Moving to a new place!

So I pretty much detailed my entire grow experience in one thread

but have decided to start a new thread on the progress of my new space. We haven’t quite moved into the house yet but I’m already designing hahaha.
The space is approx 10x14’ :grinning:
I thought about buying a 4x8 tent for flowering and decided it’s gonna be 2x4s and panda plastic! aproxx 5x9’

OK the plan is to run an 6" duct directly outside for exhaust and have just passive intake into the room from the house. The 2nd picture is in the furnace room across the hall from the grow space where i can vent directly outside! No filter required here :skunk::skunk::skunk:
no more time for now gotta get moving.



should be easier to control the environment there. Not as many shifts between hot and cold!


Good luck with your move :+1:
I absolutely H8 moving! But that space is looking very promising, large enough to keep you busy.


Thanks guys normally I hate moving too but I’m moving from a 900 ft² rat and fasted shit hole (no exaggeration) To a 2500 ft² mansion on the hill.
I’m 55 I’ve had 3 heart attacks and I’ve got stage 4 liver cerosis. I haven’t worked in 2 years but things are actually looking up trying to reeducate myself and get some computer certification and find a job. Apparently the universe owes me so I’m gonna start collecting now :grin::partying_face::love_you_gesture:


Following, and I hope the universe pays up! :smiley:


Stay positive, continue moving FORWARD, Life has a way of rewarding your efforts. I’m wishing you ALL the best Life can bestow. Stay safe, take special care, and be well…mister :honeybee: :100: :pray: :heart_eyes: NOTE: Wonderful Grow Area BTW :+1: :+1:


2 days later holy fuck am I tired did I mentioned how much I hate moving🤣


Get a coffee, you gotta grow room to set up! :rofl:

I feel your pain though. I moved for the last time 2 yrs ago. Well, the last time I’m moving anything!

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If you forgot to mention it, I’m sure I did :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Like @Creature said, I ain’t moving shit! Well sort of


So barely even in and plans have changed already. Found this 4x8x6.5 for $169 on scamazon

so that simplified things :grin:

And for the record I aint moving anymore of my shit ever again either. I’m tired but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.


the old 48"x48"x60" for veg with a combo of led and t5s and the new 48"x48"x80" for flower with 3 - 315 watt cmh

I plan on using a 6 inch inline fan to exhaust both tents with a set up like this

except I’ll be venting outside.


Don’t forget you need an air INTAKE too! :nerd_face:



Was planning on using a couple duct booster fans for the tents intakes and passive intake into the room containing the tents.


Seems to be working so far keeping the tent temperatures at 71 for the veg And 75 for flower as soon as I get my leaks sealed up the smell will be gone out of the house :skunk::skunk::skunk:

It’s sure nice having the fan in a different room although there’s still a lot of wind noise not as much white noise.
veg tent temp

flower tent temp

all passive intakes only. each tent has an oscillating 6inch clip fan for circulation. Temps are a little low because i had the tents open for an hour now.

life is good OG people!
love to all of you !


I also took the mishmash of lights out of the 4 x 4 veg tent and put in 1 315 W CMH :sunglasses::sun_with_face:

holy crap i just counted 39 plants in there :no_mouth:


If you find the floor temperature too cold, you can use some hard foam board or gym mats for a thermal break between tent and floor.



Good idea thanks! I’m getting down to 63゚F. I have to keep an eye as we tend to turn the heat down in the house at night and as it gets colder I’ll make sure those temps don’t drop any lower. :+1:
I just had a thought :roll_eyes: but that floor is approximately 12 ft below ground so hopefully it remains fairly steady.

here’s what the universe blessed me with today

this is the new view… theres a rainbow in there :rainbow: