CADMANs Cannabis Thread!

Welcome to the Club folks & Hey OG’ERS :wave:

As you can tell, I’ve consolidated several threads into one, to make life easier for you my growing friends and for myself to keep updated with cool content …

This is the LAST Thread I’m making …
Everything I do & don’t do will be here…

Thank you everyone who chooses to visit, chat & follow along! I appreciate you & your contributions, lots of Respect fellow Growers.

Ps. Not like I need to say this, however, I’m legal & allowed to grow 49 plants indoors in Canada :maple_leaf: let’s Grow On… proof is in the pudding right…


Growing Equipment list

Pure Brand tent actually measurement 27"x27"x6’
Ac Infinity Inline fan & Controller
Standard 24" Box fan
ViparSpectra XS2000 Led Light
Marshydro FC3000 Led Light
Will swap lights periodically

Organic Soil & Nutrients build contents

Dynomyco C Mycorrhizae Inoculant
Groteck Mycorrhizae Inoculant
Fish Shit Liquid Inoculant

Organic Bannana peel powder ( Potassium )
Acti-sol Vegtable Fertilizer ( Dried Chicken poop )
Organic Raw Coconut Chips (crushed into powder)
Organic Kelp Powder
Seven Sea Veggies Flakes (Many diff nutrients)
Red Wiggler Worms (Eisenia Fetida)
Neem leaves Crushed (Pest repellent)
Gaia Green Glacial Rock Dust
Gaia Green Super Fly Insect Frass 3-1-2
Gaia Green 444
Gaia Green 284

Happy Buddha Organics Products I’m using
Organic Living Soil (Endomycorrhizal Fungi, Microbes/Bacteria)
Crab Meal (Calcium, Nitrogen, Phosphorus & a little magnesium)
Fish Bone Meal 4-13-0 ( Phos, Cal & nitrogen)
Oyster Shell Flour (96% calcium source, balance soil PH, slow-release)
Fish Compost ( NPK and an array of microorganisms)
Alfalfa Meal (phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, calcium, sulfur, boron, iron, and zinc. Alfalfa contains a growth hormone called triacontanol that stimulates root growth.)

Additional Nutrients I have available
Wow Wallace Starter Packs
Wow Wallace Humic/Fulvic Acid powder
MegaCrop Part A & B (123 method)

Photo of all nutrients minus a few I forgot;


First one to the party sweet. 49 plants what does that kind of permit cost you if you don’t mind me asking? I’m snatching the spot in the corner before Mr b gets here there’s room for both of us looking forward to the upcoming grows. My wife says I spent too much time with the ladies already if I had 49 she’d never see me


@YoBigdaddy I believe it Orginaly cost roughly $150.00 to set up everything needed to be a legal grow ( more then 4 plants ) in Canada :canada:

I know when I renew it, it will be more like $90.00 range.


i’m just going to sit over here on the side, out of the way lol and watch the show as it progresses. Good growing vibes in the air for you from me cuz!!


I’ll be around, I wish you a great growth…


Congrats on the new license!

I too will follow along, all the best going forward



Happy growing!! Can’t wait to see them.

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S*** I paid that much for my license I can only grow 18 six in flowers six in veg and six clones. For another hundred bucks I can add up to two more patients and grow another 36 which I did. But I’m in the states. Surely you got more than one tent I can’t see 49 plants growing in that 27x27. I’ve seen your girls you must be doing something right they always look happy.

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1 tent sir. A bunch of 2 gal bags And lots of party cups lol


Morning all, will find a spot for me and my tiny dog to sit and watch @CADMAN work!


:nauseated_face: :face_vomiting: Should I move it to Organic? frech|nullxnull Good to see you back in track, wishing you better luck this time … beer3|nullxnull


I like the single thread consolidation!

Don’t forget to let me know when you drop those sour strawberry. :wink::+1:

Sorry about the spider mites. I had the same experience as @Pigeonman . Saw some webs, but no evidence of mites, then I found a tiny jumping spider in my tent. He’s okay I guess. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Me too

Will be the first beans dropped here. Roughly 3 to 5 days from now, depending on my speed of cleaning and re building…


Thanks my friend :heart: and yes apparently Poop :poop: from many things is great for plants lol


Lucky you… no matter how much I pay, I can’t grow so much as a single seedling, just get to go to the dispensary and spend $400/oz. If they’re ever in stock, which they generally aren’t. Thus, my imaginary grow thread… and even in my imagination they’re not looking too hot. :frowning:


Secret Gardens have no limits :wink:
Be responsible, Tell Nobody…


It’s the shit, man!

But it’s all about using the shit correctly. Respect the shit.

It makes sense. We eat it; plants eat it. Food never goes anywhere, it just travels. Conservation of matter.


Three hours late to the party and the front row is already filled up…

Well, I’ll park on the couch and start filling the party bong … Floyd and Mr :honeybee: will be by shortly
:laughing: :+1:




My Recipe, is it good? I don’t know!
Will it work? I don’t know!
How do I know this won’t be terrible? I don’t !

Will you watch me do this? HELL YESS YOU WILL, I’ll use Tooth picks to hold your eyelids open, Just to WATCH… Let’s GROW… .

All the components:

This is how I measured 50 liters/ 13 Gal - Open Bag and dump in bucket…

5 Teaspoons left of this “Super Food”

Half of this bag

3 fistfulls of this

1/2 of this container

Half of this bag

3 fistfulls of this

1/4 bag of this

The whole puch

The whole pouch

Whole 5 lb bag of Happy Buddha Organic Organic Living Soil (it’s pre loaded with good stuff)

13 Teaspoons

13 Teaspoons again here

Guesstimated 2 cups

Guesstimated 2 cups

Roughly 2 cups of each ingredient below (eyeballed it & forgot the photos)
Fish Bone Meal
Crab Meal
Oyster Shell Flour
Cricket Frass

All finished

20 mins of continuous mixing with my hands and I’ve got some Organic Soil packed full of Nutrients, Now I gotta add my Freaking Worms.