Tinytuttle's Grow Chronicles 2019

Well it’s a new grow season at the Tinytuttle abode. This year I’ll be changing things up a bit and trying new things . I’ll be incorporating either KNF inputs (Han-kyu Cho) or Jadam inputs from his son (Youngsan Cho) very similar in the end product but slightly different process to get there. I’ll be still using good 'ol homemade compost and EWC and making mixes with dry amendments and such.

Edit this will be my source of info!


1st is making a calcium supplement this one is known as WSCA or water soluble calcium. This can be done with oyster shell powder or egg shell powder. Here I just took this mornings eggs we had for breakfast and microwaved the eggs for several minutes to dry up the proteins from the membranes so it easier to remove recipe is I part egg/oyster to 10 part vinegar by weight I’ll probably let this go for 2-3 days then it’ll be ready for use.

Dilution 50-500X
When to apply: Mid to late growth
How: foliage, soil drench
What to expect : promotes growth
How long to make 1 day (but I’m going with 3 days)


Had to change size of container! Lol cover with paper towel and rubber band and sit in a nice dark place for a few days.

Final product: WSCA
so I ended up with 100ml of concentrate and diluted with 400mls of RO water for a TV of 500ml perfect size for a 16oz sprite bottle!

So would typically dilute this 2ml/liter or approximately 10 ml/ gallon


Super interesting stuff so far. Please keep it coming KNF is very interesting.

I will be keeping an eye on this one.


Oh you know I’ll be here watching and learning! Rock on!


Next on the to do list is make some SST (seed sprout tea) not really a KNF or Jadam method of growing but provides a power boost to growth . Here I’m using plain old popcorn soaked for 24hr and allowed to drain, cover with a paper towel and rubber band what is wanted here is when the popcorn grows a 1/8 to 1/4 in tap root and it’s ready for the plants blend to a milky looking consistency and dilute into water and feed! I’ll be using alfalfa sprout tea as well but need to obtain seed .

I’ll more than likely be incorporating some malted barley power as well to provide addition enzymes as well.

Additional pics to follow for post #6

Day 3 1/18/2019

Not quite ready yet maybe a 2-3 more days.

Couldn’t resist getting this going not all popcorn was read but I picked out some good looking ones and ground them up!

Mmmm good anyone for an early corn milkshake?


Gave 3 of my babies away to a friend down the block whose grown for years I’m excited to see what he can do under much better lights! Today I upsized 2/3 to one gallons fabrics and have one to go! Had some mix that was stil damp from a month ago so that along with some good handfuls from my worm bin which was already composted leaves, EWC, a few more worms and a nice drink of RO to keep the microbes happy!


Looks like I got 2 of them transplanted in the nick of time! I think I’ll leave the other one in original pot as a sort of control to see differences in growth potential.


Next on the to do list is making JMS ( Jadam microbial solutions) so from this Jadam book I’m reading from most are tailored around making approximately for 500 liters or 126 gallons so for home use there is some major scaling down that needs to happen ’

Leaf mold: 1/2 cup
Medium: a starch source I used 1/2 of a boiled sweet potato
Minerals: 2 grams of sea salt ( pink himaylan salt) used
1 gallon of clean water

Pic is start of day 3 I should of put material in a straining bag but I said the hell with that !

This is really more of a timing thing than anything else, one watches for certain characters of what’s going on with the surface of the solution from day to day 3 days is average my container was in a rather cold portion of the house so I moved in front of a register vent to keep things warmer.

I want to add that this is such a high microbial count upwards of 1 billion microbes per mil and this could damage roots if not diluted so my recommendation is to dilute further at least 10x or more for soil drench and maybe more for foiliar feed


Excellent! Post after post of excellence. I’m definitely staying tuned.


Thanks @DavesNotHere this will be really fun trying this new style of gardening I did a little dabbling with it last year ! Made some cal-phos that I have stored in the fridge


The next up on the ticket will be JWA( jadam wetting agent) so I be actually making my own liquid soap using KOH used in insecticide for complete coverage or target organism , wetting agent of solutions for even distribution in soils ,all organic complete breakdown in days. Herbicide as well for those nasty plants one wants to get rid of! Household cleaning, laundry , etc, many uses with this one!


I just read how to make it…it reads like its based out canola oil


Buying soup nuts seems like a safer route.


As a side note it’s stated in the book that the most one will pay for any of these inputs will be no more than $.50 per liter! It also goes on stating that with fertilizer and insecticide inputs that $100 is the most one can expect to pay for an acre worth of area!

ULC= ultra low cost


Pulling up a chair and watching how this progresses. I think most people are so let’s use this expensive product etc and forget that this sort of growing has been going on since the beginning of time.

Cheers Johnny


Yup canola or soy bean oil I guess these two oils have more wetting power than other oils out there 99.9% biodegrade in 5 days @DavesNotHere I believe this is as close to natural soap as one can get along the same lines of Castile soap , Dr. Bonners. I use a safer soap for insect control currently, if I was a betting man my guess this is the way these soaps are made with plant based oils also.


Just went to the mailbox to pick up a delivery of seeds from Trueleaf. This will be employed as SST ( seed sprout teas) shortly he’ll im even going to do some 12 blend covercrop seeds from Build A Soil for Shits and giggles!

this small amount I just spilled on the counter should be a good starter! Lol


I have lbs of a 18 or 20 mix blend I made. I could’ve sent you a good bit

The only issue I have with the build a soil mix is that they just cut/paste the outdoor cover crop mix suggested by regenerative ag people. It has a bunch of super tall growing plants like vetch and cow peas that I don’t find useful for indoor containers.


Scissors my friend! I know you have a pair from all that fine bud your trimming! Lol