Season 2 SEMO Grown Medicine

Gearing up for season 2, this will be my third indoor grow.

I took apart the tent and cleaned everything. I had pollen in the joints of the supports, inside the air filter and fan, in the corners of the tent behind the supports from my Spirit Train Seed run.

The AC Infinity Tent is already showing signs of wear and tear after two grows. If you are a clean freak like I am that cleans the tent constantly you might want to go with a higher quality tent. The floor has multiple thin spots from cleaning. The top of the tent is showing pin holes around the top supports that werent there before I took the tent apart to clean.

I will be growing VASHONs JUJU Bee, Rare Dankness Night Terror and Purple Flamingo(F) from Fat Cat Labs.


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It’s important to do a deep clean between sessions, that’s a great habit to get into.
The random pollen that might be left over in the tent will only be viable for a couple weeks (the RH kills them) so less of a worry about contaminating the next grow.



Here is the JUJU Bee on Dec 29th

Here they are twenty-four hours later. 5 for 5 on germinating.

I took these pictures of JUJU today. I culled two, I only hope they were the males.


males for cloning?

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The Night Terror only three of five germinated. I started to germinate them on January the 7th. It took the three that germinated four days to split open.

The Purple Flamingo was 1 of 1 on germinating.

One thing I do not understand about my camera is it takes crappy photos at a distance inside but nice ones close up.

Here is the crappy group shot


I culled them as they where the least appealing of the five. They didnt have the smell of the other three and weren’t growing as good either.

Chair pulled up and settled in!

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Any bets on three of the six photoperiod plants being male? The two outside JUJU Bee in the back of the group shot and the left side Night Terror of the same photo.

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my though is that you should better water them, look at the leaves

I have natural gas heat, that lowers the already low humidity in my house. Those wrinkled leaves are from the sub 30% humidity. I had the same problem with my grow I started this time last year.

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Roots were starting to poke out of the solo cups so I went ahead and put them in larger containers.

The three square pots are the JUJU Bee, the three in the from with the dark mark on the tip of the stick are the Night Terror, the other one is the feminized Purple Flamingo and the solo cups are my tomatoes.


I topped the three JUJU Bees and did different amounts of defoliation. Im new to all this and I am experimenting.

One of the JUJU Bee has something going on with one of the leaves. I may have got them wet while watering and the lights might have cooked those spots.

The other two JUJU

The Purple Flamingo- I transplanted with the soil too wet and over half the root ball was cut off when the wet soil dropped off the plant when I removed it from the solo cup. It seems to be ok.

The three Night Terror

I removed some of the tomatoes and added some Gogi OG F2s

I forgot the soil that I will be using.

2cu foot of Pro Mix General All Purpose I add the following

1 cup Neem meal
1 cup Kelp meal
8 cups Basalt Rock Dust
1 Cup Bat Guano
1 table Spoon Epsom Salt
1 cup Oyster Shell Flour
I wasnt paying attention and add 12 pounds of worm castings…
3 gallon bucket of a decomposed tree that fell in the swamp near me decades ago.


My Gogi sprouts died, Im guessing from the cool temps in my basement. Lesson learned keep all seedlings upstairs.

The three JUJU Bees are doing nicely. The one I cut the most has the smallest new growth. It is also the only one of the three that raises its leaves up.

Images are Pruned the most to least

The purple flamingo that my ham fisted transplanting cleaved off most of the root ball is starting to grow again.

The Night Terror are slowly growing.

Tallest and first Night Terror to unfold its leaves.

The other two Terrors

If they look dry I just watered from the drip tray before taking the pictures.


This evening I noticed one of the Night Terrors the first set of leaves the side branches are growing straight out from the plant and looks like they are going to make colas without pruning.


The plants are all growing good even the purple flamingo that had a large part of the root ball fall off from being too wet.

The Night Terror are still have some twisting issues with the low humidity but otherwise are growing great and closing the size gap with the JuJu Bee that are around ten days older.

This is the Night Terror that has the leggy branches from the first node. No trimming, pruning or topping of any kind was done on this plant.

I accidentally topped this Night Terror. I do not know how or when I topped it. I saw the wilted nearly severed top a few days ago.

The smallest Night Terror

The Purple Flamingo

The JuJu Bee. I have some tomato plants starting in some of the pots.

The JuJu that was top and defoliated the least.

The JuJu Bee that was topped and defoliated halfway between the most and least.

The JuJu Bee that was topped and heavily defoliated. It has a strange stem bulge coming out of the dirt and a twisted stalk

If you see anything wrong chime in and let me know. This is my second year of indoor growing and my third grow. Im also in the market for a new grow light if anyone has any suggestions. I would like a fixture that is 40" x 40" or close to that for a 4x4 tent. I have a $700-800 budget.


Looks great. I think we both need to go read the diy led tutorial

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I have been reading through several posts on constructing LED lights. I will go that route if I can build the 40" x 40" aluminum frame. The hang up for me would be cutting the aluminum to size, I have no tools to cut aluminum.


@JohnnyPotseed said he used wood 2•4 for framing. I believe he used @Mr.Sparkle Directions. More learning!

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We used 1x4s, ripped down to 1x2s on the tablesaw cuz. kept the frame as light as possible.
Also, yes I called on @Mr.Sparkle for the brains on the build-out. That guy know his stuff!
After measuring the rooms and the space each needed to cover, he told us which LED strips and drivers to use. Everything is just grand in the rooms. The LED s we made are 3’x4’