This seems familiar- Seamonkey84’s first grow in 12+yrs

They look good. I started my first grow with bag seeds. They grow just as well as other seeds. Most likely the plants are female too.


I’m not too concerned as quality goes, as these aren’t the bag seeds of the old days, mersh outdoor bud with no name or expectation. The only concern I have with them is they most likely came from Hermie parents (though that would make them all females). I just hope that it was stress related and it won’t happen in my tent. No funny business in the main tent, I’ll have a separate space for that when I want to let them do that lol.


If they weren’t self pollinated from what I understand a hermie, pollinating itself, will produce another hermie. Keep an eye on them!!


Getting back on the horse. Nice.


That is why I used them for my first grow. Lower expectations.

I had 5 that flowered early, 3 weeks in, and finished 7 weeks later. They were outside. They didn’t hermie despite being attacked by my grand dog twice. Wife spilt cleaner on them. Lack of nutrients by an inexperienced grower.

They rest, 15 plants, are now in my tent flowering nicely. Have a little more knowledge now and a grow room set up. Have not had a problem yet, but I still keep an eye on them.


Oh I plan on it watching them like a hawk lol. I’ll likely flowering out a set of these close to completion before I put anything else into the flower chamber. Even if they were cross pollinated, it’s going to be in the genetics. possibly 50/50 chance the offspring will have the hermi trait if only one of the parents was a hermi. Then there’s how likely they are to hermi, either from stressors or possibly it will just make a few bananas regardless.
I’m also thinking my friend is right, she said two seeds came out of the grease monkey, and one out of critical mass. But then again, unknown pollen donor, and just have to trust the place that delivered has the right stain to begin with.


A Lille update. They were showing signs of being hungry even though I was watering with Neptune fish, its a bit low in N for my preference anyway. So I got some trifecta+ fertilizer from MIgardener, mixed it 1/4 cup per gallon of promix and perlite mix and transplanted into 2 gal containers. I really need to get my tent and other lights set up, since I also have 4 more bag seeds that just sprouted.


Oh, I guess this batch is also a bit of a test of the trifecta+ fertilizer, as I haven’t found anything out there about anyone using this blend with cannabis. It’s got most of the amendments that people use in their mix, plus bacteria and fungi. I also want to try his liquid fertilizer, it’s a kelp based 9-1-1 blend.


Holy crap I need to set up my tent. Unfortunately family priorities/crisis has been occurring all week. Let’s just say I’m going to need the distraction (provided by gardening) and medication these plants will hopefully provide. I have not gotten to even opening up the box for the tent, or ordering the exhaust fan. But I will have to set up the tent, and get them under some more light. I’ll do another transplant (prob 5gal buckets) and get blooming soon. I’ll take the lower pair of branches as cuttings. once I see roots, the original plants are going to be flipped. At this rate, These three may end up filling most of my 3x3 area, I feel like I’m being inefficient by not having a 4th plant to bloom with them. Also assuming these are females to begin with, from hermi seeds. I do have a few more seedlings from more bag seeds, by the time the flip happens they would of had 2-3 weeks of veg time, might put them in 3gal and flip them too.
these are 5 weeks old almost to the day.

Also, very impressed with the results from this 36” 35w fish tank LED.


Ack! I haven’t been home much the past few days, the two taller plants have completely grown to and smashed into the light, and I think the smaller one has a ph problem, causing a Cu deficiency. I think I over did it with adding gardening lime to the mix. One table spoon per gallon of promix/perlite, but the fertilizer I also mixed in has dolomite too. From what I’m reading, flushing won’t really help in this situation. it looks like I need to up pot again and knock out some of this soil. So next chance I get, I have to set up my tent and lights, then move the plants into 5gal buckets to recover and prepare to bloom.


So the last couple weeks have been crazy, lots of drama going on in my life and unfortunately it shows in my plants. I never got around to upgrading their lights, and I only just set up the tent last night before going to bed. I still have to put together the array of led bulbs. It’s a good thing I’m considering these my practice run, one plant is all stretchy and the lower branches are falling over from their own weight. I’ll be taking those branches as cuttings when I lollipop them. They’ve only been topped once.

Also, since it’s a 2in1 tent, how should I seal any light leaks comming from veg chamber? I’ve read duct tape doesn’t hold on the reflective material


Duct tape does not do too well. I have been able to use the foil tape for duct work with some success on some small light leaks. Still does not hold great, but does the job.


Thanks, I’ll look into that stuff. I had the thought of using spray on adhesive, but I don’t want to use anything with fumes, it’s in a room with my pet birds. Most likely I’ll try that tape for now, then as time goes on I’ll prob just get a second tent for veg and take that partition down.


Looking good! Besides being able to hold itself up, what else should a lower have to be used for a cut? Also, glad to see youre chiseling away at getting everything setup!


They don’t have to hold themselves up to qualify, since they fall over from being too long and skinny. I’ll be making my cuttings short enough that they can hold themselves up. plus most of it will be supported by the peat/coco pellet. Ideally, a cutting should be taken from a healthy plant, several hours to a day after the plant was watered and fed with a well balanced fert (in soil). I’ll try to take pics when I do it.


kk. Thank you! I didnt know about the watering part. When I looked the lowers on my plant looked a bit deprived of light. I was thinking of cutting them and trying to root for the hands on practice.


Well things have calmed down on the home drama, I got 3/5 of my lights mounted and hung in the tent. I plan to put 2 more strips on their own frame so I can adjust for shorter plants. The younger plants, 1 ethos cookies and 3 banana kush bag seeds, unfortunately got neglected a bit and have stretched/stunted a bit. One dried out too much and didn’t make it. Since I got the new fixture hung, I can dedicate the original light to the little ones, I’ll be transplanting them soon. The big plants are going to need a good pruning before I can flip them. I didn’t think I would ever have this problem, but they have grown way too tall to flower in my 6ft tall tent.


Not much has changed, I had to raise the lights, still haven’t gotten the exhaust fan yet so the door is kept partly open :flushed:. I only have 12x 9w LEDs in there now plus the light bar for veg until I get the fan. Then the bulbs are going to be swapped out to 15 (25 total when the other strips go in too) of the 15w bulbs. I’ve been super cropping along each stem/branch to strengthen them and help slow the vertical growth. I have made decisions on where I want to cut each plant, giving me about 8 or so colas per plant, reduce the height, and a much more even canopy.


Well I got busy last night. My exhaust fan is getting delivered today, so I went ahead and got the plants ready for bloom. Since I way over vegged (9 weeks old now) for the height of my tent, I had to do some drastic pruning and supercropping.
Critical mass X

Grease monkey X (two plants are nearly identical)

After: Now all 18” tall with 10-12 growth tips/cola sites
Critical mass

Grease monkey x2


Now what I did with some of the pieces I cut off.
I take cuttings that have 4-5 nodes plus the growth tip. Then I soak them in cold water for at least 30 mins.

After that, I prep them by stripping the bottom node or two, always leave at least two nodes plus the tip. peel the leaf downward to strip some of the skin

If it doesn’t expose enough tissue underneath, I’ll scrape the skin with a blade or edge of scissors

Then cut leaves in half, remove any that are just too big.

Dip in rooting powder/gel and insert into peat/coco pellet. I prefer peat pellets, but with coco, just use them upside down and poke a new hole, they stand up better that way. Just make sure it’s wet but not soggy, a little water should seep out when you gently squeeze it, but not dripping wet.
Since I don’t make a bunch of cuttings at a time, I prefer jars and containers instead of a whole plant tray/dome. The container should ideally be just big enough so there’s some air space between the leaves and the walls/top, that minimizes the amount of moisture needed to maintain humidity.

I’ll leave it alone for a day or two, then I’ll start opening it just long enough to wipe the condensation off the sides of the container and put it back on. That will slowly allow the pellet to dry and make the cutting search for water by growing roots. Once roots pop through the pellet, I’ll transplant and put a container over the new clone, just like the soup container I soaked the cutting in. Let it vent just a little, either with small breathing holes on top, or leaving it propped up just a little to let it breath through the bottom. After another day or so, I’ll start taking the dome off until I see it start to wilt, then cover again if it does.