OverGrow Poster 24x36, 45 OG pics, your pic in the center. Fundraiser to support OG

Thank you for your interest in the World’s first OverGrow poster fundraiser. A poster with 45 OG members pictures is now available for purchase. This poster is only available here on OverGrow, to order one poster will require a $5 donation to support OverGrow, added to your purchase price for the poster. If you order more than one poster, additional donations per poster are NOT required.

The poster will be ordered from the manufacturer located in California, you will receive a receipt from the company for the exact amount that you paid me. If there is any problems with the printing of your poster or the delivery, you will be able to take it up with the company.

The current price for the 24x36 matte finish poster is $28, with my 15% discount makes your final price $26 with US sales tax for the poster. The Center picture can be changed to your picture with your OG ID added to show it’s your picture. Personalizing your poster is no charge.

Free Shipping USA USPS standard with a tracking number, that will be provided to you. Current standard shipping cost to Canada is $13.99 with tracking.

We ordered a proof for quality check to show what you will receive and how it will be shipped.

Please send me a Private Message if you are interested in Donating to OverGrow and find out more about how to get yourself a collectors item like no other. PayPal, Zelle, CashApp and WhatsApp accepted for payment.

Posters already ordered and in production:





Current Donations total: $25 to support OverGrow

Thank you to @LemonadeJoe and the @moderators for everything you do.

OverGrow the World!


Got mine ordered! Thanks @Heliosphear


Thanks @Heliosphear , truly a one of a kind opportunity.


Thanks so much again for this @Heliosphear , @LemonadeJoe and @moderators !!! :heart:


Thank you @Heliosphear ! Can’t wait to get mine!:v:


I will certainly be ordering at least one of these beautiful posters! I also have a question.

Bobgrows’ poster is different than the other examples. It has no OG sticker anywhere. The other examples all have a round sticker either as the centerpiece or one of the “usual” places.

Functionally, why is that and how would someone else get a poster like Bobgrows?

Thank you so much! It is so beautiful!!


Great work @Heliosphear!


I dont understand how to order? Where do i go?


You get to customize the center with your pic and an OG sticker is put in place of your original pic.


Thank you for that clarification. I was confused by the Bobgrows example. Not surprising, I’m often confused. HA!


He is going to update the post tonight bud.


HECK YEAH!!! Will FIFTY/$50US be enough for Poster/Shipping (Maine)/Donation? If so, I have both PayPal and Venmo. Provide proper Address/User Handle, prompt payment forthcoming. EXCELLENT work, my friend, SS/BW…mister :honeybee: :100: :pray: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Great work! LOVE IT!


Love this, DM sent!

I look forward to hearing from you, and eventually also getting one of these awesome posters when they are finished!


That’s totally awesome!!!



Thank you everyone, it’s been a labor of…

Update: the following added to intro:

Please send me a Private Message if you are interested in Donating to OverGrow and find out more about how to get yourself a collectors item like no other. PayPal, Zelle, CashApp and WhatsApp accepted for payment.

I am the middleman who customizes the poster for you, I take the payment from you and order your poster that ships to you directly from the printer. I take the donation to support OverGrow and send it to @LemonadeJoe when the total is $100 it is currently at $25. 6 OG’s have private message me they are interested and want a poster.

Been a long day, Have a great night. :sunglasses:


I’m wondering why OG has not hooked up with a printer and produced some OG calendars? Great fund raising item always. A dozen bud shots would be gorgeous.


Got mine ordered and paid for :sunglasses:

Dude did a really nice job on these , I for one appreciate it!


@LoveDaAutos OG’s are currently working on ideas for a calendar to be given away for the 2023 picture of the year event. August 1 2023 will start the 7 years of OverGrow Celebration where 150 OG’s pictures entered will be turned into a collage the spells out OG from a distance of 5+ feet.

New orders:

Your Poster has been ordered, will have tracking number for you in 24-36 hours.


Your poster has been ordered, tracking number in 24-36 hours.

The printing company reduced the 20% discount to 15% so these two posters cost $26 each with tax. From now until February 1st 2023 Shipping to USA is free, I joined as a member to the website for a yearly fee to get the membership providing Free shipping to US currently working on a way to reduce or eliminate shipping cost to Canada. Going to change price for Intro and announce free shipping.

Current Funds raised to support OverGrow $35

Have absofrickinawesome Tuesday. :sunglasses: