What are your latest seed purchases? Post those new packs & purchase info here

I thought this would be fun, as I have seen similar threads like it on other forums. A place for folks to post and show off their recently purchased shiny new packs of seeds.

I was surprised nothing like this existed here on Overgrow. I think its only human to want to show off new purchases that we are proud of… and also fun to see what others have recently been buying and adding to their collection.

so… What’s your latest purchase? What was your reasoning? Where’d you get the seeds?

It doesn’t have to be a purchase… a giveaway pack, a gift from another, f2s that you have made yourself or by a buddy… anything new that you are proud of… lets see all those new seeds…

I’ll kick this thread off myself…

I’ve been working hard to stock my seed fridge with some great genetics. Being an old Breedbay guy, I have grown up growing mostly Bodhi, TGA/Subcool, Dynasty, Outlaw, Sonic Seeds, Gooeybreeder… as Bodhi has moved on from just selling at the Breedbay auctions and gained fame after having much more exposure when he started selling his gear at Attitude & Seedsman… then eventually to USA seedbanks starting at Holistic Nursery and then Great Lakes Genetics, JBC Seeds and others… it’s been fascinating watching him become one of the world’s most desired cannabis breeder and artist. Each cross and pack of seeds representing who he is as an artist, the cannabis plant being his easel. He’s definitely one of those breeders that I always try to get my hands on. My first Bodhi plant was a Purple Moonshine (SR71 Purple Kush x Old Time Moonshine)… I have went on to grow and/or try his Cali-Yo, NL#5 x Talk of Kabul, his A11gf3 (one of my all time favorites), Kodama, Twin Flame, and one of my favorites… Blackberry Lotus (That’s what I have growing now).

I started out growing being more of a TGA/Subcool seeds fan. My first successful; grow indoors before I had even heard of Breedbay was a couple of Greenhouse White Widow plants, I grew them beside a World of Seeds plant called Strawberry Blue. I wasn’t overall very impressed… don’t get me wrong… the plants were extremely healthy and a picture of perfect health… this was surprising to me especially considering it was my first grow. but I had read many forum posts and did everything right I was using a single 400w Metal halide, and a 400w HPS bulb at the time with magnetic ballasts… the plants looked great but the resulting harvest produced buds that were lackluster in quality. Not very potent. The White Widow from Greenhouse reminded me of green tea… it tasted like green tea as was about just as potent. The Strawberry Blue actually smelled like onions or chives until the dry/cure and after hitting the jar it actually did smell exactly like berries. I was pleased with it… but it didn’t knock my socks off.

Then I read somewhere of Subcool and some of his strains like Space Queen, Jacks Cleaner, and Agent Orange… so I went looking for his gear… and I discovered Breedbay. This was a life changing event… The many grow threads over there really helped me refine my grow. My 2nd harvest consisted of Space Queen and Agent Orange. I was hooked. The cherry and fruit punch smells coming from Space Queen were intoxicating and the resulting buds were very potent. It was good shit. I was amazed too that Agent Orange smelled like freshly peeled oranges. I remember talking to Subcool in chat and expressing to him that I originally had doubted his strain description… but he told me… “When I say it smells like oranges… I mean it smells like oranges.” He was dead on in this and every other strain description I would experience when trying his gear going forward. I went on to try strains like Jacks Cleaner II, Jack the Ripper, Space Dawg, Pandoras Box, Chernobyl, Qrazy Train, Apollo 13BX, etc… I loved TGA gear and never had a plant herm besides JTR and Jacks Cleaner producing a couple of nanners in late flower… but I simply picked them off. I thought his gear was very stable, easy to grow, and the bag appeal was amazing. Subcool had said many times that he breeds for taste and smell… that’s basically bag appeal IMO. The fact that his work also produces great yields and copious resin meant that TGA buds really checked a lot of boxes. I have friends that say that some of the bud that I have smoked with them and provided was some of the very best that they have ever had… the best of all time. I was and am very proud of that.

I also met Jay Roller aka Alphakronik on Breedbay. I grew his Spacedawg BX as a tester for Alphakronik and that was a very successful grow. The Space Dawg BX would go on to be one of many Alphakronik strains that I would try… but honestly those testers were better than any other work he had done since then going forward. He must have been pleased with my work because he mentioned me in an article in Skunk Magazine, as well as a few other members he gave thanks to. I still have that issue and keep the magazine as an important keepsake of mine.

I’ve also had great luck with other Breeders I have since tried since then, and I enjoy growing crosses made from friends. You’ll see as you look at these packs in some of these purchases… I personally think that they are a great reflection of the passion I have not only for the plant, but the breeders who inspired me from the very beginning. I am blessed with the fact that I have a great job. so I can afford to splurge and buy packs that may sometimes be out of the reach of others… For example. I spent $500 at auction on a pack of Lemon G x Apollo 11g… an untested Bodhi pack… the money was for a good cause… and Apollo 11g being one of my all time favorites… I have no problem spending the money. No regrets…

These here I bought mostly from a fundraiser sale. some really exciting packs in here. The Banana Spliff and Tiger Tail I bought from a guy on Discord who was looking to sell a few packs…

I bought the Strayfox packs from Healing Gardens, and the Goji OG F2s were from a fellow O.G. member who gifted them to me…

These SSDD F2s came from a guy on Instagram named Ohms_Seeds who was recently selling them for $60 for a pack of 15 Seeds. He was reccomended by Dr Grenskye of Red Scare Seeds

These here were a recent purchase from Great Lakes Genetics… they came in the mail just yesterday
phtshp seedshaul4

These I received from Heaven Scent Pharms… I bought a pack from them called Space Princess back nearly 13 years ago… I discovered my favorite seed plant of all time from that pack… I lost track of the breeder Gene… hadn’t heard from him or seed him in many years but I happened to run into him on Instagram and he sold me these…

These I got in the mail yesterday as well… they were from the Seedsherenow James Bean Vault auctions… $327 it cost me to get both of these… the Vortex cross is basically an Apollo backcross… and the C99 x Romulan is basically Duke Diamonds version of Space Queen

This pack here I was able to pick up from the same fundraiser I mentioned earlier…

As was these…

These here came from JBC seeds… when they dropped they had sold out less than a minute later… supposedly they were very limited so I was lucky to snag a pack…

This was an impulse purchase I made… I bought them the second I saw what they were. I love Starfighter… I bought these at Oregon Elite Seeds by a breeder called Thunderfudge…
phtshp seedshaul10

Another Impulse buy… the Permanent Marker Pics I’ve seen on Instagram looked pretty amazing.
Permanent Marker (Biscotti x Jealousy x Sherb Bx) is a Seedjunky/Doja collab…

This will be the last one I post… These are some recently purchased TGA/Subcool packs.
The Spacebombs were an auction win hosted by Genetics Supply/Nortstar from their Discord channel. I also picked up some Qush, as I had good experience with that in the past. Qush is one of many of the Producer’s Overstock packs still sold on the Genetics Supply website today. Its a great cross… Qush produced some buds that had a grapey cotton candy type aroma. They were very dense and it was just a beautiful plant all around. They had some Agent Orange freebies they were giving out at the time. I spent a whopping $240 on the Spacebomb pack…

I got these LED Seedz pack called Bodhi Tree from Headiegardens and love that it’s a mash up of Starfighter and Bodhi’s Goji OG… The Bodhi Purple Mana came from the same place as well…

Okay that’s enough for now. I could do this all day. :laughing:

I wanna see what everyone else out there is buying or aquiring??

I hope this thread is ongoing and others contribute to it and use it to show off all those recently acquired genetics.

So lets go!!! Show me those packs!


Oh here’s a couple that I forgot about…

Greenpoint’s Cake n Chem… one of their best looking crosses IMO… and one that I was really excited about. I bought 3 packs of this one… gifted one to a fellow Overgrow member… I have 2 left that are sitting in my seed fridge right now… The Bodhi Wake n Cake was something I got from Dr Grenskye of Red Scare Seeds… it wasn’t ever released at any seedbank but was sold by Plantmoreseeds on Etsy. I never knew that these existed… so I was very happy to get my hands on these…

I’ve went on to buy many packs from Greenpoint as Gu, the owner is an old forum buddy of mine. I was happy to see him succeed. They often times have these reverse auctions on their site that you can sometimes get packs for around or under $20… Besides their Cake n Chem… I also am really looking foward to their Double Dip, Frozen Custard, City Slicker, Dunkaroos, Sundae Batter… I have doubles of most of the ones I am most looking forward to. I highly reccomed to anyone who is looking for seeds on a budget to check out the Greenpoint Reverse Auctions at this link here.


The 1st. and only seeds I’ve bought was from Neville’s Seed Bank and it was Hash Plant…


That’s really interesting. Are you from a legal/med state? When I started growing it was illegal here. Besides an uncle of mine, I didn’t know of any growers or have access to any genetics besides what’s available online. For you to have the history of posting all these great strains like you have… you obviously must have known people/and or had access to genetics based on relationships formed online or in real life I assume? That’s really fascinating to me. I on the otherhand have spent thousands on genetics over the years… but I’ve also been gifted impressive packages from breeders and canna community members as well.

My uncle’s bud that he grew was very much like a higher quality commercial street bud that was very piney and dark green with big thick orange hairs… but if you asked him what the strain was… he’d say. “I don’t know… its just good.” He had converted a mobile home into a facility that he had turned into a long row of hydo tables and had a separate area for mother plants and drying/curing. Despite how impressive it was to me at the time… it wasn’t anything exotic like I’d see in the pages of Hightimes. The only genetics I had access to back then were from either those High Times Advertisements or what I could find online.

New York was a place where if you grew, you didn’t talk about it… for risk of what could happen if someone opened their big mouth. I imagine this was all attributed to the law and the fact that growers had to remain in secrecy. I assume when you say the 1st… and only seeds you’ve bought… you must have much better access than I had back then. One thing I can say however… is that after I started… a couple of close friends of mine also started growing… but I was the guy that provided genetics to both of these guys… and still do to this day. They aren’t very internet savvy.

Fortunately for us, New York has passed recreational and medical grow laws recently. We haven’t had many dispensaries open until recently as well… and they are still few and far between but I imagine that will all change. As with the laws changing… more growers and folks that have interest in growing should start to pop up and appear as time evolves.


Does winning a gift certificate count?


I’ve traded for everything I have or been gifted it. Every single seed. Except one pack. Archive yellow snow.



@MonsterDrank all I can say is Daaamn! You are like a kid in a candy shop.
NY myself, been a long strange trip to be were we are today!


Oh that miso sounds interesting


I picked up a couple packs of those Romulan XC99 from Brothers Grimm, I heard that Mr. Soul screwed Duke outta some cash when Duke left BG, but who knows.
I’ve got some in veg now, no experience with Sub’s Space Queen so it’s all new to me. We shall see.


That’s great that someone else besides me has these. I talked to Duke Diamond on Discord about these and he seems to think it’ll product phenotypes similar to TGA’s Space Queen… TGA had 2 versions of Space Queen named Space Jill and another named Spacebomb. The difference between the two were the mother plants used to make the seeds and they are both techniques Space Queen F2s. Space Jill produced many Cherry phenos while Spacebomb was supposedly more like mango sour candy. I grew Space Jill and it was excellent through and through… a real high quality strain… never done Spacebomb but I have the seeds as well as the Duke Diamond seeds. Duke said to expect some cherry phenos. I guess we’ll see.

Worse than that even. But after tomorrow… I plan on getting up early to mail JBC Seeds some cash for those Mothers Milk F2s… after that I’m gonna chill out for a bit on the purchases.


Yeah at least 3-4 days!



I got a couple packages incoming that are gonna be so hot the damn mailbox might catch on fire. I’ll post em here when I get them.


That’s always exciting! Can’t wait to see what your getting!

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That’s what happens when you’re a Photoron grower…My buddy BOG even gave me some of his strains to grow in my Photorons…hell, a member here just sent me about 5+ or more strains just a couple days ago and I didn’t even ask for them…when I started growing it was Illegal to grow in my state but now it’s a med/rec state…


Latest @Tonygreen drop from @Great_lakes_Genetics;

Weighted Blanket (Black Sour Bubble Isolation)
BOG OG (East Side OG x Sour Bubble)

Everything else was a freebie!!!



That weighted blanket looked good. I thought about it.

I couldn’t help myself at JBC Seeds this morning however.

These plus the co-op distribution Mothers Milk f2s (when they go out) really up my chances of finding a killer Mothers Milk pheno I hope.


Moroccan hashplant
Hunza valley
All from the real seed company.


Trying Freeborn selections for the first time; Hollywood Pure kush x Skycuddler Double Kush. Freebies are a Mexican landrace descendant.