Tinytuttle's Grow Chronicles 2019

The foreword and introduction are very powerful I think you’ll end up loving it it’s just an all around feel good book as well!

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I’ve been using coots and mountain organics (bluejayway) methods for the last year. I was doing KNF as thought by Gil Carandang from The Unconventional Farmer. I kind of miss it, so thought Jadam would be the next step forward.

I’m always experimenting with different methods and techniques. I even have some autos growing in coco chips and hydro :scream:


Sooo I had this stuff laying around and in the past I’v used it for making bokashi bran yes it is 4 years expired but wondering if there’s any life left in in it going to put this right thru the blumat system ! Thoughts to anyone that is using or have used em1 as to how much effects this will have? If it is dead with the 3% molasses in it will at least be food for the existing microbes right?


I’ve used lacto with molasses for years, I just add a little more. My $0.02 USD


I think I still have a bottle of EM1 laying around. Had it over a year. When I get a chance I’ll check some out with the micro, see how everything looks, and report back


Well here it is as promised today I’m embarking on making JWA ( Jadam wetting Agent) in simple terms let’s call it soap! Lol

Ordered KOH from Amazon a few weeks back ran to the grocery store today to pick up canola for 2$ and change and a paint stirrer for like $6


Ingredients for this 1 gallon of JWA are as follows

160gm of KOH
125 mls of initial water
900 mls of canola oil

Dissolve KOH into the small amount of water very little stirring was needed


Wear your PPE peeps or be very careful that stuff gets damn hot and could do some serious skin damage!


Get a suitable size container to do this used the wife’s stainless steel soup pot that’s like 1.25 gallons capacity ( note: aluminum pots are NOT a advisable for making soap) add the 900ml of oil and KOH mix and start stirring!

Stirred right at the 10 minute mark with a variable speed dril to get it to the consistency of a thin mayo!


Cover up let it set for 3 days and we will mix soft water Qs Up to a gallon and remix to dissolve the hardened soap.


I have all those items on hand too…


Sweet ! I’m excited this is probably one of the most important things to make in the whole JADAM system it makes the peat base mixes less hydro phobic (spreaders) it’s essential in using it along with insecticides it can be used alone as an insecticide as well in helping with complete coverage of target pest , herbicide aide as well for making that water “wetter” to kill those pesky plants , home use laundry , shampoo, use as body wash , wash your dishes, possibilities are pretty much endless with this stuff !


I wonder if that’s where they got the names for Ryu and Ken for Streetfighter from, or not :wink:


2 gems absolutely!! Great thread man… here’s a link for Chris Trumps YouTube channel. Sure you’ve seen it hehejust figured could be good for peeps following along


Everytime I see KOH I think dmt lol


Well the 1st seed flat of the year is ready for some ROLS dump some old pots laying around in the backyard re amend with some meals , EWC, some microbial rich teas perhaps!


Today is day 3 cure on the JWA (Jadam wetting agent) to the almost like butter texture of cured soap I add 4 liters of soft water I ended up using RO water mixed lightly in stages with a clean hand! Lol to dislodge the soap from the sides and bottom of the stock pot by squeezing through the fingers (kinda of fun) very little mixing is recommended at this stage! Now to let it set for 24+hours and let it dissolve !

Later: after a little clean up and looking at my hand the feel is almost like a had put moisturizer on it! Hopefully this is some good shit! Will report back with more pics of possible failures/successes on the project.


Get your Jadam organic farming book yet ? Started reading?

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Yes, and no it’s in the queue. I did browse through it and am excited to dig into soon.


We’ll have the morning off and preparing for the "New :crescent_moon: planting cycle getting a microbial tea going ! Handful or so of fresh EWC from the worm bins and some compost that I harvested from the bin in the back yard a few days ago to get it warmed up and ready for action !