(complete) Romulan Seed-Run

Hello all! I might as well keep this train a rollin’! I figure if I’m gonna make seeds for myself, why not make them for everyone?

OK!! On with the show!!


(In best shatner impression) …Capitans…log…stardate…4…2…0…4…2…0

Grower: Jinglepot
Genetics: (Korean Thai x Mexican x Colombian x Afghani) x Colombian
Breeder: Romulan Genetics

Description For Romulan (still shatner)

Experiencing the Romulan’s legendary taste and power should be on any serious cannabis connoisseur’s bucket list. Romulan was created decades ago by combining all-but extinct heirloom varieties from Thailand, Colombia, Mexico and Afghanistan. The result is a vigorous hybrid with a heavy, raw terpene profile. Romulan makes extremely strong extracts with a very high amount of noticeable terpenes. Users who have made rosins, or wax, from this plant report it as being the strongest extract that they have ever had.

download.jpeg-21 images.jpeg-24 images.jpeg-23

If you have any questions on how signing up and receiving these seeds works, please check this out About the Seed Runs Co-op ⚠ Read before you participate as we’ve done our best to address them in one spot instead of in every Preservation Co-Op journal.

Member = Trust Level 2

Regular = Trust Level 3

Note : please show some love, like the thread, comment and engage the discussion. Also, PLEASE add your country next to your username in the sign up to make it easier on the distributors.

Who is your distributor?

Africa: @Gaz29
Aus: @G-paS
Canada: @DougDawson
Latin America: @Vertebrata
UK: @Gaz29
EU: @Swe-can
US: @G-paS

If I am missing anything or if anyone has any ideas on improving my post feel free to DM me.

how does the co-op box work
How do I sign up for a co-op run
How do I know my trust level

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Reserved for wiki


Star…date…03/29/22 (yesterday)

The seeds have hit the plain old well drawn tap water. 15 to be exact! Will be growing these along side 20 Eutierria from Space Bound Genetics stock.

5 seeds look a bit under developed, but I’ve seen great plants come from less developed. :crossed_fingers:


This will be a good one :sunglasses: Godspeed @Jinglepot


Yoooooo, this excites me much. Please let me know when there is a wiki and I am on that.

Stuck to this thread like glue :gorilla:


Wow nice. Good luck with the grow, I’ll sit in the back and smell “rotting old laundry”. lol


Who doesn’t love the smell of rotting old laundry?

Edit: @allotment I see you honed in on the same thing I did. Ha!


Peace All. Damn @Jinglepot U ARE on a roll. I have never had this strain and have heard about it alot. Not that I’m a new stoner or nothing. Just never across this strain and I have never really travelled. I am tuned in for this. Thank U for giving Us the opportunity. I trust all goes according to Ur plan. Stay safe and be well :fist:t5::call_me_hand:t5:


I’m sure there will be enough rot for everybody. :joy:


Schweeeeeet! So cool to see some of these older strains! Blessed be @Jinglepot
peace ☆ djsf


Nice! This will be a fun one to watch! :couch_and_lamp:

Is the pack an original release? I have a pack of the BX1 they released a year or so ago :thinking:


Hope to join this looks great

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How do I sign up, I’ve been trying to get something with romulan in it for ages and not having any luck with beans from freedom on seeds or next generation, zero germ rates from current stock.


He said in the OP it’ll open up when he makes his selections :+1:


Sign up will be a ways down the road. Not until they are mature enough to be sexed


You fuckn rock @Jinglepot


Out of likes but the hits keep on comin with you! Best of luck with the grow, it’s a very interesting strain and one that eludes me a little bit for some reason. I grabbed a pack from Next Generation Seed Co out here in Canada. Heard good things so we’ll see.

I’d love to listen or watch some more history on this one if anyone has any links to podcasts or Youtube vids!


Wow, looking forward to this one.

Thank you kind sir for sharing your journey, and harvest.
I feel excited aboutthis blend of genetics.


Good on you bud, you are really going crazy on seed runs. I have to ask, how do you make sure there is no cross contamination with 3 seed runs going simultaneously? I ended up with seeds from my autos that were 2 floors away my PPP run.

Also are these beans not for sale still on the Romulan Genetics site? I saw folks talking about that with regards to another strain earlier. Or are these different than the ones being currently offered?

Going to pull up a chair and watch. You sure are going all in man, it’s a sight to behold :wink:


Damn @Jinglepot ! You just don’t stop.
Pulling up a chair…:v::green_heart: