Seed Junky Genetics - Wedding Cake Grow Show - Will it Herm?

Thank you, @Neb! Trust me - if I can do it, ANYONE can :laughing:


i wish i was in the know about the results already but this should be a fun read lol this company lives off the hype of influencers on IG. the fact so many of their strains hermie that they had to add a disclaimer of never refunding or replacing seeds speaks for its self. hope you end up lucky and find one keeper at least out of that pack for that price. after the triangle kush fiasco though fuck seed junky


holy f#$k your plants grow so fast lol. you get 2 months of growth in 3 weeks


Hydro speeds things up, for sure! Just wait until I show them in their new homes - they really start taking off!


Thank you @Purple-N-Hairy :pray: for making this thread.

When you google “seed junky herm”, it’s the first result :joy:


lol - awesome! That escalated quickly!


Excellent work mate, hydo certainly does speed things up, amazing growth👍


great intro! cant wait to see how it comes out. Good luck PNH!


i thought the exact same thing too. can’t wait to try


Looking good @Purple-N-Hairy! Excited to see how they go! Can’t fathom spending that much on a pack of seeds, even with guaranteed fire. Hoping you were lucky with no herms.


@ChronicMcBudz incase you missed it, here’s what happened when I grew a pack from HermJunky


Yea, saw a bunch about that. Really bad deal with those.


I’ve never grown seedjunky from seed because his prices are a rip off now and back in the day I just never pulled the trigger.

I have grown his breeder cuts and they’re fire but not big healthy plants. Kind of medium stretchy skinny plants but they throw some fire out :fire::man_shrugging:t3:


@WeTokeChronic How sensitive to feeding are they? N in piticular? Getting claw leafs and such with overdoing N is somewhat common. This can cause stress in some strains that will result in hermies.


Great thread so far and as a fellow grower I thank you for your service of spreading the word. Hopefully others will find this thread before deciding on their purchases. Looking forward to see how this one turns out and it looks like I have a TK grow thread to read and catch up on!


Alright, time to push fast-forward again…

As you saw from the last pic I posted, the plants quickly outgrew their tub. Hard to believe, but they only spent 10 days in that tub.

Later the same day that last pic was taken, I moved the 3 smallest ones into soil and the remaining 8 of them into their forever home. This is the set up:

And with the plants (again, the same day)

See that orange plastic toothpick in the 3rd pic (above)? That’s the “runt” from day 5!

Hard to believe all those plants (+ 3 smaller ones!) were crammed into the top of that tub. They look a bit funky right after their relocation, but the next day, they looked normal and super happy and healthy. Check 'em out:

And 4 days later, they continue to thrive like crazy. At this point, they’re between 12 and 16 inches. This is the day they started 12/12

9 days later, the plants continue to thrive and look almost perfect at this very early stage of flowering. You can see them stretching, so I raised the light and cranked up the intensity.

What I’m hoping to achieve by sharing this whole grow with you is to show you how happy, healthy and stress-free these plants have been since the beginning. This way, if they herm, no one can say they were stressed out or some other :poop:. I think most of you would agree that I’ve given them a happy, healthy and stress-free home, right?

OK, so that last pic takes us up to October 3rd - exactly 1 week ago. So if you were wondering, yes - this grow is currently happening.


Totally agree you are giving them the best chance amazing healthy happy plant keep rockin brotha. Always wanted to go dwc but never had the funds to buy a chiller. Did have hydro farm buckets but got root rot because could not keep water cold enough. And was a pain 8n the ass to clean buckets and switch them didnt have them connected so had to treat each bucket seperate. When your a 1 man show things get tough. Enjoying the grow thanks for sharing cheers


Great thread. Can’t wait to see this. Even if they don’t herm, they’re still not worth $550.


nah yu stressed them when u crammed them into a tub and then transplanted them. its your fault if they herm bro seed junky junkies for lyfe!! your just not a good grower if they herm cuz IG fire 500$ packs dont herm ! ok ill stop the sarcasm. if these herm i will personally send nut sack pics to jbeezy gf/wife cuz if we get balls we dont want so should they!!