Seed Run Co-Op Rare or Discontinued Preservation Project In-house Special

STL Creeper? Is that worth 20 Characters?

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HI guy i am new to the group and to breeding cannabis. growing Trichocerus cactus and hoping to get flowers. i was able to breed 1 last year had a lot of flowers on another but the flowers didn’t stay on. i was bummed because i had some good people in the group that sent me some good pollen for the plant. it had 9 flowers last year and 11 this year and none took. i mist a flower on a plant that took the pollen last year and made good seeds. they take the same nutes more on time of year to what kinda nutes. have grown before 7 years and always wanted to do what u guys r doing. so i am here to learn as much as i can so i am pretty much a newbe but with a little nollig but i can not spell and i am going on my phone to spell it right sorry + i am a Cajun coonass.


“practice makes perfect” & “anything worthwhile takes effort”

or something like that. it’s 3:30am & i’m stoned, going back to bed. :smile:

@mcgee :crab: :hot_pepper: :violin: maybe check out these other threads:




Yeah STL is for St Louis


I note that the Cackleberry link:
in the OP is broken.


here is working by this link:


Damn missed this one. Sounds awesome


I realy want somas lavender before it is no longer available but he does not ship to the usa.
Maybe a few of us can pitch in on a pack and then f2 so we can all have some.
Its still available threw him but I dont know for how long and its becoming rather rare in california the cut used to be everywhere but it’s been left behind by all the new new




Can’t afford to win these auctions myself but if we could score that Ancient OG and f2 preserve it… anyway sharing for anyones interest. Bodhi and fam are doing some auctions all profit to benefit the fire situation in Australia


Very nice of them to help the Aussies just makes you like them more right.


Absolutely! Love the vibes from the Bodhi family and all of us supporters… a lovely tribe


Sure is big part of why I chose to become a part of it. I find kindness and selfless giving in this place daily. Its nice for a change


Hm i need to re read… maybe there are multiple auctions going down. Some for the Australia situation and also for some people affected by the Camp Fire in California… trying to not spread misinformation…

This head cold not helping the brain function :cold_face:


Ok I was right about the ones I listed and there were other auctions on the feed as well… so they are doing some auctions themselves for benefit of Australia as well as the Camp Fire in California…and also GLG donating some large gift certificates being auctioned off as well for the Camp Fire. Love GLG as well


Did anyone ever take you up on these? That sounds like something very interesting

@GrowHard has been MIA for a good while. He may pop back in but he’s been offline mostly.


Whats going on here anymore?? Is it just a free for all??

Theres no consistency at all.

Recently released strains being reproduced and half the ‘seed runs’ arent documented for sign ups n shit.

I mean I get it to some point, like its rhe owners seeds to do as they choose but ffs its impossible to follow along anymore.

Maybe its jealousy or whatever but now theres seed runs not even being advertised on here it looks like? And done on a website?
Maybe I just need a smoke



I think you need a smoke :wink: , but I also agree - it’s gone off the rails. Much like the shipping before Sebring graciously volunteered to resolve it.

Preservation runs need to be only rare and discontinued lines, not anything that’s in production or could be re-released by the breeder. Otherwise you’re just fucking over the breeder, which is the opposite of what we’re trying to do.

Also, a ton of other pot forums have taken this idea and ran with it, so I suspect that some of these “preservation” projects are actually taking place on the hype and sales-oriented forums that seem to be popping up everywhere.

Here we don’t have much hype bs and almost nobody monetizes their seed runs. Most here do it for the love of the plant and the community and nothing else, no kickbacks or personal gain, nothing. :green_heart: I hope we keep it that way since that’s the original spirit of Overgrow. :slight_smile:


Have to say I am part of the problem here. Without documenting my still ongoing preservation run of Silver Mountain. I do plan on making a thread soon and doing a normal sign up and making it right, although last minute. Its been a crazy year with everything, not to mention all the discussion of future preservation runs etc, but no excuses just how it seems to have worked out for me, my energy levels and confidence in doing the run itself as it is my first go around.

I am only planning on sharing the preservation run here as this is the only site I am active on.