Magu's Underground Grove

So a little back story…
To start for those that dont know who Magu is.
Heres a small snip i copied from

Magu: The Hemp Goddess Who Healed Ancient Asia

“Cannabis” and “criminal” are synonymous in many countries. While cannabis has been steadily weaving onto the “right” side of the law in recent years, the “high” people get from the plant is still often associated with negativity. Yet the “criminal” side of cannabis itself is rather new; hemp, as it is also called, has long been part of medicinal and spiritual practices in various cultures throughout history. A prominent religion that valued cannabis was Taoism (or, Daoism) in ancient China. The Chinese even had a caretaker for this herb; her name is Magu.
I see it only fitting because we strive to find the best female plant. Now for those of you who don’t and do know me Ive been growing since i was 16 turning 39 this year ive been thru outdoor illegal guerrilla grows to getting arrested for a 15 plant indoor setup. And life has come full circle. Some of you prolly have seen my other journal Jumpers Jungle.
Well here it is the culmination of my work under one roof with out needing to worry about anything.

First Pic is veg room is lights are full blast ill be running 1000watts

Second Pic flower room full 2000 watts if i have all my lights on

So many genetics lets see if i can name them all and breeder

Kingcade gardens:
Kingcade Kush
AB 2.0
Early One
Horse Power
The Accountant

@Sirtootsalot Gear
Domo x bucketlist
Cosmo x Bucketlist
Super Northern Haze

Oldschool Chronic
SSH Catpiss Bx3

Apollo farms
Black chariot
Pegasus poop

Irvine see company
Tahoe Og x Jack Herer

Sour Bubble

Good clones
Marion Berry


Great choice of the Magu name! :+1:

I’ll pull up chair and follow along.



Right beside Gpaw :sunglasses:

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Down for this one, very intrigued my friend sadly I’m out of likes ( well was an hour or so into today lol)


Thank you all for the follows this is gonna be a fun one. I got loads more seeds to run plus a few breeding projects on my mind once those strains are popped and ready


We have a very similar story and age :wink: I started at 18 though (once I could afford my own place) and then my mentor scooped me up a few years later. Stoked to see all this variety and what comes of it my friend. Respect

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I appreciate that and i cant wait to see what I get outta all this myself as i am literally the only one besides the breeder and a few others some states away that have any of these or have them at all

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I’ll follow along, I have some of that Old School Chronic CatPiss and a few white rhino crosses that have yet to be popped. Interested to see how yours turn out and if they have that classic smell!

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I ran his catpiss bx2 and its pretty damn close im hoping the bx3 brings out the ammonia a bit more

The name is self explanatory well its a cross i just listed the first name and day it went into 12/12 need to find my base lines for harvest date


just transplanted giving it a good soak and once lights come on she goes into flower room from kingcade gardens this is a test strain and i have found 2 distinctive phenos im calling this one pheno 2

And heres what im gonna call pheno 1 out of 6 plants i got 3 phenos of each


This is gonna be a big update

A shot of me a 2 test strains from ApollofarmsVt gotta love being able to wear the gear you are reppin

The one plant with no name is ab 2.0

Tomorrow rest of the plants in flower room will be posted


I think this takes care of all the kingcade stuff in flower


Veg room

Flower Room


Just a few shots i took sorry i got a shakey hand and with the fans on it doesnt help much


Veg and flower room will get more pics when flower lights come o


hey there @Jumper420 , i love the shots you’re sharing. you’re obviously a passionate grower. i’m a brand new grower and wanted to ask about the white plastic bags that have the holes punched in them.

i assume those holes are to provide extra air to the soil and roots? when you water, does it not leak out the holes? also, do you notice a difference between the fabric bags and your white plastic ones with the holes? all of your bags seem relatively clean looking or new.

sorry for all the questions, i’m just trying to learn. thanks for your time!

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Ok so plasitc bags r good and yes i poked holes in them i water just enough i dont look for run off i water and keep my living soil moist like a sponge. Run off is for chemical fertilizers and nutrients. I noticed that with plastic pots expect 1 month per gallon so in a 1 gallon you can push for month or a little more of growth. In the fabric pots i can go 1 gallon pot for 3 months no issues. My 5 gallon fabrics if u go by 1 gallon for 3 months figure u got 4 gallons in there since you are staring with 1 gallon i can technically get 12 months out of a 5 gallon bag at the point. As plastics i find 1 gallon per month so 5 gallon with 1 gallon already taken from transplant u get 4 months of growth no root bound. They are new i just started this round after a big move. I will prolly replace pots every 4 or 5 harvests as they will be no til top dressed and given teas once this first round comes out. Ask all the questions you want and ill answer as best i can but you do have to forgive me i do ramble alot.


thanks for such a detailed response, i actually really appreciate any sort of rambling that people who are passionate about something want to go on. at least you’re still talking at a level i can grok and it hasn’t gotten into ppm’s and ec’s yet. lol.

if you find the fabric pots to give you much better soil longevity, will you eventually phase out the plastic pots?

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Thats honestly my plan only reason i was using them was they were left over from my last grow before i moved. A quarter of the way across the Usa. I will never talk ec, ppm, vpd, ph or anything like that never needed it my soil buffers the ph my tap water everything i need is in my soil start to finish

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