AC Infinity T6 evaluation and test data

I have just received my T6 Infinity fan and after a quick review it is time to play!

Packaging: neat, well organized. Looks like it would pass ISTA 2A testing. Cost efficient and recyclable.

First glance: Design elements look good. Powder coat paint on bracket :+1:
Metal fan impeller Finish on base unit looks great. I really like the controller, fit and function are great.
Disassembly and reassembly very easy. Internal construction is great. I took a hard look at the mechanical design and I have to say I’m impressed. They did a good job on the tooling for sure. Interestingly the manufacturing date code was July 2019.

I won’t bore you with the details other than to say 10 speeds, temperature and humidity sensor etc. and it blasts air on ten!

The Good Stuff

Power consumption:

OFF = 0.4 W (this is good as the Energy Star rating says <= 1 watt)

fan speed Watts
1 1.5W
2 2.0W
3 4.0W
4 6.8W
5 9.9W
6 14.6W
7 20.6W
8 30.7W
9 41.3W
10 59.0W

I’m using a ‘Kill-O-watt’ meter - so not exactly NBS calibrated :laughing:

Running open on the kitchen counter it sounded… rather loud above 6… :loudspeaker: :ear: so lets get some numbers!

Phase II: SPL

As it happens, I have 25’ of insulated 6" duct so lets play with that too!
The setup is the SPL meter set to dBA, fast integration, 12" orthogonal to axis of the fan.

Fan open exhaust only in/out
off <50 <50 <50
1 <50 <50 <50
2 <50 <50 <50
3 50 <50 <50
4 57 52 <50
5 61 56 50
6 64 60 55
7 69 64 58
8 72 68 61
9 75 71 64
10 79 73 67

So worst case with the fan on 10 (high) and running open we have 79 dBA against best case 67 dBA (insulated ducting in and out). 12dB is a BIG difference.

Oh, and that insulated ducting? Don’t take it out of the package until you are ready to use it… 'cause you won’t get it back in - noway - ever! :laughing:
You will have better luck un-popping popcorn! :rofl:

I am really impressed with the T6.
It is a powerful, well designed and well built beast with a bunch of great features.

Worth the money!



Excellent product report @Gpaw :+1:


Thanks, you would have laughed if you saw me last night trying to figure out how to construct the tables :thinking: :rofl:
First pass this morning & it was ‘oh yeah, do it this way’ duh…

Wish I had an air velocity meter to round out the data.



I have 3 of them. 2 on big box and 1 on small box. I love em. Glad I bought them.


@Gpaw Great review
I recently purchased the t6 ac infinity and agree :100: % easy to assemble and disassemble for maintenance great speed control it’s an awesome fan
I may also get a second to make a lung room
Thanks for the post
Well done


Great writeup.

In auto mode, I like how the controller slowly ramps up/down the fan speed.
Rather than just spin up to the max setting immediately.


I couldn’t justify double the price for slightly quieter operation.

but if you’re happy, I’m happy.


That is a cool feature, low stress on the motor, minimizes current spikes, great idea!

There’s several other subtly good features as well.
I see why this is becoming the ‘go to’ fan for grow rooms and tents.