Smkn is Back and Rarin' To Grow

So 5hrs after up-potting the 10,they are perky and dancing in the wind

Tomorrows project and mission Up-Pot34

Rugburn OG clone is really filling out now will lots of branches after a day of LST .By Monday i will clip cuttings and then introduce her to bondage

SourTangi clone 1 is starting to shape up nicely afer a day of LST,will bring her top down a bit lower tomorrow again.

SourTangi clone 2 is under 1 day LST with her top tip fimmed.Her bottom most branch is acting like a second plant,liking how this one reacts and grow

Close up of SourTangi 2 fimmed spot,if my eyes are not playing tricks on me this girl is getting a coating of white trichs

Real happy with how everything is progressing and happier still feeling back at home @ OG and growing again.

Peace to all and a great night or day.


No transplant shock - those are happy plants!

I really look forward each day to hanging out with the plants, it’s very therapeutic.



Hey bro,no transplant shock showing,in the shade the temps are perfect and the roots are not having to be unwound.really impressed with Mongos creations and the set up i am running so far.

Coffee,joint and smoke break over,27 plants to go lmao,at least the raised work station is helping ease the back pain.


I have to tap my wife’s CBD gummies (well, I grew it!) when it is trim time.
I was eyeballing a trim bin at the hydro store wondering if it would help. Gramps must get a crew in to deal with those trees he grows.

Getting old and creaky ain’t for sissies :wink:



I hear ya brother,20 years of industrial and mechanical demolition done my body in.Dont miss carrying steel plate,pipe and motors up and down stairs from the roofs of buildings…I put a couple of lady friends on notice for trim time :slightly_smiling_face:


How I Transplant For No Shock
Step 1 fill the bag or pot 2/3 then press down so its squishy still but not packed super tight

Step 2 ,then i put my 16oz cup in to measure my distance to top of bag,i want it level to the lip as it will drop below when watered

Step 3 i use a litre of water and slow pour it in and wait for it to soak through,then i use lightly press it flat,then cover the top with dry medium,this is key as it will dampen up as you continue,yet not saturate the rootball.

Step 4 i place an empty 16oz cup in the middle and they cup and gently press it down,now your cup should be below your bag or pot lip.

Step 5 now add your medium all around the cup half way up and then press it squishy around the cup,then add more and again press it down till your medium is a 1/2in under cup lip.

Step 6 remove the empty cup, you now have a perfect fitting hole for the plant being transplanted.

6A remove plant to go in the hole

6B notice the the roots ringing.This is the start of RootBound which prevents your plant from growing to its full potential

A really rootbound planttaken from google image
When root bound happens its best to tickle or disturb the roots,take note to be gentle as you want to minimize damaging the roots as this will stunt or shock your plant.I use the round end of plastic take-out knife to feather the roots open.**its best if you can transplant before it becomes bound to reduce affecting your plant.
I opened up the rings on this one.Notice the one root ripped off this will cause minimal if any shock to the plant.Yet no matter how careful you are,Stuff can happen.

Step 7 put plant in hole

Step 8 i use just enough water to cover the surface of the entire bag area and then lightly press it down.

Step 9 add more soil to fill a 1/4 below your bag or pot lip and again water just enough to wet the surface area and lightly press it again

Step 10 a happy no stressed no wilted plant in its new home.

By soaking the bottom half of your medium and then covering in a layer of dry medium you give the roots a buffer zone.By watering the top half just enough to make it damp,it forces the roots to go down.In 2 to 3 days i will give them a 1/2 litre of plain water,then a 1/2 litre of 1/4 strength feed.This his worked great for me with no shock or droopy leaves.Hope it can help out any that struggle to transplant.


The site is lucky to have you back man. I love reading your stuff.


Elated to be back bro.Did not know just how much i truly missed growing till i found OG again.Then meeting back up with you and getting your great gear and my new set up.Its like i was lost and Being Here and growing again,I Have Found Myself.Plus i am single living on my own and plan to keep it that way :crazy_face::sunglasses:


I want to introduce you to “Wanna Live” wanna live is a HuckleBerryCracker he was popped at the same time as the other HC had trouble shaking his seed cap.Having always grown in a basement with humidity at 50% or higher i never had a need for humid domes.When all the seedlings had taps within 18hrs of soaking and popping up from soil in 2 days i thought i was good to go.But everything stalled at the first true leaves.Turns out my humidity in the apartment does not get over 40% at this time…I quickly made the get dome out of poly and grabbed a cool mister.Put all the seedlings under it…One seedling had shrivelled up and cotolynes and first leaves were pure brown,it was brain dead on life support.Being in the very back corner of the cabinet i left it any way…Much to my suprise after a few days the color started returning,slowly but surely Wanna Live went green,he lags behind his siblings and had deformed growth,but he is my fav because he has that Wanna Live mentality.A big reason why i admire it and want to keep it,is the heart and resillance it shows,thats a great trait that to have 99% dead and the ability to bounce back and slowly thrive again.

Just like us if you have one person that believes in you,cheering in your corner anything is possible.


I am really impressed with the thickness of stems at 16days from soaking seeds.Dual 8in fans and 2 4in inline fans blowing across the tent,gives them a great workout along with great genes thanks again @Mongobongo

HuckleBerryCracker 16days from seed soak.


Just how true is that? I’ve been missing this for years too man. The time is right for us to make a comeback!!

Thanks for the transplanting ideas, I’m gonna try it out. I’ve always done well, but I’m also always looking to improve.


Hey Badger how are you bro.Nice to see you poppin in :slightly_smiling_face: we are the come back kids,well i am a come back ole man now :rofl::rofl: Since i got the beans from Mongo till my equipment arrived I felt the addiction of OverGrow and growing gripping and entwining me.Playing in the dirt,seeing how what we plant and nurture grows and thrives,the pungent smells when you open your tent or cabinet a mix of earth,spice,fruity aromas.The calming and peaceful tranquility of tending to the garden.Every day I realise more how much I missed growing and overgrow. Now back in the Zen and single I can over dose to my addictions and not ruffle feathers :rofl::rofl:

You can also tickle and open the rootball but i made the tutorial more for new growers to learn and gain confidence with little to no worry or stress.I just remember how overwhelmed I felt 30yrs ago when i started growing and how many plants i messed up as a newbie transplanting.Wether it be ripping the roots to over watering…Just want to try and give back to the community what i learned and what the great community of Overgrow gave me.

Cheers bro :+1:

In fact I love OG so much on my Game Golf Clash linked to my FB page this is my game profile.

And i started a post on FB to promote to my friends and news feed.

And my profile pic 20200918_134404


Great tutorial!!
Thanks for posting that. :+1: :sunglasses:

Are you using the same base mix as in the solo cups?



Hey bro thanks for the kinds words.I am using the Promix premium potting mix in the bags,used the Promix seedling mix in the 16oz cups



Welcome back to the show! Looks like you’re off to a terrific start, especially since you aren’t a beginner. Everything is in beast mode for you, nice set up. Looking forward to seeing you Harvey a couple of batches.
Good luck, and Happy Growin


@Indoornesian thanks bro for stopping by and the kind words and props :slightly_smiling_face: So happy to be back at the show.I have things set up and going. But its not optimal yet and always thinking of other ideas to make it better,which entails more work :rofl::rofl: In the process of doing the last 17 plants to up-pot now,well back to it after a doob and coffee break.Then tonight i really need to get the 8in inline fans in and set so i can fire up the 1000w hps to intensify the light more.Can never have to much light if you can manage the enviroment.Follow the show,there will be gear in the future to share and grow :grin:

Dam Canada Post go to post office after 1pm.line up for 40minutes.Dude says oh your package wont be here till Monday pick up after wasted 2hrs i could have been on the garden…really wanted my lights today,its stalling my work progress.


I’m most definitely hangin around for the show.
Maybe come Monday, it won’t be much of a line, and you can get to your set up .


A lot of people wonder about wind or air movement and its effects on plants.25yrs ago i started growing up north on the edge of a Lake in a huge bullrush patch.It was full of areas of real rich black damp to wet soil,which was awesome as I slit the bottom of the plastic 15gal grow bags i used and my plants roots grew down into that rich black soil,reducing my need to water them.I pick the north corner of the lake as this gave me full sun exposure from dawn till dusk.It also ment that from May till September they got pounded by the predominately south west winds.If there was a wind it hit my plants.Up to 80km/hr on stormy days.These things grew like trees.You could stand on the bottom branches,bounce and they held fast

For 6 days my seedlings were in a humid dome,barely any wind.11 days in my tent with a dual 8in fan unit and 2 4in inline fans blowing my tent walls shake but it makes a big difference to a plants structure.


Its one of those things that makes sense in my head lol. Just got to let myself be ok with leaving them alone to see what happens.


Hey @Indoornesian nice to see you again.Yeah hope the line will not be to long.I will be there for 1pm excited to get them,and get them home when the lights turn on at 2pm :grin: pull up a lazy boy we are going to do our best to give you an insane show grow .