Spacebound genetics Eutierria

Anybody run it yet? Got a ten pack germinating right now and the only info I’m finding is on the breeder site.


@DannyTerpintine is gonna be THE BEST person to answer this one :wink:


I got some of these from @DougDawson via @DannyTerpintine. They are not next on my list, but they are up there. I have to run my first autos next and then two photos that I promised I would run, then these.

I have been meaning to ask though: the graphic spells it “Euterria” but it is listed as “Eutierria” (with that extra “i”). Curious which one is correct.

Edit to add: Looking forward to your grow. I hope you’ll keep us posted.


Mine also came from @DougDawson as for the spelling :man_shrugging: I just know I have to look it up every time I write it :sweat_smile:


Think I’m just gonna keep logging it in my grow journal here. Hoodbilly Highjinks


Might have to log it on rollitup too if I win one of these light giveaways :pray:

Cool. I’ll head to that thread and follow.

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I have a pack of Nature Essence and The Orbiter from Space Bound that I want to run sooner or later. You will not find a lot of growers that have grown it. If I remember correctly Space Bound only had 50 or so packs of these strains total. Which makes them kinda rare.


Well I suppose I should make some more of these then. Should I keep a male or cs a female :thinking:

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Or use a male to make more seeds then use CS on a female.

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It’s “Eutierria”, means “good earth”. Missed the “i” on the lineage chart :crazy_face: :sweat_smile: (fixed now :+1: )

Anything you wanted to know about it? :slight_smile:


@DougDawson sent me a pack as soon as it arrives ill be popping them also, if you make a journal tag me !


Just wondering what she likes nutrients wise and if there’s anything I should look out for. Also how it likes to be trained. Gonna veg for 4-6 weeks assuming 50% male. Thanks again, I’m really stoked about these.(I’m stoked about all my plants :sweat_smile:)

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they’re pretty hardy plants. The pic you saw was grown in a solo cup, and fed full strength nutes from a seedling. The mother of the cross I was unable to reverse and I tried just about everything possible.

Training, you can top and lollipop if you want. Responds well to both.

It’s a very good strain for pain relief.


I’m really looking forward to popping your Swackhammer into my RDWC for the winter run :smiley:
Any suggestions for the Mighty Swack @DannyTerpintine ?


Same thing more or less with the swack.

One thing for both strains, the stronger the citrus/orange terps present, the more mentally functional/clear headed. (That’ doesn’t mean sativa go solve a puzzle, but pretty clear headed for a heavy indica.) The less citrus present, the more knock-out it will be.


If I may ask…what kind of testing do your offerings go through before being released. Are you running a high plant number yourself in order to test them or do you have a large number of people that you send packs out to for testing?


That’s some solid info regarding the terp effect @DannyTerpintine , thank you!

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Torn between my love of fruit and my love for being stuck to the couch.


JUST GROW MORE! :smiley:

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