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My machine Radon from Deutschland


I just brought this bike back from the dead as a fixed gear with some surprisingly decent cheap Chinese wheels off Amazon.
It was my road bike that I bought in 1996, Columbus “PRX” steel. It originally had Campagnolo Mirage on it, and it still has the original Campy headset, and levers.I rode it as a road bike for several years then put it away due to medical issues. I’m back!
Cool Radon! I love mountain biking too.


I have enjoyed bicycles best when they are cheap and in less than ideal condition. I can beat the crap out of them without feeling bad. Also if someone steals it I can buy it back off kijiji for $20.

They’re stolen so often around here they should be considered disposable.

Haven’t ridden in awhile though :+1:


Yep, bike theft is insane around here too. Leave it locked up unattended for a bit and you can consider it gone


Carbon and titanium!


Uhmmmm BMC…


That’s a classic! Very nice

I started serious road riding in like 1988. Started road racing in 92.
I love the classic Italian, French (and even some English) steel road bikes. I’ve owned many,many over the decades. But don’t have any pictures handy.
One of the best I ever owned was a Gios Professional like this one (not my photo)


I’d take a picture of mine but it got stolen.
I guess someone else figured they needed it more then I did. :thinking: :rage:

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I have a modern road bike and mtb, but since I got this bike running I’ve ridden nothing else. It really does ride amazing.
That Gios looks great. I love the old lugged steel bikes too, they really took pride in them, with good reason. My Guerciotti even has a sticker telling who did the flashy uber Italian paint job haha- Carlos Dossena



My BMC Team maillot


Tracked down the last BMX I rode in HS on ebay a few years back.1999 GT Bump

GT reissued the 90s 3 piece cranks which I had on my old Bump so I had to get a set on here even though this bike is for cruising and not launching.

In that picture the frame on the floor in the front is a 2000 GT Fueler and it’s the same frame as the Bump. The plan is to make a Bump clone but with more modern parts so I’ll have a legit Bump for the nostalgia and one I can actually take to trails and relive riding my HS bike. The bike behind the Bump is one of my new school rides. FIT bikes Morgan Long frame built out with a bunch of good stuff

I got that FIT locally and the first thing I did when I hopped on it was to see if I could just pop a 180 from a standstill, fucking nailed it :sunglasses: Muscle memory is real! This was the first time taking it to this small crappy local park. No lip on that box so it was just getting some speed and bunnyhopping. Not a bad bunny hop for an old man with a bad knee who hasn’t rode in like 2 decades :laughing:

Ended up getting an S&M BTM frame too along the way and swapping the parts from the FIT to it just to test the length comfort (standard BMX 20’ top tubes don’t work for me at 5’11" anymore). It’s either a 20.5" or 21" top tube though. It’s insane what a difference that half/inch can make and I lucked out that the Bump has a longer tt than most so it’s comfortable. Here’s the BTM frame, don’t have pics of it built cause I just threw parts on to feel out the frame. Still need to paint it and decide what parts will live on it.


Tour of France now

Van aert attack to pogacar…


I have this Bianchi Brava from 87 that I scored on Kijiji. Converted it to Single Speed and love it.


I see you’ve got a front brake, but that chain looks a little loose to me. Tricky with dropouts, I know.

I’ve been thinking about fixing (no pun intended) my old track bike. The thing is I live in a really hilly area in the country now, mostly dirt roads, and I’ve come to accept I might be a little heavy for 23s. That and I have a halfway modern CX bike with tubeless tires, perfect for a fatty like me. The CX and an old (87) mountain bike I picked up are kinda perfect for where I live now.

Still… it would be amusing to ride the old girl around (I messengered on it for awhile way back when).

Anyway, beautiful Guerc.


That was I think my second real excursion on it, so I have it dialed in better now.
Thanks for the nice words, I have been loving it both for nostalgia and it also has an amazing ride quality. The (chromed! :stuck_out_tongue: )fork is almost like a suspension you can see it moving.
Did just shy of 40 miles on it this morning.


Go sepp kuss


Terra trike rover i8, 8 speed internal hub, converted by my local e bike shop with a 750watt bafang mid drive, tuned down to 500 watt unless you use full throttle or 4-5 e-assist level of 1-5, Samsung long range battery 45-mile on one charge. Of course Nine Inch Nail bumper sticker 20 inch spinners lol Its basically a go cart lowrider :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I’m from Oregon my other ride “wait for it” Subaru Forester


Santa Cruz Nomad Carbon S 2019 build. Soaks up the bumps. Pinched a nerve on the inside of my left arm and have slightly numb fingers - not ideal for breaking out of a wheelie.


sic ride yo


I just switched the flip flop hub over to free wheel, but I rode this fixed for years. Cuz I just turned 41.