Mars Hydro refuses warranty

can you give me the full specs and how many watts this is? It is no longer listed on your website. Please help.


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Uploading… Uploading…

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they burnt out and I emailed your customer support for a new board and it was impossible for a replacement. I Wanted to use it in my grow since it’s a 2x2 area that I’m setting up now. But it is what it is. Sucks to be me. There has to be a defect since you said 50,000 hours and over 10 are burnt out :frowning: Can you help me with it? I wanted a mars hydro grow, but can’t be growing with burnt lights :sob::sob::sob::sob:. @MarsHydro_LED


Can’t help you with the broken part, but by my quick math - there are 180 5w LEDs which is where they get the 900 from.

Really they are only 440ish watts. The LEDs are driven at half power. If you really want to check then multiply volts X amps to get watts.

:slight_smile: hope that helps.


Would this be better to use? I just got this one and I’m upset that mars customer support won’t help with anything.


That is a serviceable light. But, it’s only about a 1/4 of the power of the other one.

I would perhaps flower 1 small plant under this light. I have a mars reflector 48 at about the same power and it veg’s about a 2x2. I can veg 4 one gallon pots.

Can you live with a few burnt out diodes?


Sorry for the late reply, I was in my vocation in Vietnam for last 6 days. Can you PM me your faulty item? Including some pics? I will help you out:)


This is not our item. For any of questions related to Mars Hydro products, you can PM me for a solution or email me directly, my name is Zoey and my email is I will send you the best solution in 24 hrs.


I already messaged you.

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Noted that ~ I will PM you back for solutions


I know that’s not your item… it’s what I’m stuck with now because of your defective product. I have emailed customer support and service over 6 times within 4 months and never got anywhere zoey. I hope your company will stand by your products and will replace this very defective unit.

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Here are the photos again on a public forum. This way you and others can see what happens to nodes after 6 months of 12/12. I would consider my unit a fire hazard and others should take note on what mars plans on doing about this very serious issue of nodes burning so quickly in a very well vented room with plenty of cool air flow.


I feel mars is a total scam right now. I’m getting the famous run around.

Will keep you posted of hopefully a positive income.
But seriously after 6months of use on a 12/12. It’s clearly a defective product.

Let’s see how their customer service takes care of me. This will be good for all of you to see. Give you an idea into their customer service and also how they will handled this defective product.

From mars.
“ Jason, thanks for reaching out to me, I am sorry for the late response. I cannot help you but i can help you find the right person who can handle this issue accordingly.

Let me explain it,
There are several sales platform in our company, including Official website, Ebay and Amazon. I serve for official website, which i have no right and ability to take care customers who bought from Ebay, hope you can understand that. I need your email, thus i can contact our ebay team, let the right one to follow your case.”


Just my 2 cents
I run 2 mars lights because there cheap
That said mine have been running for 5 years now
Some lights appear to be out and pop on after it seems to warm up

Will I replace them yes hopefully soon will I buy mars maybe

I am looking into building my own but that’s a project That will take me time

So my thoughts being you get what you pay for
Should it last yes it should !

So go through channels it it doesn’t work out

Well then you know what you’re dealing with

Remember it’s growing on the cheap end so if it’s all you can afford well you take the good with the bad
A friend runs the 69.00 lower end led for that reason if it breaks after a time it’s only 69.00
Again just my 2 cents


Hi, @DatDamDog

Thanks for your patient waiting, you mentioned that you purchase this from Ebay, then i checked Ebay college, provide your purchase info. to them, they said you are not buy from them. That means you buy from an unauthorized seller from Ebay, I am sincerely apologize for let you go through this. Below is the solutions for your reference,

1 Contact your seller directly from Ebay, asking them to provide you a warranty.

2 We can help to provide you a repair service, because you are not buy from official Mars Hydro store, all repair fee will be covered by your side.

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As seller said. He did NOT make the light. You did.
This issue with my light is widely known as a defective unit. Even YOUR company admits to this unit and other like it had issues.

So you clearly don’t stand behind your product

It’s ok :ok_hand:. The members here at overgrown seen how shady you guy are and they are BUILDING me a new light that is WAY better than the one I have.

But out of principle I plan on standing on my shoe box an plan on telling EVERY member new and old. NOT to buy your lights.
I will post on every thread that you try to sell your stuff that YOU are not standing behind.

So I suggest you hit the road :+1:
No one here wants your lights after what you did to me and to others.

MAKE IT RIGHT and then continue to sell your lights.


I totally understand your feeling right now, every seller should take responsility to their customer, 100% agree! But if customer not buy from official, that means the item might not belongs to Mars Hydro. I personally want to take care of you but it’s very hard to do that.

It is 100% built by your company. Don’t try and say it’s a fake. Now that’s just putting the nail in the coffin.

You’re unbelievable.

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Pls kindly contact your seller on Ebay directly, they have the ability to solve your problem.