CBG breeding and varieties

Great! Many thanks for this reply.

What Is not clear to me (from my very narrow point of view):

  • How did Oregon CBD created millions of stable seeds by crossing Ruderalis and Original White (high THC). They needed to select those parents so the final seeds are always similar?

  • Lets say I manage to select a stable mother from these seeded CBG bud testing 0.1% THC. The S1 seeds created from this one by STS method wont all carry the same genes and some can still possibly test hot?


I’d say yes. I read on the website of the breeder of Finola hemp seeds (one of the strains officially allowed in the EU, so <0,2%THC ) that it is not allowed to plant harvested seeds as they can’t guarantee the low THC content in there.


You line breed to create in-bred parent lines, then cross them to create an F1 hybrid.

  1. Oregon CBD inbred (probably by generations of selfing) a photoperiod line and an autoflowering line. When you cross two inbred lines you will have extremely uniform F1 offspring.

  2. What are you calling stable? If you are trying to breed a plant of The White (which is against the MTA) so that the offspring are consistently under 0.3% total THC, then maybe. Since the white is an F1, half the genes responsible for residual THC production are from the hot parent, and half are from the other parent. Some F2 offspring will end up with more than half of the “hot” THC genes, some will end up the same, and some will end up with more of the “safe” THC genes. So in the F2 some plants could test hot for THC as harvested flower, most plants will test legal, and some plants will be lower THC than the F1 (I would love to hear someone’s actual results, but then they would be incriminating themselves for breach of contract).


This also talks about a little about this subject in the discussion:

Development and validation of genetic markers for sex and cannabinoid chemotype in Cannabis sativa L. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/gcbb.12667

To follow up: i’ve grown out some of the Canaparoma CBG. It had 50% germ, and of the 5 plants I grew, one was CBD dominant. The others were all CBG dom. All had a similar habit; that of fiber hemp. Very airy, low quality flower.

Kwik Seed Company also now has CBG. I have not grown this one yet.


Just started a couple of the Kwikseeds CBG femmes. Regs were out of stock. Hadn’t even considered that the progeny could be all over the map as far as cannabinoid content. Hell of an oversight on my part.

Getting it cannabinoid tested is fifty bucks out here, plus a few hour drive and a gram or so per test. Looks like TLC plates might be the way to go, to verify CBG before bringing it to a lab.


Yea. I would guess the main reason you would get a non-CBG dominant plant would be pollen contamination during seed production. I am curious about the kwik seeds. I have a pack but am doing other things atm.

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Does anyone who has grown the CBG strains have any suggestions on harvesting? Do the trichomes swell with resin like traditional cannabis? I can’t nail down any information at all on this topic. I am sure each strain is different, but its so confusing. Actually, not all that confusing since there is basically no cultivation related content to be found, from what I have seen so far.

Also wondering about organic feed. Do they like to eat? Are they like autos in veg that like very little fertilizer? Again, sure it is strain dependent. I recently bought a 6 pack of fem Desert Snow CBG from CBD Hemp Direct and they won’t get back to me with information. I am sure this is because it is the same strain they grow for retail and also legal issues about cultivation suggestions.

Thanks in advance everyone!


Cool. I had never heard of them. I am curious to hear how they turn out. CBG trichomes are white and opaque. I have cut the CBGs very early when I have grown them, but they never turned amber. CBG resin is ‘dryer,’ and less greasy than a normal variety (which also varies, but compared to any average THC flower). I assume most varieties that are >15% CBG that have been released right now are probably Oregon CBD knockoffs (I have heard more than one story of CBG seed segregating for autoflowering, which is a telltale sign).


I can’t thank you enough for this information! You just cleared up so many questions I had. Any nute issues? I honestly wish OG still had the karma system. You would be getting some right now!

I emailed Oregon to see if they had some basic info on their CBG strains for nutrient needs etc. Hopefully they have a PDF or other format for their farmers. Again, I can’t thank you enough!

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check out Hoku seed co they have cbg and cbd.


Interesting stuff. I hadn’t heard of them, but they are were following me on instagram when I went to check them out. It looks like they are doing a lot of stuff with some Italian hemp CBG and CBD cultivars.

Oregon got back to be today! I was impressed, they must know I am not a customer. Here is what they had to say:

“CBG trichomes are finer, more pointed, and less resinous. All of our CBG varieties have similar finishing times as our CBD varieties. When planted in early June they finish in mid to late September. Indoor production would be about 8 to 9 weeks in flower till maturity.”

From this, I am guessing they must be on the Indica spectrum?

If I ever become a farmer, I will be going with these guys. Class act. They did have a link to nutrient suggestions, but it doesn’t’ really work. I am guessing there is a problem with the site.

Also, the seeds came today and I have one in water. We shall see!


CBD Hemp Direct got back to be today. Here is what they said. I have never seen this nutrient line before. I will have to investigate.

“Last summer in OR and NV we flowered outdoor in 7 weeks. Some of the field we fed advanced biologics root innoculator and floraflex v1 v2 b1 b2 throughout the season. We are doing a lot more greenhouse CBG this year.”

My seed is in the peat pot.

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Dutch Passion now have two varieties (as well as a THC-V variety I wasn’t aware of)
CBG-force and auto CBG-force for 15-35 euro/seed claiming ~15%CBG and 1:100 THC:CBG ratios

Hemp Direct is selling something called Desert Snow claiming up to 20% and less than 0.3 (I suspect this is from Oregon CBDs work).

Hoku hemp has a variety of CBG strains, apparently built off European varieties (Italian and swiss).

I have grown the Kwick seed CBG. It was much more resinous than the CannapAroma, but fairly airy, with tall fiber structure. Much more promising, though still only advertised as an 8% CBG plant.

Lastly, this is something that has sort of thrown me through a loop on the CBG breeding theory and I would love if someone could explain it to me: the Whistler Farm’s Shiatzu Kush clone that is about 1:1 or 2:1, THC:CBG. I would have thought this ratio shouldn’t really exist. So clearly other things that I don’t understand yet are happening here.