Grow with the flow


i dunno what others think, but unless youre measuring water content properly (along with with everything else) in a crop steering fashion - there isnt any need for a strict or semi strict watering schedule, your plants will let you know when they need water, cus otherwise its kind of blindfold attempt if youre not doing proper measurements… what will guide you?

by the way, how are you growing? organic or soiless?


Bromigo, you’re doing fine as is…keep doing what you’re doing…the more you overthink about growing this plant, the more you’re gonna fuck it up…


welcome to the bright side :wink:

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start a journal with your new grow! from seedling to harvest ! tons of experience here and friendly folks guys n gals from across the globe. working together to over grow this earth.


I usually germinate seeds in water, dump.into paper towels on a plate.

Then plant in solo cups under a cheap light.

Once popped after a few weeks I transfer into 1gal pots with happy frog soil.

Then eventually into 3 gallon or 5 gallon with ocean forest soil.

I only feed Gaia green top dressing for food/bloom.

I never pH my water, it has tons of cal in it naturally.

I’m growing indoors in a vivosun 3x3 with a marshydro tsw2000.

Still haven’t figured out whats the best size of pots/amount of plants to grow in there :grin::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Again…just kinda of winging it and having a blast.


it looks like youve been doing it alright.

unfortunately im not an organics guy, so cant really weigh in meaningfully. but there are tons of indoor organic growers here. maybe check out these threads if youre looking for inspiration or improving

edit: also this


Welcome to OG @MLTVKYL!

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Welcome and thank you for starting a journal.
I like winging it too. :smile:

What cultivars have you got going?
Ever make any seeds?


Recipes are for folks that can’t cook. Plants look great. Keep up the amazing work and welcome to OG



None and never!

There a whole world of things I don’t know about.

Just growing with my little 3x3 and having fun, making mistakes and learning from them as I go.

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There’s nothing much to know about making seeds, keep the males alive, that’s it. :smile:

That is to say, if you sow regular non-feminized seeds ofcourse.

I can send you some if you wanna experiment with it.
There can never be too many seeds floating around.

The way I do it is by throwing a small handful of seeds in my permanent stacked pot setup every month or so and walk away, works fine. It all just takes care of itself, no repotting nonsense necessary. :+1:

I’m running perpetual 12/12 lights as well. It all just keeps growing and flowering automatically.


Well whatever you’re doing, it seems to be working. Great pics! :slight_smile:
Why don’t you come introduce yourself -

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What you are doing is working it seems, so maybe try to document to get a better idea of exactly what you’re doing.
That way, when you go for “betterer” and it backfires, you’ll know what to go back to :slight_smile: Half joking. Maybe you’ll get even better results, and I wish you luck!

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The only time I ever run into problems is when I spend time away from checking in/maintenance.

Like, my exhaust hose comes apart from tape unsticking.

Heat going way up and stressing out plants causing mildew/herms.

I did successfully beat WPM recently…I was very VERY happy.

As for a journal/documentation…I probably should. :grin: I like to apply the k.i.s.s. rule way too often I think…or I’m lazy.


Hey to each their own, my mentors brother was the same way for 20 years, “just let her go bro” was his famous saying. And that he did, and I’m not gonna lie I can’t remember him having an issue with anything except bud rot once or twice , no humidifier/dehumidifier, one big ass fan on each side, and two 1000w’s in 5 g pails/buckets with like 10 holes each bucket in pro mix w vermiculite and perlite. Guy grew stellar bud people lined up for and the only time he went in there was to water and he’d smoke 10 cigarettes while doing so lol. Everyone has their style/methods they have come up with over the years. I didn’t add any automation or anything really until appx 6 years ago and I went all out, been a huge learning curve but I also like constantly switching methods, inputs etc. until I find exactly what I’ve been looking for . Have fun, do your thing and I hope to see some big beautiful buds when done, welcome to OG


That’s a true point.
Long ago, my first grow got fucked because I was everyday-everyhour-everyminute over the plants. Excesive care, a little black dot, and correct nutrients, a little curvy leaf, correct nutrients… At the end the grow went ahead fits and starts…


So right now I’m started in on.

Lava gelatox1
Girl scout pebblesx2
High tide x1


Update, whoah, ok I’m on day 8 of flower right now.

Here goes.