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A tough row to hoe…,


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Come on in, kick your shoes off and sit a while.
This is my first attempt at living organic soil cultivation and my first grow log. It’s been several years since my last outdoor grow and I have finished one indoor run prior to this, so bare with me.

I’ve raised a few plants, with fairly good results, over the years. I have tried several techniques, hydro and aeroponics, DIY flood and drain in 5gal buckets with hydroton, grown with Coco coir and have made a few batches of homemade soil. Still have my first copy of Mel Franks Marijuana Grower’s Guide.

I’m very interested in learning how to build and revitalize our native soils and Growing great food and medicine in a natural and sustainable way. (KNF, Jadam, Natural farming inputs) I like to share what I’ve learned with others and hope to increase my knowledge along the way.

Looking for a few more moms to diddle and need to make a couple of beans to share with Family and Friends.

I can use all the HELP I can get… !!

Flower room 4x5 Veg 2x4
Basic 1.1.1 Coots soil base, amended with BuildaSoil.com Sphagnum Kit.
8" Hyper fan with 66 CanFan max filter, 12" static intake
Pulse One monitor Pulse One - The smart grow room monitor. Track VPD, Temp, Rh, Light. - Pulse Labs
DIY LEDs built with some help from (Cheap LED Strips : A Viable Alternative)
LUX Measured with: Dr.Meter1330B Aprox. averages
72000@ 25cm
43000@ 250cm
34000@ 600cm
29000@ 1m

Whats in the Line Up:
DocDs’ dropped 4/27
Hawiian Web (heirloom)
Ethiopian Banana x Dragon Energy
Kazzam (Vietnam black 32 (Bodhi’s cut) x Headbanger)(Schwag from Doc.D Seeds Fundraiser Auction (Closed) )
Veit Black (164 kiona cut)(freebies)

And a 2nd run of
Super Lemon Haze (iggys cut) Haha!

25gal, Growing this soil for 6-7 months, can’t wait to get some cuts in them!

Sprouts 17days from seed

Abused and Tortured

Youngsters 35days

Looking over their bits a pieces
Hawiian Web

Ethiopian Banana x Dragon Energy


Veit Black fem (freebies)

Hawiian Web

SLH cut

more to come…


Well this will be cool to see those plants perform!
Love the mushrooms and clover :sunglasses: :+1: signs of great soil.

I’ll park on a chair and start loading the party bong



Im here for the show. :sunglasses:

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Lets get the grow show going.
Nice start you got there I’ll pull up a chair.

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Looks like youre off to a good start. Are the mushrooms real?

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Grabbing a seat for this one. Big fan of Doc D’s gear.

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This is a new room, so a work in progress.
Added light, room, equip. specs to intro.

@Gpaw Thanks for your help on the lights! I really like the flexibility with these.
I’m going to make a full run under them (veg to flower) and see how it goes…EB 27k 90cri. HLG320s

Them shrooms keep popping up, I’ve been picking them and making spore prints in all my other bags.
Now they are prolific in most of my gardens. I think the spores came in a bag of Canna coir that I mixed in a batch of soil?

Peeked under some skirts and kilts today, will post results pics this evening.
Pictures will be better than the previous ones, I was a little hasty getting this log started.

@Floyd , @Chieftain , @SmackyMcSmackers
Thanks for stopping by fellas, I will try and do these up right.


Wonderful that you’re going organic, thank you.


:rofl: :kiss: too funny. Waiting for results.
:green_heart: :seedling:


Looking good Iggy!


Kazzam #3, #7 may be the favorites?

Kazzam #3
Kazzam #7


Kazzam Girls…580cm to700cm @56 days – 2 Ethiopian Banana x DE far right

and da boys

@Docd , gave me the thumbs up to share some f2 on these, we’ll see…??

Ethiopian Banana x Dragon Energy
Girls 500cm to 650cm @ 56days

#11 EBxDE earliest male, even got some pubes going on? dang that cat@#%&

#11 EBxDE male

Hawiian Web 2 Girls left, 4 Boys Right

H Web heirloom…not the best choice for camouflage grow,
interesting unique smell though! looking forward to these!

Veit Black (164 kiona cut) freebies
400cm to 500cm @56days getting bushy, dank!!

#s 1,2 both Looking sickly? Variegated leaves and turgor (Droop)? Soil is a little hot and dries quick, needing water daily.

#3 seems fine

Veit Black
Really enjoyed the SLH, making more!!


Taking cuts from all, and moving girls into big bags… another week or so in veg then I’ll cut the lights for flower.

Put up some diamond foil, thought I could get away with just using Two face tape… NOT!!!..I should know better, going back in with 3m hi-strength 90 contact adhesive and hope that will hold?

Think I may do some custom fiberglass trays to fit this space. Still working it out. Room is 51’’ x 59" so it is odd to fit commercial trays into… Ideas?? dog house trays? looking for options.

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Almost forgot…it is raining!!!
Golden Teachers are fruiting!!

Blessed, Happy days…


What about making your own with pond liner and lumber?


Man that is just to easy, duh! Thanks… I have a roll of black out from a light dep project on a previous green house that may work, temporarily. I was using some opaque woven green house material which I thought was watertight, but was getting some water penetration through it onto the tile. Those 25gal bags are to heavy to pack around and I’d like to be able to sled them in and out for clean up and such. Eventually, I’ll build some rolling trays like yours. How are they working so far, and what fabric (source) are you using on your beds?

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You have some nice looking line-ups there.
:green_heart: :seedling:

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The rolling trays work great. On the rare occasion I have runoff, it is maintained in the tray. The material I used is called eco-fi felt. Its made from recycled water bottles.


OK, re-did the diamond foil with the (3m 90 glue), this stuff works like a charm. That foil will not be falling off now.
I stretched some spots while pulling the foil up from the tape, but it will do. I knew the 2face tape was bogus and that’s what I get for trying to cut corners.

Moved in 2ea. 25 gal bags from the patio. There is a lot of movement on the surface from many diverse little critters scurrying about. I suppose I should try and identify the (whosit’) and figure out… what is their roll in the scheme of things? I’m ready to tuck the girls in tomorrow, 6 each of KAZZAM and Ethiopian Banana, and let them stretch their legs a bit before the flip.

Recipe Shared from (KnF) at CannaCon Oklahoma City day2
I’m Sourcing ingredients for a bloom ferment as follows:
7lbs Mango
5lbs ea. Apple and Carrot (Juiced) save pulp for later…
5lbs Beet (no stalk)
5lbs Zucchini
5lbs Banana
Small Watermelon
Blenderize items using AC Juice to help liquefy to a chunky consistency. Add pulp from Apple and Carrot, 1 to 1 with Brn Sugar into 5gal bucket, ferment 15-30days , Strain off and mix at 5-8ml/gal, use as foliar and soil drench during flower.

Made cuts from all the girls… in the cloner now! Hope for roots on at least 1ea, in a week or so.

Aloe starting bloom: I harvest the lowest leaves that are still fair.

Prepping some Aloe for cuttings soak

Cheating with some Clonex dip, before pluging them into cloner!

Grace and Peace


Stinging Nettle FPJ morning shower…freaks them out for a few.

FPJ foliar shower response to Stinging Nettle.

Bougainvillea for some inputs?

Bogie Blooms

This neglected Valencia Orange tree is coming back to life! 7 oranges this year, from 0 in the past 5yrs!

Hoping they’ll be sweet and juicey!!

Castles in the sand!

7ft Dolphin

Boogie board days!

3-4ft shore pound…Beautiful day at the beach!!


Could have been transplanted a few days earlier?

Timing is off.

New shoes day59 still vegging.

Happy new home, ready to flip… soon as cuts show roots.