Testing cbd and thc at home

so I got my hands on a thc and cbd testing kit, the kit has 3 cbd tests, and 3 thc tests. unfortunately I didn’t notice that the tests maxed out at 20% thc. oh well a test in concept.

the setup

the contents, vials appear to be acetone.

the concentrates to be tested.

CBD test for isolate - off the chart, over 2.5%

THC test for BHO, off the chart - over 20%

flower sample for testing.

cbd test for flower - no reaction

THC testing for flower shows 16 percent, i have a hard time believing that.

for making my own beam solution.


Nice, thanks for sharing.

Do you feel the accuracy is sufficient relative to the cost?


@Northern_Loki, currently, i do not feel the accuracy is relative to the cost.

im going to pick up a higher % rated kit and compare my results, i have an SOP established so procedures will remain the same.

honestly i would be more interested in a terpene test kit, but i havent found one.

ill dig out some silica plates, i dont have any fast bb stain, but ill pick some up and compare TLC.

i dont even know what the thc test is based off of currently.

i keep eye balling the qPCR testing kits…


I haven’t seen one, either.

Something like?

Might be useful for ballparks estimates? $49 a kit +s/h, that’s around $16 per CBD/THC test. I might see a use when trying to find a CBD rich phenotype. Since I failed at that last go around…


The CBD is just the modified beam test. For that same $20 I bought enough reagent to do 100 tests.


@ReikoX, i agree. i picked up enough KOH for the foreseeable future.

@Northern_Loki ya i would say its useful for ballpark, but if im going to go through the trouble to setting it up, it should be repeatable.

i didnt break down the cost per test, when u put it that way it doesnt seem so bad cost wise, and it was simple as pie.

the minipcr was exactly what i was looking at. AND it will do terpene testing, both predictive and final product.

gender testing is a plus as well.

just trying to justify it in my head lol.

i asked my SO and she doesnt mind.


Second post on this thread ‘simple’ tests for thc and cbd

I have no experience just found the link and posting here.


I tried to make my own reagents and tested it with two different tinctures. One I made from commercial hemp tea that claims 3,5% CBD, vials on the left. The other I made from my own bud, vials on the right side. First row is the CBD test, second row the THC test.

There is only a very slight hint of pink (CBD) for the tincture from hemp tea.
The blue (THC) for the tincture from my own bud is quite obvious though.

Can’t say I feel very comfortable handling hydrochloric acid, but the result is pretty. I guess I should get proper gloves and glasses at least before I continue. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Haha, yeah I can test the THC just by smoking it. I call it a bio assay. I get sketchy with the hydrochloric acid as well. Please use gloves and safety glasses. :nerd_face:


You should offer that as a service. Get high for a living. :sunglasses:


Probably should be done with an available eye wash/shower station and a real hood and lab apron as well as gloves and goggles if you are using HCL Though pH down is H2SO4 and pH up is NaOH? Maybe not at the same molar solution which matters. Never add water to acid …it may spatter.

Certainly was a visible one for thc, the cbd one not so much. Maybe more visible at higher levels

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Yes, that’s how these reagent tests work. They work great for comparing multiple samples and picking the strongest, but wont tell you an absolute % of THC/CBD.


can someone point me in the direction of a formula for thc testing? im comfortable in a lab setting.

i thought my cbd testing reagent was bunk when i tested a cbd honey and came up neg. but it just turned out the honey actually had hemp oil, with no cbd content.

I followed the Link that @Olbrannon posted

It says


man, im sorry. i got lazy and i didnt read the previous posts, sorry. but thanks for posting up the link. im just missing the ethanol. i use strip kleen brand denatured alcohol, its near pure ethanol with methanol blended in. if you let sit on molecular sieve beads it will absorb excess water.


Denatured works for these tests no problem since we wont be consuming it.


Would anyone happen to know of a reagent to test for CBN?

Other question, how do people actually come up with reagents? Do they look at the chemistry of what they want to check for and try to find some kind of match (if so, how?), or do they throw it together with all their fancy chemicals in different mixes and look for something to turn colour?

I would have paid attention to chemistry in school if they would have explained real life use cases like this. :unamused:

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i found this which is all over any results page for thc, cbd testing. https://www.mydxlife.com/canna-sensor/

i have been looking and reading about it, and i want to know what others think. it seems to do a bunch of stuff i don’t necessarily want, like give me info on what it might do based on others who use the machine. but i haven’t seen how accurate it is. i want to be able to test what i grow so i can see improvements in thc, cbd, anything i can test for really. i might be asking to much but where i’m at there are no public testing labs. and it seems that they are not really all that accurate any way.

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bro i looked into those mydx too. and they seem awesome - if they do everything they say they do. now i want to first admit that i havent gotten my hands on one. but i saw a youtube vid of a guy putting a piece of cardboard in the sample container and call it girl scout cookies and the cardboard tested positive. i wonder if it doesnt crowdsource the test results, why else would it need to have an internet connection. the other alternative is a portable gas chromatography device. but they start at 7000…

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Lol that was funny! I’ve had girl scout cookies and it tastes nothing like cardboard!

It sounds to me like it croud sources the strain name and effects based off the numbers from what you put in. It might be worth having for personal satisfaction. Once things go legal im hoping they get better for small operations abd labs get more standardized.

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