Cannatrol users

I decided to start this thread for all the OG members who own a Cannatrol to shoot the breeze, exchange settings and answer questions for OG members.
There was quite a melee in one other Cannatrol thread, and it’s not needed here.
If you think you’ve figured it out with your DIY “wine fridge” good for you, there is no need to bash any of us who have taken the leap to a “set it and forget it” approach to dry/cure our crops.
Here are some options that exist in the “home/craft” dry/cure arena. Note: these price listings are for “freeze dryers” compared to the Cannatrol, as that’s what is available to the market, remember, these prices are their “home/craft” models, and pricing goes up from here.

Cannatrol - $1600
Harvest Right - starting at $2595
Resinator- starting at $6800
Canna-Freeze - starting at $50,000
Cryo-Cure - starting at $49,900
All prices are + shipping.

As you can see, getting into freeze drying is WAY more expensive, and these are entry level machines. This doesn’t even factor in the cost for oil for vacuum pumps, upgrades for vacuum pumps or accessories.

Looking forward to hearing from those who own one, and have tweaked from the factory defaults,
and answering questions for those that have any.

Happy Smoking folks!!!


I’d like to eavesdrop on this discussion!
Mostly because I’m to poor to own one, lol.
Though I’ve always been curious about these systems.


@blowdout2269 your more than welcome to hang out!!!
35+ years of dry/cure the conventional way, 15+ with a very well controlled and dialed in room, and it hasn’t compared to what the Cannatrol does, especially for the taste. If you ever get the extra money, it is a very worthwhile investment.


Really?!! Makes that much of a difference?

I wish they made them fridge-sized, but otherwise I’ve def had my eye on this kind of product.


Yes it does.
Same strain, dried in the Cannatrol, and dried in my old room, and the taste difference is unbelievable. Room dry/cure was damn good, but doesn’t come close to the difference in taste out of the Cannatrol.
It definitely preserves the terpines in a way that “conventional” methods don’t and that imparts a whole different taste once done.


I’ve had it saved to my home screen like an app since I first seen it. I definitely planned on getting one when I get back on my feet


So I just built an automated dry room . Can control temp humidity dew point or by VPD.

We’re I to use Cannatrol’s dew point settings or VPD , actually all would be the same , but

We’re I to use their program numbers , why would there be a difference .

Not wanting a fight or argument , interested .

If my room was same parameters as the Cannatrol Unit ( which is exactly where my room is )

Would bud be any different than the machine ?

Inquiring minds want to know
You said you had dry rooms
You ever dry at same specs canna uses??

Beautiful unit by the way , wish I could have 5 of them , lol


My room was set to 59 degrees/59 relative humidity, as that’s where It seemed to run the best. I never tracked VPD in there because it just wasn’t something I considered because all the “conventional” ways were/are stated 60 degrees/ 60 Relative humidity, nothing was ever stated about VPD in the dry/cure phase.
As far as there being a difference, I don’t know, I just know that what was always good in my drying room turned out better in the cool cure box.


59/59 is close nuff to cannas numbers .

Wonder what difference is .

Either way I’m glad I didn’t get one , too small for me or I would 100 % ! Believe they work .
My now automated room will be plenty good and allows me to dry a larger amount .

If I could afford to throw down 8 grand for a 5 pack of cannas I would have . My room will have to do


Dude, that’s awesome that you’ve got a room set up!!! :+1::+1:
I think where the difference lies, is VPD during drying and not RH. As RH is just relative, 60% RH is different at 59 degrees than it is at 65 degrees as to how it affects drying.
Now that my wife was kind enough to buy me one, and have a better grasp of how it works, my drying room probably could be dialed in to work like the Trol.


I understand
My room adjusts itself to VPD not humidity or temp . Controller will either raise or lower humidity or raise or lower temp to keep the VPD where I set it


Well if I had a ton of money just laying around I would try one. looks like a cool machine. But for $1600 USD I will be sticking to my dry tent. Well unless they want me to test one for them :wink:


I was on the fence over getting one, and had looked hard at freeze dryers until I started seeing prices for small “home” units, and $2.5k, $4.6k $6.8k $50k was insane.
Then I was surprised one day when I got home and the wife had bought me one, so I can’t complain as it was a gift.


And I believe that the difference lies there within.
Relying on VPD to balance things out and stabilize the drying,


That’s awesome man, big props to the wife for that one. I did some reading when you put your post up and it sure does look cool. That would be over 2k in Canada and as I say, just more then I could spend to dry weed. I certainly wouldn’t mind one though.


The dry/cure process has always been a hassle for me and not very consistent results, something like this would be a game changer.
Cool thread, curious how many users are members here.


My wife is a doll, absolutely love her. I was actually shocked when I ran the same strain in my old dry room and in the box, couldn’t believe the taste difference.


@buck90 I know there are at least 4 other active members who own one. 3 who have been using theirs awhile & 1 who just received theirs


My room based upon Vpd should work like your unit . That is my plan . My last dry was about spot on and excellent , and Vpd was all over the place . Temp and humidity too obviously . Be cool to see difference with a stable Vpd room

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