I've been hunting unicorns "Da Lat"

It’s bow hunting season here in the Midwest while sitting in the woods you have plenty of time to think and reflect, and it occurred to me that I have been hunting 4 something ever since the moment I was born. This Hunting Story begins in 1976 even though I was only 13 years old I had been smoking and taking LSD for about 4 years it was a different time back then my best friend’s dad was a scientist who made some of the best LSD in California and grew some fine cannabis in his barn which me and his son would get into quite often. He didn’t smoke but we sure did one day while hanging out in the barn one of his buddies from the Navy stopped by and brought him some smoke he called Killing Fields. He said it was from Vietnam and it had saved many a servicemen from going crazy himself included. He said this stuff gave you a heightened sense of awareness that he had never experienced before and the buzz lasted for hours. His buddy slipped me and jerry a pinner so small i didnt think there was any smoke in there. So we immediately snuck over to my house and fired it up. After making fun of how small it was we noticed a bird outside the window that looked like it was talking to us with its wings Jerry walked over to window talked to it and it was talking back. It was like floating on the clouds at this point I was happy just sitting there laughing my ass off because Jerry was talking to a bird outside the window. We laughed like a couple silly school girls about everything and anything. Then Jerry says what time is it? We had been sitting there for six hours stoned out of our minds from this little bitty Pinner I don’t think we even finished it. And it only seemed like we had been there a few minutes. So this is where the hunt for the mysterious unicorn begins. Jerry’s Dad tried growing some in the barn but before the crop could be harvested the police came in and confiscated the barn and everything in it apparently some of the wood used to build the barn was stolen. Jerry’s dad went to prison. A few years later I moved back to the Midwest and I haven’t seen Jerry or the unicorn known as Killing Fields since. To describe this unicorn is almost impossible to do, The Taste was kind of like and old Colombian gold earthy, musky taste but smooth you could almost feel your body absorbing the smoke. The Buzz it would kind of creep up on you and stay there all day was kind of like eating mushrooms for the first time as long as that was an enjoyable experience for you, It was me, kind of like I don’t feel anything yet. boom you’re floating through the woods wondering how you got there no hurry to get back. and I’ve been hunting for that High ever since. Which is kind of cool you tell people and you get one of two reactions. 1) bullshit no such thing never heard a weed that can make you trip. Or my favorite reaction 2) Is yeah I’ve got some want to check it out. I have had the pleasure of smoking and growing some of the finest herbs around. Do to this hunt. But I have yet to find this particular unicorn. I have smoked some Vietnamese stuff that was kind of trippy, I have smoked African stuff that would make you trip, I have smoked some Mexican stuff that made me trip but nothing quite like The KiIling fields. I ran into a lady a few years back that said she had some Killing Fields that was the first time since the beginning of this hunt I had heard anyone call it that. I got excited I thought I had finally caught up with the elusive unicorn I had been hunting for so long. Not even close what a disappointment. Then I ran into a guy that said it was probably this stuff from Germany called Sharman. What he failed to tell me before we smoked this is it is a German cigarette dipped in some kind of elephant tranquilizer. Not cool, I was Blazing for hours but not what i was looking for. Then life and family kinda put a damper on the hunt for a few years. Until one day while discussing with my son the potency of today’s marijuana compared to old days as he would call it. Which led to a lengthy discussion and reved up my desire to go hunting again. So I got out my new hunting rifle which at that time was called a Samsung S5 the scope on that thing was amazing you could see far miles and I could hold it in one hand push a few buttons and it’ll tell you just about anything you want to know. So I go to the local HYDRO Store I was very HAPPY to be there. I am telling one of the workers there about my hunt, turns out he was a collector of the terps and he told me i should check out Overgrow he said if its out there someone there will find it. A very knowledgeable group and I should check it out, so I did. I got to talking to this guy who I assume was from the upper part of the state very knowledgeable fellow a true preserver of the landrace. I told him about my hunt for The elusive unicorn and that I wasn’t sure it even existed anymore but he introduced me to a white rabbit from New Zealand this White Rabbit lived in Cambodia. I contacted him and told him about my hunt and he says no problem I have just what you’re looking for, It is probably called kampuchea red, we find the name killing fields very offensive. The only problem do to covid we can’t mail anything in or out of Cambodia at this time. so I must wait a little longer. but while I wait the hunt still goes on and I’m talkin to a musician on O.G. I think he plays guitar, and he says i can get these Vietnamese da lat seeds are you interested? I’m like sure thing I’m in i haven’t heard from the White Rabbit in almost 4 months, I can grow them out if you want. So the da lat seeds show up, and then a week later the kampuchea red seeds show up from Cambodia. and I thought I would invite you all to follow along as I continue to hunt for The elusive unicorn Formerly Known as Killing Fields. Could it be??? What do you think? Vietnamese da Lat or kampuchea red could this be what I’ve been searching for? Or does it even exist? The names have been changed to protect the innocent. Feel free to share your stories we all have that unicorn were looking for and enjoy the grow. " Da lat "


About the seeds after close examination it looks like a couple were already cracked the hulls all look very thin the pericarp are all white kinda like after i scuff them but i didnt scuff them yet??? So i took best looking 6 and put in H2O and H2O2 mix overnight then paper towel 3 days later i have 5 tap roots they are all in soil doing well i cracked open other seed no embrio inside dry. I dropped other 5 sunday looks like 1 or 2 trying dont have much hope for others.



If they are real landrace sativas you’ll want alot of headroom and patience. They’ll get very tall and lanky and will take a long time (like 100+ days) to flower.


Great story @YoBigdaddy!! Hell yeah, pulled up a chair and along for the ride!!


Anyone remember that guy on the old overgrow who was a helicopter pilot in Vietnam? He said one day he went to pick people up and landed in this field of weed plants that were like 15ft tall. The weed was amazing.

He went back decades later and managed to find the place. I think he talked to the grower who said it was a strain that their family had grown and bred for generations. He got a few hundred seeds.

Anyways it could be something to look into…if he went back all those years later it must have been some very special weed!


Yes, @beacher have actually talked with him about my hunt before and he said 30’ plants freakin crazy


Wow nice you have definitely been digging in your quest haha.

That was one of the coolest threads on OG. Does it sound like your strain? Does he still have seeds or do the genetics exist somewhere?

I’m pretty sure he sent a bunch out to random people I’d love to know how they turned out.

Also not sure if you can edit your thread title, but if you called it ‘killing fields’ you might get some rando who just happens to recognize the name and click it. You’re looking for that one in a million encounter with the right person.


That helicopter Pilot acording my research should be the one who is the Source of this Da Lat you got bigdaddy. Its same Line and called Dawee Dalat.
I know cause i search the same Thing as you, and i search the Net since 6 Years straight for it.

I smoked some Vietnamese Tripweed long ago, and experienced exactly the same. It was unbelievable herb, yes, 3 Puffs for each. Same same, basically said. Better than any other Drug i tried.

That Dalat i dont think its as good as what you experienced once to be honest. Reeferman once told he prefferes Hoabac over that Dawee Dalat…

Also the cursating Vietblack is despite the Outcrossing closer to the realdeal. I love the Hoabac x Vietnamblack i did… Not smoked it, but i am sensible, (not oversensible) and i know its tss. Paradisean, warm, you feel the deep Waterworld, but you can never reach it, since the Chinese in the Vietblack

I wondered about before i purchased, how this Vietblack (70s killer Weed x Chinese hemp) would feel. Would it be more sedated, more soft, compleetely worthless.? And i can tell you its like you feel the 70s Viet plus the Chinese in same Time. Its happy, deepwaterworld PLUS Melancholic weak bouth together. You feel bouth, even its quiet contrary. Thats why you can sense the Trip, but you never reach it. You can also sense the melancholy, and i dont really like that. Thats why outcrossing to hoabac was a good idea, to lower that Melancholic side abit.

the cursating Vietblack, and the Hoabac are closer to the real Deal acording my research, i mean overall seen. The dawee Dalat is thin longflowering, and therefore has some advantages! But i like the others overall more.

Funny how strong other old Vietnamese-Lines you got varied from that Killing Fields-Strain. I found out the same, have seen couple 70s Viets, and many i let go , cause not every old viet is the real deal.

I hope this stuff surfaces soon.
Atleast the Daweedalat i rate higher than maly old columbian, African, that are floating around. It will be good enough for making you smile abit, im shure. Its cool weed.


I dont want to be delusional about dawee da. , but thats what i heard, or know, the realdeal viet is something rare. Probably you can hunt down a certain Pheno to find a good Anchestry showing up, incase there were different ancestors recently introduced in this Line


Great story, I hope you found your unicorn! I guess I’m lucky/don’t know what I’m missing for not having a unicorn strain lol. When I think of my unicorn hunt, it’s with a fishing rod :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hoabac x Vietb.


This is exactly the thread I needed. I am planning a trip to Vietnam next year to look for seeds, but there’s just such poor documentation on Vietnamese plants and genetics compared to Thai. It’s also difficult to tell if there is even actually much of a demarcation or differentiation between the plants of each country, given how porous and notional the border is in some of those areas.


@romanoweed i asked john if these were da we dalat and he said no these were different still waiting on better explanation he said personal stock ??? We will see. I have smoked the laughing grass he made with it, good but definitely not same you will have to keep me posted on hoabac x vietb taste. Since the KF are in Cambodia i am leaning towards the kampuchia red more than the da lat as my unicorn. Who knows??? Have you tried Khmer gold? It tasted a lot like what i remember. But i haven’t tried growing it myself yet.


I dont think GN khmer gold is the real deal. Its a soft friendly happy type strain.

John must not remembered it, i just looked it up, and voila i found him stating it is infact Dawee dalat. Dawee is a region i believe, so most probably its same Line.
One Dawee dalat-Line is from a helicopterpilot wich pointed out how high the Plats were when he picked one. Matches exactly the Story of the Person you talked to, so Copter-pilot-Line, should be your copterpilots-contact, should most probably be Johns Dalat.

I heard couple Stories from “Hippies” about where the best came from. Majority sais Thai was very very strong. Then i heard just one report that stood out for Cambodian, he said was very strong, and the whole Room he was sitting in took on a red tint. But i never have heard stoners swear for Vietnameses Ultimativity . Never. As do i. (And possibly you).

So, cambodian was probably very very deluxe, Thai probably even stronger, and viet prob. ultimative.
That doesent mean it is the Truth, but its an appering Pattern

I only seedrunning, so i cant tell you bout Hoab, viet- taste


I know absolutely nothing about any aspect of this but I could have sworn I was just reading something about a cambodian gu landrace strains and killing fields specifficaly hard name to forget maybe it was yo sorry I’m not any help


I don’t know where the Khmer gold I smoked came from that’s been about 10 years ago but I am getting ready to try and order some from monkey puzzle genetics. He really hooked me up last time. The last time I spoke to John I asked him if this was the same that was used to make laughing grass which was the da we lat and he said no so who knows still waiting to hear back from him maybe he can clear it up a little better. Seed runnin maybe you can hook me up later and I’ll do my own smoke report. Lol


I refferd to Gypsy Nirvana Khmer gold, dont know monkeypuzzle ones.


Birds of a feather.
I’m looking through some Laotian lines at the moment, have you tried any?
I’ve a couple Vientiane in flower now and Laotian Gold that I’m hoping to run in 2021.


@romanoweed he is worth checking out.