branching and large numbers of clusters. Both responded well to being topped.


not sayin’ names to keep from blowing up the thread atm.


Your males remind me of the Pebble Pushers I just grew. Wish they had looked liked your females @Herbie.

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the two topped ones are not pictured above. I’ll get a pic of all of them individually later on this week. The tops have rooted on those two though I probably won’t keep either of the two taller girls.



Took some q tips and gathered some pollen and had a sprinkle fest the last couple days on some mid plant branch ends. Been at them twice and several are showing wilting and brown hairs so should be good for a few beans each at the least.

The smallest girl is showing the closest nodes. Above right hand pic, left hand plant. I’ll get individual shots tonight. Looks a fine candidate anywho.


Everything’s lookin good! I’m sad I didn’t get a tag :joy: but glad I found the thread early on anyways :yum:

I got your SSDD on my shortlist to pop as I’m gonna need a good male to make an IX with my bubbashine leaning girl ^^


The bubba leaner of mine finished faster and is awesome but it expands like old time bubba. The other was smoother smoke, finishes slower but has a higher yield and is (err…cough was) pretty awesome smoke too. I like the one that leans Appalachia for better stems too. It could definitely improve on time to harvest though. :slight_smile:

@HolyAngel I have seeds from both of those if you want to run the f4’s for a male send me a dm


Yeah… mine split in half around 33 days in and I took her down somewhere around 53 and it’s fantastic!
:drooling_face: Sour hot buttered muffins with some kush on the backend :drooling_face: Occasional berry taste on the muffins in there, and it totally knocks out my nerve pain in my back and neck :heart: Basically matches bodhi’s description of Bubbashine. But like you said, I have to yoyo almost every single branch on the girl to get her done. At this point though, I’ll gladly do that just to get more of these buds :joy:

I super appreciate it! I’d take em but let me finish the F2’s and start on your F3’s and see what we get first. Unless you think it’d be better to just start on the F4’s instead… I need this pheno in reliable seed form ^^


referred to pics of SSDD f3’s in