My First Amazon Grow

Hi there all you OGers!

Brazil is definitely not cannabinoid-friendly, unfortunately lagging far behind the rest of the world in legislation and social perception… but the winds of change are blowing and I truly believe it’s just a matter of time before adults will be treated as adults in making choices besides having a true ally in the improvement of health and well-being.(Ultimately, with so much to gain financially, the decision will be taken by politicians lobbied into action).

The Amazon region poses many challenges from a cultivation perspective; everything is either over or under extreme…extreme temperature, extreme humidity,extreme rains, extreme 2-4-6-and-8-legged villians…with extremely little variation in day/night duration which i’ve seen is important in the development of our dear ladies.

This is my first attempt at growing my own plants and am a complete newbie in all concerned. I would already like to thank @Upstate and @Gugumelo for their wealth of knowledge in the preparations thus far…i doubt i would have gotten anything done without their selflessness in sharing and aiding with the selection of strains and preparation of soil The strains chosen have been pure landrace Sativas…Durban Poison, Malawi Gold and Madagascan Zamal.

Due to legal issues at the moment the location will need to remain secret but can inform that it lies near Manaus which is the state capital. Getting hold of seeds remains the biggest complication…to date i haven’t been able to receive any seeds whatsoever from 3 seperate sources but I maintain the faith that this is only due to our direly inept postal service.

Please feel free to critique as all information is constructive and will be much appreciated…

Photographs to follow showing the different phases of preparation so far…

Thanking you for your attention



hey owe you a like, just curious will it be outdoors? if so i will be watching and waiting for the smoke report, well will watch anyways, but interested in outdoor stuff from anywhere nearer the equator.


Greetings, good luck with your growing endeavors!!! Stay the course, be safe, your efforts should be quite successful. Stay safe/be well…mister :honeybee: :100: :pray: :heart_eyes:


Looking forwArd to watching this @elfman!!!


Good luck, should be a good one to follow


Here to follow along as well. This is a treat to see a grow in the Amazon. Got my pipe, bong, blunt and sleeping bag for this one. :laughing:


I see you’re actually in good hands, so welcome on board beer3|nullxnull and willing to watch growing those sativas in their ideal environment … Arriba|nullxnull


Glad to have ya here @elfman and welcome to OG! Any questions ? Ask away so many different techniques involved in this canna community!


Very much looking forward to this Elfman! What a treat to see sativas grown in the tropics! Get your chainsaw ready lol​:laughing::laughing::rofl:


Hello efman, it’s good that you’re here … Let’s break this Brazilian taboo … I’m also waiting for seeds to arrive here, if everything goes well, I’ll send you something !!! It has an area to chat in Portuguese


As for security, it is a big concern for everyone here in Brazil, stay safe, take a look …


Will be watching here also. :+1:t4:

Aloha From Hawaii :call_me_hand:t5:


In your case I’m rooting for EXTREMELY HUGE PLANTS! Can’t wait to see your work. The only concern I think I would have is all the rain. And humidity when your plants bud. Bud rot sucks. But I think @Upstate & @Gugumelo got that figured out. I’m sure strains that are from that particular climate would be great at resisting those particular problems. Hope all your seeds get to you. Mail is super slow right now.


Hi there @Who

I’ll be germinating in small pods, then tansfering over to 4 gallon pots which have transparent roof sheeting over them and which receive weak early morning direct sun, then directly into the ground where I’ve made a high 4 meter transparent cover over them to protect from the rain…the vegetation will be thinned out to improve ventilation in the direction of the predominant wind…hopefully enough to reduce the humidity to prevent fungus…


Thanks very much mr @misterbee

Your well wishes are much appreciated…

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Thanks for your attention and support @Sasquatch

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Thanks very much…@YoBigdaddy

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Thanks very much for your message… @Shaggy450r .although I would really recommend a hammock unless you enjoy sharing your sleeping space with a host of crawling/writhing jungle critters…


Cheers for your well-wishes @George1961

Really looking forward to getting this off the ground and sharing with such an appreciative group…


Thanks very much @Tinytuttle

one question I have at the moment is if I should just be using rainwater for the watering?..alternatively i have borehole water and riverwater but if necessary i’ll even get mineral water fo my future beauties …


You’re welcome, I think we share the same hobbies … beer3|nullxnull