New place, new setup, New grow

so, I moved into the new house in March. Covid happened, I am working on refinishing the basement, and now finishing another house to sell. I have been super busy. We alo got 50 broiler chickens, 30 layers, and 25 ducks (to eat the mosquitoes).

I started some plants for the covid cup, but got to busy to keep up and make a flower area for them. So I have six mothers just chilling waiting for me to clone and flower. Now I can. I ordered a 36 x 24 x 52 two room tent, and a 96 x 48 x 72 tent, a 6" inline fan with filter. The smaller tent is too small. I was hoping I could put both mothers and clones in it. Nope, too small. So I’m going to just put the mothers in there. I have to figure out the clones. I have my 1k HPS for flower, I bought a 500 watt equivalent cob for the smaller tent. The fan and filter will be here about the 7th.

I bought 2 55 gallon totes from home depot, cut 3 holes in each and will do DWC. I have a big air pump with 4 stones, 2 in each tub. The mothers are in dirt. Clones go from my turboclone right to the tubs. I have some one who will take any extra clones I have.

I’ll put pics up tomorrow :crazy_face:


Here are the pics


Looks like a great start Arriba|nullxnull , DWC is fast, no time consuming, clean and no pests. What strains will you grow? What nutes will you give them? :sunglasses:


Here are (from left to right) 4 (2 front and 2 back) cherry berry x remedy, front row herrijuana, back row doc holiday.


Nutes are mega crop. I used it on my 5 gallon test bucket last fall. It was great! 120 grams in 81 days.

Can’t wait to get it going!


Plants look good!

Doc Holdiay is gonna be a big stretcher. Mine had solid nugs, got a little bud rot outdoors.

I grew a couple out last year for a 16oz cup challenge. They were very uniform and had large pyramid top buds. And everyone liked the smoke :slight_smile:

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I just talked to a buddy of mine, he bought some fem seeds for me to start and send him clones. He’s not good at cloning. But 2 of the five he bought were Jack Herer and wedding cake. Not sure where he bought them, but it could be 6 weeks before they get here.

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it’s kinda slow going. Plants are in the tents. I took some clones yesterday. As soon as those have good roots I’ll put three in my hydro tubs. The rest go to a friend. Next month I’ll do the same.

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mouth starts to water, just a tad.

love stories like those! keep em’ coming!


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So I have been doing a dumb thing. Tried taking clones twice. They all died… I thought that I didn’t clean out the cloner enough. So i used a bleach solution and cleaned everything. Then I left it for a couple days. During that i got to thinking. Crap, I’m using soft water! So I’m going to try again using un- softened water from the hose.

Last years doing DWC I have found water temp to be critical.
If you are too much above 19-20C (66-67f), it starts causing low oxygen, the liquid cant carry it.
If you have a cool space it might not be a concern.
If it is, consider a chiller or some other clever cooling method.
Well worth it, not had any trouble since i installed a cooler.


So an update on the clones. The new ones are also dying. It was the Temps of the res. I checked and they were at 83f! The stems have clear slime and are dying. Ugh, gotta figure out how to get Temps down…

Oof, 83f is +28C, I had a new thermostat controlling chilling, ended up being 21-23C instead of 18-19C.
Got the rot too, whole rootball fell off when I held it by the stem. Emergency care going on, 50/50 I might get some roots back.
Chlorine seems to be a decent solution, using ORP meter, add and check few times a day. Kick up ORP to 650-700, when it drops to 450, add some more. Will be continuing with it in the future, tired of the brown death.
Calcium hypochlorite (pool shock) is most recommended.

Emergency treat with regular store chlorine (5%, no perfume or soap), straight water in res for the first 2 doses.
5ml/30l(~7gal) , ph to 6, wait 2 days, repeat, wait an hour, flush, add another 5ml.
In DWC you would now add low strength nutes after about an hour, 2-3ml every 2-3 days after that continuously.
Wouldn’t do it for long without the ORP meter, usually when its bad, chlorine can get consumed fast.

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